Best Places to Visit in Sweden | 4 Top Destinations

Picture this: A snowy wonderland getaway filled with tranquility but also adventure. If you’re after this dreamy vacation, Sweden is a must-see travel spot. The vibrant country is a hub for culture, art, gastronomical excellence, and nature enthusiasts. With a neverending list of fun things to see, finding the best places to visit in Sweden will be easy.

Located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, Sweden is decked out in fir, birch, and pine forests, and 15% of the country lies in the Arctic Circle. Forests (especially in Southern Sweden) are rich in blueberries, lingonberries, and mushrooms. Bears, lynx, moose, and roe deer are prevalent species throughout the country.

So, are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey through the snowy Shangri-la but wondering where to begin? Keep reading to learn about some of the best places to visit in Sweden.

Tip: Not a big fan of winter or snow? Learn more about Sweden in summer.

4 Top Places to Visit in Sweden

View of the Northern Lights in a tent in Abisko, Sweden

Sweden is a perfect travel spot because it caters to any kind of traveler. Keen on becoming one with nature? You could visit one of the many beautiful national parks or gardens. Are you looking to go on a culinary journey? Perfect. Sweden has many Michelin-star restaurants and a thriving beer and wine scene, making it one of the best European food destinations.

 If you’re interested in learning about the history and culture of Sweden, you can do so at one of the many museums. Keep reading to see the top places to visit in Sweden.


An aerial view of the city of Stockholm in Sweden during summer time

Stockholm is not only Sweden’s capital, but it’s also the largest city in the country. Sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the North,” Stockholm is famous for its impressive architecture and majestic natural landscapes.

 The city even has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Royal Palace of Drottingham and the Woodland Cemetary. With attractions like these, it’s understandable why Stockholm is the second-most visited city of all the Nordic countries.

 Stockholm proudly shows how the influence of different places has formed a culture unique to the famous city. Haga Park showcases this with the Turkish Kiosk, the Chinese Temple, the Royal Burial Ground, and Haga Palace (Crown Princess Victoria’s and her family’s residence).

Top Art Hangouts in Stockholm

The art scene in Stockholm is simply fantastic. The Moderna Museet Gallery has free entry and makes for a great visit. When you’re done checking out the art, you could head to the on-site bookshop or grab a coffee and a snack at the cafe.

Founded in 2010, the Fotografiska Photography Gallery is another top spot in Stockholm. The gallery has branches in New York, Tallinn, Shanghai, and Berlin, and in addition to its art, it has different on-site restaurants.

Music lovers might love the ABBA Museum while performing arts lovers will love the Dansmuseet with its dance-related exhibitions.

Fun Tip: Sit back and relax on a Stockholm Boat Tour.

Swedish Lapland

Overlooking Lulea Village in Lapland, Sweden

Lapland is a fascinating region as it lies partially in Sweden and borders Finland and Norway. Swedish Lapland has three UNESCO World Heritage sites spread across the smaller villages within the area. Located in the northernmost part of Sweden, Swedish Lapland garners tons of visitors each year.

The indigenous Sámi people have lived in Swedish Lapland for centuries and have been instrumental in the growth and development of the province. The Sámi share their culture with all of those who are interested, so consider booking a stay at the traditional Sami Eco Lodge. The lodge is located in Ammarnӓs (which has less than 100 residents), and visitors get to stay in Sámi traditional tents and learn about the people’s history and culture.

Best Places to See the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun

Aurora Borealis is the magical sky show that thousands flock to regions like Canada, Alaska, Finland, and Sweden to see. Incredibly, Swedish Lapland has some of the most beautiful accommodations from which to see the Northern Lights.

Aurora Sky Station in Abisko is a marvelous place for visitors to come and observe the Northern Lights and Midnight Sun. The sky station offers guided tours, midnight sun hikes, chairlift rides, and dinners under the Northern Lights.

The Treehotel in Harads is another fantastic spot to see the Northern Lights. The unique living quarters are architecturally stunning and offer a clear, unobstructed view of the Aurora Borealis. During the day, you could do one of the many activities the Treehotel offers, like horseback riding, guided tours of the hotel and grounds, or moose meeting trips (yes, you can meet an actual moose).


Night time view of a bridge in Gothenburg, Sweden

Charming and quaint, Gothenburg is located in Sweden’s West Coast region and is the country’s second-largest city. The metropolis is known for its sustainability, fishing, and shipping sectors, which largely contribute to the economy.

Gothenburg is also renowned for its contribution to transportation. Volvo was founded in the town in 1927, and visitors can learn all about it at the Volvo Museum. The Museum of Gothenburg is another great visit if you’re interested in learning about the city’s seafaring trade history.

If you’re more artistically inclined, you could head to the Rӧhsska Museum, which focuses on design and craft. It showcases everything from ancient artifacts to contemporary Scandinavian design pieces.

Top Restaurants and Breweries in Gothenburg

The cuisine in Sweden is unique, memorable, and beyond tasty. Gothenburg has Michelin-star restaurants like Fiskekrogen, Vrӓ (which draws inspiration from Japanese cuisine), and Natur.

If you love cinnamon buns, Gothenburg’s Cafe Husaren is the place to be. Located in the historical neighborhood of Haga, the cafe is the home of the Hagabullen – a giant Swedish cinnamon bun.

The city has a popular emerging beer, wine, and whiskey scene and hosts GBG Beer Week every spring. You can also head to the Stigberget Brewery, or, if you prefer wine, head to the Urban Winery WineMechanics.

Fun Fact: Ever heard of the Halv Special? The Swedish version of a hotdog comes with mashed potatoes on top.


Overlooking Lulea Village in Lapland, Sweden

Uppsala is Sweden’s fourth largest city. Previously called Östra Aros until the 13th century, Uppsala is one of the oldest cities in the country and has a rich history to show for it.

Uppsala is the home of iconic figures like the poet Gustav Frӧding, filmmaker and author Ingmar Bergman, and Anders Celcius, who invented the Celcius temperature scale. The house of biologist Carl Linnaeus was converted into a museum.

Uppsala is regarded as a “student city.” Uppsala University was founded in the 15th century, and additional educational institutes have emerged ever since (including the Johannelund Theological Seminary). The city is perfect for young visitors due to the abundance of cafes, pubs, student unions, and discos.

The Top Must-Visit Cathedral in Uppsala

Uppsala Cathedral is a beautiful pillar of faith and architectural perfection between the Fyris River and Uppsala University Hall. Construction began in 1270, and the grounds were consecrated in 1435.

King Gustav Vasa, King Johan III, and their respective queens were laid to rest at Uppsala Cathedral in addition to Carl Linnaeus and Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Nathan Söderblom.

You might feel a little peckish once you finish touring the grounds and admiring the art. No worries. The Cathedral Cafe is next to the main entrance and serves tasty pastries, snacks, and coffee.

Tip: In autumn, winter, and spring, there are limited private tours of Uppsala Cathedral, but in summer, there are daily tours, so visiting in summer better guarantees a tour of the beautiful cathedral.

Extra Must-Visit Spots in Sweden

Summer time ferry boat ride in Sweden

There is no shortage of fun, exciting, and memorable things to do and places to see in Sweden. The list continues and might fuel multiple visits to the beautiful country. Check out these extra must-visit spots in Sweden.

  • Ice Hotel (Swedish Lapland)
  • Liseberg Theme Park and Way Out Festival (Gothenburg)
  • Ivar Lo’s Park (Stockholm)
  • Nicolai Ruin (Visby)

FAQs About Visiting Sweden

Snow sledding with Huskies in Sweden

Wanting to travel to Sweden is expected. It’s a gorgeous country with a landscape fresh off the canvas of a painting paired with centuries of rich history. You might have a few queries before heading to the Scandinavian paradise, so here are some frequently asked questions.

Is Sweden a Good Place to Visit?

Yes, Sweden is a marvelous travel spot perfect for different kinds of travelers and vacations. There are plenty of museums, galleries, and restaurants. If you like nature, there are many hikes and nature walks you can do as well. And one of the best things about Sweden is that you can see the gorgeous Northern Lights.

Is Sweden Safe for Tourists?

Yes, Sweden is safe for tourists (and solo female travelers as well). Regardless of how safe the country is, exercising some caution is highly advised. Being alert ensures that your trip will be as safe as it is exciting.

Is Sweden Cheap or Expensive?

Sweden can be expensive to visit, especially compared to other European countries and cities. There are so many activities and sites to see, some of which are free. Plus, if you set a budget and strictly follow it, your trip should be financially viable.

Final Thought on the Best Places to Visit in Sweden

The possibilities for enjoyment, excitement, and adventure in Sweden are infinite. Now that you know the best places to visit in Sweden, are you ready to embark on the vacation of a lifetime? Absolutely perfect! Your journey through the idyllic paradise will be an unforgettable and heavenly holiday.

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