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Tickets n Tour was formerly known as specialtours.co.za which spoke about the different travel experiences and tours you could find in South Africa.

Once we had covered most of South Africa, the Travel Tractions team wanted to explore and express our creative freedom in more countries around the world, aspiring to create a brand that enables us to experience tours all around the world and test different business models.

Tickets n Tour has become a place where the team at Travel Tractions and sometimes guests write and blog about countries, experiences, tours, and events happening all around the world. Using our extensive knowledge of the best travel providers online combined with our collective personal experience, we’ve created a site where comparing and booking tickets and tours is easy.

Matt Davison – Founder

I had always wanted to make a comparison site that made finding the most cost-effective tour easy, It’s something that would solve a big pain point for me and I hope it makes the online research process smoother.



Tyla Oliver – Manager

As an obsessive traveler, Tyla is always looking for the most affordable, convenient, and relevant travel experience that best fits her itinerary. Her passion for traveling ‘smart’ translates into her dedication to making Tickets n Tour the ultimate tour comparison site.



Our Mission

Our mission is clear – to help you find the perfect activity, tour and accommodation listing for your next trip. Whether you thrive off of extreme adventures, desire to explore secret spots or want to tick off the main bucket list items in each city, we have you covered!

We love travel and finding a good travel deal. That’s why we made this site.


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