Why Antarctica Is The ONLY Place On My Bucket List

Most seasoned travellers have a dreamy bucket list , a never ending list of incredible destinations they’re keen to visit. After being on the road for such a long period, it can take often take a lot more to be impressed than when you first started travelling, and this the list becomes even more far-fetched and wanderlust-inducing. What seems to be a traveller’s curse, however might actually be a good way to step up your game. For me, I don’t have a long list of places I wish to visit. Right now, I have just one item on my ultimate dream bucket list. To do a cruise in Antarctica!

Many of us dream of visiting Antarctica but only a few actually manage to go! Antarctica is the kind of dream destination that you have to budget for, plan and be prepared for long before the trip will ever happen. And boy can it be expensive!

Let’s dream together! Here are 7 reasons I want to travel to Antarctica and why you should add it to your list too!

It’s a unique outdoor experience.

Outdoor lovers will be in heaven in Antarctica. Glaciers, icebergs and mountains create magical surroundings that are both a photographers and outdoor lovers dream. Whether you sign up for a trek on icy surfaces or for an (insane) quick dip in the brutal icy waters, you will find unique outdoor experiences here that are on a whole new level. Picture yourself kayaking surrounded by icebergs! Can it really get any better?

It’s an outstanding winter destination.

It’s not every day that we have the chance to discover a scenic and frozen version of the world. Setting up a tent on the ice surrounded by glaciers is definitely a surprising winter experience! You only have to picture the penguins running around to feel the winter and cold vibes that you can only find in Antarctica. While I usually hate the cold, and am more of a beach lover, for Antarctica I’ll make an exception!

It’s the coldest place on Earth.

It’s known as one of theBut it’s not always that cold! Of course, you’ll have to get ready to face the cold, but if you are well prepared you will be able to make the most of what Antarctica has to offer! If you’re not used to the cold and to winter your body might have to adapt itself to the cold. But if handling the cold means you can see natural beauty that most people won’t even see in their life then it’s worth the challenge, isn’t it?

If you are wondering what’s the best time to visit Antarctica, it is be between November and March. It won’t be too cold and the sun should also be around!

It’s perfect for wildlife encounters.

Finding animals in their natural habitat is always something very interesting to do while discovering a new country/continent. Antarctica will blow you away with its particular wildlife encounters such as penguins, whales and seals.

antarctica cruise penguins

seals in antarctica

It’s so photogenic!

Antarctica is definitely a photographer heaven! You won’t even have to deal with a crowd to make the most of every photogenic spot out there! The untouched surroundings will inspire you to snap some of the best shots you’ll ever take. You might want to shoot at Paradise Bay and Deception Island, just to name a few.

One of the most peaceful destinations on Earth.

Being so far from the craziness and the noisy cities will bring you the peace you’re looking for when you travel. Antarctica is going to surprise you with its peace, quietness and wild vibes. You will finally be reaching that smooth and tranquil state of mind.

Its remoteness will mark you as a traveler.

Experiencing remoteness is always a fun experience. Some of us will like the seclusion found in Australia, and some others would rather be lost high up in the mountains. Imagine being so far from the rest of the world in a frozen wild land. Does that sound good enough to you?

travel to antarctica

It’s a good opportunity for the cruise of a lifetime.

Most people travel to Antarctica on a cruise. It’s the perfect and safest way to reach some places without wasting any time. You even get to enjoy the comfort of your cabin along the way!

antarctica bucket list

In the end Antarctica seems to be one of the greatest adventure destination out there. It will be a completely different experience and let you see a new side of travel with its remoteness, wildlife encounters and peacefulness. It isn’t without reason that most travelers dream of putting a foot on this part of the world at some point in their life. It’s definitely an extreme polar expedition that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

Is Antarctica on the top of your list too? Tell me why Antarctica is your dream destination!

Last updated on October 13th, 2023 at 11:59 am

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