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Rising from the Arabian Gulf, the sail-like form of the Burj Al Arab stands as a sparkling example of Emirati prowess and ambition. This hotel oozes luxury and wealth, boasting lavish suites, fine dining, panoramic views of the azure gulf, and Dubai’s ever-changing skyline. An iconic pillar of sophistication and exclusivity, it’s no wonder this masterpiece is the only official seven-star hotel in Dubai - and the world! The Burj Al Arab interior is a gorgeous blend of traditional culture and futuristic design. Beyond the extravagant facade, the Burj Al Arab sits on its own man-made island, overlooking Jumeirah Beach, among the best beaches in Dubai. While maintaining its exclusive reputation, tourists now have the opportunity to enter the Burj Al Arab and experience an epic tour of this lush architectural marvel.
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Editor Review
The tour is a lovely experience of luxury and design. The atmosphere is quite high-end and can be expensive or feel a little overwhelming for some visitors.
  • A short distance from Jumeirah Beach
  • Meals included in most tours, or the opportunity to purchase is available
  • Many options for add-ons and extras with different tours
  • The atmosphere isn’t for everyone and can seem a little stuffy
  • It can be very pricey, and restaurants have a minimum spend
  • The tour is limited to designated areas, and tourists are not allowed to explore at will outside of a tour or accommodation booking
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