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Pet Friendly Camping

A much needed breakaway is always a great idea. Nothing beats the silence of a good’ol campfire when the stress of day to day life starts to set in. But what about your furry friends?

Going on holiday or for a weekend away can actually be really stressful sometimes – like, who is going to look after my furbaby? Well, we’ve decided that your pets need a break too. Dedicating a lifetime to loving you every second of everyday surely deserves a treat, right?

Exactly. So we’ve found some of the best pet friendly camping spots for you to compare specials, book your favourite, and be on your way to stress-free camping. Pet-friendly style.



Pet Friendly Camping South Africa

Enjoy a fantastic adventure with your pets this holiday! If fresh air tents, dirt bikes and sitting around campfires sound like something up your alley, then these top spots are a great way to enjoy a pet-friendly holiday

While camping you can enjoy the freedom and open spaces of the campsites – we’re sure you’re pets will too. Hiking trails are also available for those who enjoy taking long walks in nature and exploring. There are even some cool spots for fishing if that’s your thing!

Compare our specials below, and happy camping!

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