Mossel Bay

Mossel Bay is one of South Africa’s top holiday destinations , well-known for its long stretches of pristine beaches along the coastline. It is here where ships stopped, where some of the earliest signs of human life can be discovered and where botanical life is rich and diverse.

Actively take part in all the adrenaline-filled activities that Mossel Bay has to offer, or enjoy that easy beach life living. Soak up some sun and don’t forget to indulge in fresh mussels and wine!

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Must-See Attractions, Mossel Bay

When in Mossel Bay , it’s all about good food and some rest and relaxation. But for the busy bee’s out there, we’ve found some fun activities to keep you entertained.


All aboard! Bartolomeu Dias was the first explorer to set foot on South African soil in 1488. His destination? You’ve guessed it, Mossel Bay. The Dias Museum sits at the exact same place he once set foot ashore. He made contact with the indigenous people – the first European contact the Khoisan ever experienced.

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Visit the Diaz Museum to explore the origin of South African history. The museum complex is home to the Old Post Office Tree – a specific tree where voyagers used to leave letters for each other. There is also a fountain on the complex grounds, where Dias found fresh water.

The Maritime Museum is great for kids (and boat enthusiasts). Inside you will find a life-size replica of the caravel that was used by Diaz on his journey. He traveled from Lisbon – around the most Southern tip of Africa – more than 500 years ago! Informative and interesting , we’d say.

Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse & Hiking Trail

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Mossel Bay has a fynbos field landscape and high sea cliffs , making the surrounding scenery perfect for a hike. Follow the contour of the cliffs as you start your 13.5 km hike – The St. Blaize Trail leads past the Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse . Photographers, pack your camera, this one will be worth a shot.

The Top Fun Things To Do In Mossel Bay

Check out these adventurous and relaxing activities to maintain the perfect balance on your Garden Route holiday.

Shark Cage Diving

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Mossel Bay is one of the best Great White Shark regions in South Africa. The boat ride to the spot where the exhilarating experience will take place, is a lot shorter and calmer than in Gansbaai. If you are a thrill-seeker, shark cage diving is the activity for you. Not a lot of people can say that they’ve shared calm waters with majestic, intimidating predators.

Boat Rides, Mossel Bay Harbour

Wave Riding by speedboat ? Yes! This is definitely a fun and exhilarating activity. If you don’t have speed-freaks in your family, why not take a boat trip to Seal Island ? Observe more than 3000 of these fluffy, cute mammals up close. Or sit back and relax on a sailing trip around Mossel Bay Harbour – all the way up to Pinnacle point.

Wine Tasting

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Go wine tasting where the Karoo Fynbos meets the lush-green forest scenery of the Garden Route. Jakkalsvlei Private Cellar offers 8 different wine tastings. You can even buy a picnic basket and enjoy your snacks with a bottle of wine on the lawn, overlooking the mountains.

Another favourite of ours, is Reed Valley Wines. Get to sample wine that’s made with a passion. Reed Valley Wines is the only place to offer authentic Portuguese cuisine. If you’re peckish, build your own platter and enjoy a romantic picnic under the trees.

Pinnacle Point Estate

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In 2018 Golfscape announced Pinnacle Point Estate as the Highest Rated Golf Course in SA . Situated on high cliff tops covered by Fynbos and overlooking the stunning Indian Ocean, Pinnacle Point Golf Estate is the number one perfect-pick for your next hole-in-one.

Whale-watching In Mossel Bay

Whales migrate from the cold waters of the Antarctic and embark on a journey to the warm waters of the South African coast . The temperature and calm of the water in Mossel Bay, creates the perfect environment to calf and raise their sweet (not so little) babies, close to the shore.

End of June is also the start of mating season, so grab your binoculars and join in the wonder of nature!

Garden Route Casino

Are you searching for a resort style holiday? Look no further. Mossel Bay has a casino where you can enjoy slot machines and gaming tables. It boasts restaurants, coffee shops and a kids play area – what more could you ask for?

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From hikes, to seaside restaurants, to getting up close to the sharp edged teeth of a Great White Shark, Mossel Bay has a wide variety of exciting things to do. With all these amazing activities on your to-do list and the charm of this small coastal town, Mossel Bay will have you hooked in no time.

Mossel Bay

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