The Best Extreme Adventures in Cape Town

Extreme Things to do in Cape Town

Abseil Table Mountain

Of all the incredible sites one can see around the world, Table Mountain has long been selected as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. What better way to enjoy a day in Cape Town other than to soak up its captivating views from 1000 metres above sea level.

Consider the feeling of leaning over the edge, enjoying a full panoramic view of the Atlantic Seaboard. With an experienced guide to show you the ropes, you and your family or friends can enjoy this thrilling adventure.

Abseiling down Table Mountain is a must-do extreme activity! Book yourself a 60-minute tour with your friends or family, where you can descend from a mountain into vertical space. When you return home, ask how many of your friends are able to say they have abseiled off one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Surf the Dunes in Atlantis

Up the beautiful West Coast of Cape Town lies a smaller town, Atlantis. Sandboarding the Atlantis dunes makes for an awesome and active day outside in the sun. The best part is that you don’t need any experience.

If you’d like to take a break from sightseeing and are looking for a bit of action, the rush of sandboarding is the perfect activity for all. Book a tour now with a friendly and informative guide and you are guaranteed an afternoon of exclusive fun.


Hike Skeleton Gorge

When in Cape Town, you cannot leave without having hiked one of the many mountain trails on offer. A favourite amongst travellers and locals alike, is the all-famous Skeleton Gorge.

Begin the day at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, and take the shaded Skeleton Gorge trail right to the summit. There you are greeted by a white sandy beach and a pristine rooibos-coloured dam. Swimming is not permitted for liability reasons, but everyone jumps in without consequence.

The hike includes steep hills, vast forestry and water streams. Hikers are able to meander through the trail at their own pace, soaking up the natural beauty surrounding them. You will be required to climb a few ladders and scale rocks in order to reach the top.

Book a tour with an informative guide, especially if this is your first time on the trail. It is also important to note that hiking Skeleton Gorge is for more experienced hikers and those who have a decent degree of physical fitness.

Your guide will take you to the highest point of Table Mountain, known as Maclears Beacon. Finish the day off with some lunch, some time to soak up the views and descend via the cable car.

Top Tip: Book your cable car ticket online to avoid any potential queues.

Shark Cage Diving

We couldn’t think of anything more terrifying than being face-to-face with a shark. This extreme adventure is one of the fastest growing in Cape Town and is the greatest way to test your ability to overcome your fears.

If this is the type of adventure you’re after whilst in the Mother City, you should definitely add Shark Cage Diving to your Cape Town ‘to-do’ list (Unless you’ve done that already, of course).

Book yourself a 10-hour tour, with transfers to and from Gansbaai, to enjoy the intense presence of one of the most feared predators in the world. This activity is also suitable for couples, groups, and thrill-seekers of any degree.


Kloofing in Cape Town

With a combination of hiking, abseiling and cliff jumping, it won’t take long to convince any adrenaline junkie into Cape Town kloofing. If you find yourself in the city, looking for a full day excursion away from the tourist-typical sightseeing choices, this activity would be perfect.

Take the time to enjoy the unique landscapes and ecosystems on offer in the Western Cape and really come to understand why our city is one of the most beautiful and most visited in the world.  

Upon arrival at the lodge, guests will be briefed and will begin their venture through various hiking trails; each lasting around 45 minutes. Take the opportunity to explore the multitude of jumping pools and abseiling opportunities in the Kogelberg Reserve.

This activity is suitable for all. We do recommend, however, that you have a certain degree of physical fitness. The tour includes transfers, breakfast, lunch, a light dinner and sundowners at the Sunbird Lodge.

Cape Town is a city inundated with things to do and things to see. No matter what type of person you may be, whether you are a food lover, culture curious, or an adrenaline junkie; if you share no fear in the deep blue, are no acrophobe and love cheap thrills, then this city will have you wrapped around its finger.

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