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Africa is a diverse continent made up of 54 countries. From the dry deserts of Egypt to the dense jungles of Uganda, to the pristine coastlines of South Africa, Africa’s nature is rich.

Known for the Cradle of Humankind, science says that we all have roots (or “the collective umbilical cord”) in this incredible continent.

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Destinations in Africa

Africa is known for its safari and attracts bush lovers from across the globe. One of the best places to go in Africa is the Kruger National Park. Visitors are able to go on safaris to see the Big Five; elephant, leopard, lion, rhinoceros, and Cape buffalo.

In northern Africa, Morocco is a tourism hotspot. It is easy to see why this country is one of the most popular places to visit in Africa. The North Atlantic coastline offers world-famous surf spots, while the Atlas mountains provide amazing hiking opportunities.

The rich culture of Morocco can be experienced in the medinas of the cities throughout the country. Famous for their markets (souks), travelers can spend hours meandering through the narrow alleyways.

One of the best countries to visit in Africa is Uganda. The equatorial country has a warm, tropical climate with dense, lush jungles. These jungles are home to the Mountain gorillas, which can be witnessed by travelers. Viewing the silverbacks after trekking through challenging terrain is worthy of being on any bucket list.

Africa is one of the driest continents in the world, second only to Australia. However, on the coastlines of South Africa, tourists may have a hard time believing it. Cape Town’s Table Mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has popped the city on the map as the Telegraph’s Best City to visit.

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Popular Tours in Africa

Tours in Africa are a good idea for a number of reasons. Firstly, with over 2000 recognized languages on the continent, a language barrier is a concern for many travelers. Navigating through cities can be difficult when you don’t understand the language spoken.

Tours allow tourists to learn about the history and culture of a country. Tour guides give amazing local facts and knowledge to participants that otherwise might not be found online or in pamphlets.

Tour guides are especially helpful when it comes to safaris. A guide is not only familiar with the terrain but also has an understanding of where the animals can be spotted. Safari tours also ensure the safety of travelers. The animals are wild after all.

The best African countries to visit all have adventurous tours on offer which are perfect for adrenaline junkies. Activities range from zipline canopy tours to bungee jumping to quad biking and sandboarding.

These thrilling activities are often not possible without the equipment, knowledge, assistance and entrance access that tours provide. They also have the ability to push participants out of their comfort zone and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Discovering where to go in Africa can be overwhelming on a continent so large. Tours help you to decide on activities and places that will enrich your vacation experience and give you the very best a country has to offer.

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