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Ireland’s capital, Dublin, is generally regarded as a friendly, welcoming and pleasant tourist destination. However, the city does have a hidden dark side, with an intriguing history tracing back more than a thousand years. Many visitors claim to have experienced spine-chilling sensations when they went on a Dublin Castle tour, which is built on the site of an ancient viking settlement. The city is widely regarded by fans of the supernatural as one of the world's most haunted destinations. Many well-known ghostly figures, fictional characters, and spooky tales can be found in the local folklore. For any traveler interested in the macabre and supernatural, a Dublin haunted city tour is an unmissable experience.
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For anyone that is fascinated by mysticism, true crime, ghost stories, and supernatural experiences, a Dublin haunted city tour is an experience that cannot be missed.
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  • Learn fascinating Irish history
  • Explore some of Dublin's most iconic buildings and landmarks
  • Hear many spine-chilling ghost stories
  • Most tours do not include food and drinks
  • Some tours are not suitable for children
  • Tours may not allow enough time for in-depth exploration
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