Argentina Day Tours, Attractions & Excursions

“Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” moved nations’ hearts as it hit number one on various chart lists when it was first released in 1976 by Julie Convington, and when it was re-released by Madonna in 1996. Known for its vast and diverse landscapes, the sultry tango dance, soccer, wine, and festive energy, Argentina is a country worth discovering!

Destinations In Argentina

Topping the list of destinations in your Argentina trip must be the country’s vibrant capital, Buenos Aires. Known for its food, culture, history, and fiery energy, Buenos Aires offers memorable day trips and experiences for all those who wander through it.

Buenos Aires province has an incredible list of gorgeous beaches for travelers to enjoy. Mar del Plata is one of its most famous and visited beaches, or you can move along the coast to Pinamar to find a quieter, more peaceful ocean to revel in.

Nature lovers will find their jaws dropping at the awe-inspiring sight of Iguazu National Park waterfalls. The UNESCO World Heritage Site lies in the jungle bordering Argentina and Brazil and has claimed its title as one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the world.

“The end of the world”, Ushuaia, is the southernmost tip of South America, and Argentina. It has gained popularity for being the departure point to reach Antarctica. The winter wonderland makes all of your Planet Earth dreams come true by offering tours to see penguins, sea lions, and fur seals.

No Argentinian bucket list would be complete without mentioning Patagonia. This region of Argentina is shared with Chile and separated by the iconic Andes Mountains. With trekking, glaciers, and wine tasting, these Jurassic Park-like landscapes have something for everyone.

Popular Argentina Tours

Argentina’s mother tongue is Spanish and this language barrier can be difficult at times. Tours in Argentina are a great way to discover the country and gain an understanding of your experience in English.

Discovering Argentina’s agricultural lifestyle is to discover Argentina’s heritage and culture. Taking a gaucho day tour will introduce you to the cowboys of South America. Visit a ranch and their livestock all while shouting, “yee-haw!”.

Buenos Aires walking city tour is a special way to discover the cosmopolitan capital. Get the knowledge from a local about the city’s art, history, culture, and architecture while discovering golden nuggets, only an Argentinian would know, in between.

Buenos Aires has a strong European influence and is often compared to cities in Spain and France. One foot into Recoleta and the manicured gardens and lavish townhouses will have you questioning what part of the world you’re in. Plaza de Mayo has the same effect for all those who pass through its cobbled roads.

For adventure lovers and adrenalin junkies, experiencing the Iguazu waterfalls on a boat tour will be a sure way to increase your heart rate. You also get to explore the surrounding jungle in a 4×4 while bird and monkey spotting. This must be one of the best Argentina tours!

Argentina guided tours allow you to meet fellow travelers and understand the history of places and things off the beaten track. They encourage tourists to chat with locals and dive into the rich exciting culture of Argentina.

A tour of Argentina also allows you to meet others who are on a similar journey to you, celebrating in the new experience of such a dynamic country.


Traveling a foreign country can be intimidating and especially daunting if there is a language barrier. Even when your tours are in English, it can still be overwhelming. Here are a few frequently asked questions about Argentina Tours.

When Should I Go To Argentina?

If you’re looking for a summer holiday then visiting Argentina between December and February is the time of year you’re after. However, spring (October- mid-December) and autumn (April- mid-June) offers more moderate temperatures, lower prices, and fewer crowds.

Is It Safe To Travel To Argentina?

Argentina is one of the safest Latin American countries and is a wonderful place to travel. However, tourists need to be cautious of petty theft crimes, like pickpocketing. This can be avoided by being ‘street smart’. For example, keep valuables in a secure bag rather than in your pockets.

How Do You Get From Buenos Aires To Iguazu Falls?

The quickest and most comfortable way to get to Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires is by flying. Flights leave from Aeroparque Internacional Jorge Newbery AEP, Buenos Aires, and land in Cataratas International Airport IGR. There are roughly six to eight flights per day.


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If you’re making your way through South America and find yourself in Argentina, then you’re in for a treat! After discovering the natural wonders of Costa Rica and the astounding heritage in Peru, its time to dive deep into the fascinating culture of Argentina. The agricultural lifestyle of the cowboy, or gaucho in Spanish, is a big part of the heritage and culture of Argentina. This Buenos Aires gaucho day trip allows you to get up close and personal with this exciting way of life. Round up your family and spend a fun day on a ranch in Argentina. Horses, their riders and farming locals will make you feel at home throughout your experience. Choose between a group or private tour and prepare for a wild day out.
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