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Oahu is a breathtaking island in the central pacific with white-sand beaches in a lush tropical environment. Besides surfing the insane waves and drinking from coconuts, Oahu has some truly unique things for you to enjoy.

It hosts the Hawaiian state capital of Honolulu, making it the perfect destination for the avid adventurer. There are plenty of fantastic ways to explore the island, but it doesn’t get better than an Oahu volcano helicopter tour.

Read on to discover everything about helicopter tours, from the best tour time to what you can expect to see from the skies. By the end, you’ll be booking your vacation and discovering why Hawaii is one of the best places for USA day tours and excursions.

What to Know Before Visiting Oahu

flying a helicopter over hawaii

Before you learn about the practical side of a helicopter tour, you must know a few things about Oahu to book your trip with confidence. One of the crucial things you should do is hire a rental car. Although it is only the third largest island in Hawaii, getting around without a vehicle is still challenging.

You should also pack your clothes according to Hawaiian weather and not your local weather. As it is a tropical state, the temperature rarely drops below 64°F, and rainfall occurs throughout the year. Check out this Hawaii packing list to fully prepare for your holiday in Oahu.

Oahu has two extinct volcanoes that make up the island, Waianae and Koolau. Don’t expect to see volcanic actions during your helicopter flight over the island summits, as these are extinct volcanoes. If you want to admire an active volcano during your holiday, look at Maui island for family activities and some excellent sightseeing opportunities.

About Helicopter Volcano Tours in Honolulu, Oahu

koko crater oahu island hawaii

Most of the volcano helicopter tours from Oahu last between 45 minutes and 75 minutes. Tours start at the Kalaeloa Airport or the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport and end back at the relative airport. You can expect to pay between $334 USD and $2,100 USD depending on what the flight includes, such as drinks or landing at a private valley.

The tour guides suggest wearing dark clothing to help reduce glare in photographs so your memories of this amazing experience can be crystal clear. You must weigh yourself and any other people joining the tour before the flight. Weight limits help provide comfort and safety for everyone on board, so you should give accurate weight measurements before the flight.

Ensure you don’t go scuba diving 24 hours before your flight to prevent decompression sickness. This is a dangerous sickness that can result in death, so rather be safe and make sure you have a day between your scuba diving activities and your Hawaii volcano helicopter tour.

When to Go on Honolulu Volcano Tours, Oahu

diamon head crater oahu hawaii

As Hawaii is a tropical paradise, it’s needless to say that you can visit its beautiful islands at any time of the year. However, certain times of the year are safer and cheaper if you want to enjoy an unforgettable helicopter ride.

April, May, September & October

These are possibly the best months to go to Hawaii, as you will experience the best weather of the year. During these months, expect clear skies on your helicopter tour of Oahu’s volcanoes. These are also the shoulder months, so there are fewer tourists, meaning prices will decrease.

June, July, December, & January

These are the most expensive months to visit Hawaii as it is the peak tourist season. Due to the increase in visitors, expect an increase in prices for helicopter tours, hotels, and almost everything else on the islands.

February, March, August, & November

These are the cheapest months to visit Hawaii due to the weather and the off-tourist season. In August, you are most likely to experience hurricanes, but the islands are one of the best US places to visit in March. If you want to beat the crowds and enjoy an affordable getaway, go on a Hawaiian holiday during these months.

What to Expect on Hawaii Volcano Tours, Oahu

oahu hawaii usa

You’ll start your breathtaking volcano tours at Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. From here, embark on an exhilarating experience as you soar through the sky and admire Oahu’s beauty.

During your tour, you get a unique perspective of the peaks of Waianae and Koolau as your tour guide explains how these volcanoes form Oahu Island. If you think your tour is over, think again, as you fly right up to the sacred falls of Kaliuwa’a.

Admire the gorgeous Ka’a’wa Valley and its unforgettable scenery before flying over the historical sights such as Pearl Harbor and Battleship Missouri. Enjoy the fantastic experience of the wind against your face on a doors-off flight, and take genuinely unique photographs of yourself above the mesmerizing Oahu island.

For the best helicopter volcano tours in Hawaii, Oahu is definitely at the top of the list in terms of unrivaled views across a diverse landscape.

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Final Thoughts on Helicopter Volcano Tours Honolulu, Oahu

ka'a'wa valley oahu hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful part of the world that offers fantastic weather, breathtaking scenery, and a laid-back environment for the perfect vacation. One thing that can help make your vacation just a bit more special is an Oahu volcano helicopter tour.

You get the chance to fly amongst the clouds and see this magnificent island from a whole new perspective. You can expect your tour to be unforgettable, from the hidden valley of Ka’a’wa to the historical monument of Pearl Harbor.

For the best helicopter volcano tour, Honolulu on Oahu island is a fantastic starting point to explore Hawaii from the sky. The best time to go on a tour is during the shoulder seasons, but keep in mind the affordable prices offered during the off-season.

With so much to see and enjoy during your stay at Oahu, it’s no wonder Hawaii is one of the best destinations in the world for scenic helicopter tours.

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    I myself am someone that'd you may call a scaredy cat when it comes to heights and falling, but for some reason, my partner and I were compelled to be our most adventurous selves, which required me to shelve my fears and get on a helicopter. You can have the option to have the doors on or off, and Thank God! (because I kept that door on and held on for most of the ride to make sure it stayed on.) My partner opted for the doors off-version, and instantly regretted it as we were thousands of feet in the air and all he had was a common car seatbelt and a prayer to keep him secure during the flight. Our pilot, Austin, was very chill (a little too chill to settle my fears, but chill enough for me to know he knew what he was doing), and we had a nice conversation while exploring parts of the island in ways we'd never seen it before! I don't think I'll ever skydive in my life because I'd much rather explore the world on a 'copter. It was a bit windy but overall it was an amazing and truly exhilarating experience that's definitely going down as one of the most badass things I've ever done in my life!

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    Oahu Volcano Helicopter Tours | The Best Hawaii Adventure
    Oahu Volcano Helicopter Tours | The Best Hawaii Adventure


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