11 Stunning Villas In Phuket (Affordable, Luxury, Private Pool)

When we think about Phuket generally the most common thought is of the pristine beaches, lush evergreen forests and crystal clear waters. Phuket is made up of one central large island and other smaller islands located in Thailand’s southern regions.

There are many beautiful sights to see while visiting this region of Thailand and rest assured that the villas here will blow your hat off.

A fair amount of the villas in Phuket can be found in and around the bustling metropolitan areas of Phuket City and Pa Tong. At the same time, there are also options spread out throughout the island if you’d like to relax and unwind far from the crowds and noise.

The villa rentals in Phuket are able to fill any and every niche required.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the Thailand treehouse villas available for rent in this lovely little slice of paradise.

What Are Phuket Villas?

The majority of the villas in Phuket can be found around the eastern and western sides of the island. With a few others peppered around the countryside in the more quiet and forested areas for those wanting to be closer to nature.

These villas vary in size and luxury quite drastically depending on what suits your particular tastes. From luxury accommodations with multiple stories and beautiful views of the city and surrounds to smaller charming villas.

Many of these villas are located close to the local beaches and resorts so traveling to activities is very easy.

These are often built to house two or more guests, they come with many rooms as well as pools, WiFi and fully equipped kitchens. These works of modern architecture are incredibly pleasing to the eye.

Top Villas In Phuket, Thailand

Without further ado let’s look at some of the top villas available for guests visiting Phuket, Thailand.

Luxurious Island Villa With Pool, Wifi, Garden

This beautiful home is located in a lovely area of Phuket that is home to many bespoke residencies. The villa is located right on the edge of the Andaman sea offering absolutely breathtaking views during the day and evening.

Air conditioning is located throughout the home to keep you cool and comfortable when the days get humid and hot. The house itself is modern and open plan allowing in loads of natural light.

The gardens outside are of a traditional Thai design. This is hands down the best villa in Phuket when it comes to style and budget.

Pleasing Bungalow Villa With Pool

This charming villa is perfect for a couple travelling or those on a budget and not seeking something too extravagant. The villa is located in the town of Rawai, in the south of the island.

The scenery around here is very pleasing to the eye and Rawai is close to some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Thailand.

The villa is incredibly close to one of the most beautiful spots on the island, Naiharn Beach. You’re sure to have a fantastic time in this abode.

Private, Fully Facilitated Sea View Garden Villa

If you’re looking for a truly comfortable stay, this villa has got it all. From massive and luxurious beds to traditional Thai style furniture and art this place has got it all. The home is close enough to the ocean for you to feel the cool ocean breeze in the mornings.

The house itself is on the end of a high hill road overlooking the gorgeous bay down by Naiharn Beach. There are many sightseeing spots around the hillside if you’d like to explore and take pictures.

You’re certain to have a relaxing vacation in this quiet and cozy villa.

Signature Phuket Resort

This gorgeous little slice of paradise features a massive 21-meter swimming pool in the center of the villa for use at any point during the day. A small restaurant/cafe is located nearby which specializes in healthy and traditional foods.

The gardens surrounding the villa are beautiful, truly making it a stunning place to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the cities.

Tiger training camp and Muay Thai boxing street are popular locations close to this accommodation. If you’d like to try your hand at one of their classes you can sign up for a day at the training camp. Learning some Muay Thai moves is the perfect workout and fun to boot!

Luxueuse Villa

This luxury villa is perfect for a family or large group of close friends looking to have a fantastic time in Phuket. The villa is fairly expensive, however, you definitely get a bang for your buck. The interior is decorated in a unique and modern Balinese style.

The atmosphere of the home is amazing with lots of natural light during the day flooding in from its large windows and glass sliding doors. This truly amplifies the interior decoration and furniture of the villa.

Bann Sanehchandra Ocean Front Villa

Every room in this home has a beautiful view of the ocean down below. Each of these rooms also have comfortable king-size beds for the perfect night of sleep after a long day adventuring.

The surrounding region of Koh Sirey is still largely unchanged from its natural state. As a result, the nature of the region is unbridled and lush.

Due to its expensive price, it’s best if you’re traveling with a large group of friends or family in order to split the rent. There’s a hot tub in the villa too in case you’d like to pop some champagne and relax in soothing bubbles.

Modern Luxury Two Bedroom Pool Villa

For large or small families looking to enjoy their holiday this villa is sure to impress! The nearby bay is safe and shallow with calm waters allowing children to enjoy the beach too.

There is also a small splash pool available in the villa if you’d like to spend the day relaxing with the kiddos.

The home is very spacious with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for a family to rest comfortably. Another bed can be organized if asked prior to checking in.

Some other features of this villa include a hot tub for those evenings with your significant other. WiFi access, a fully equipped kitchen, TVs and air conditioning.

Modern Pool Villa Rawai

If you’ve been looking for the perfect villa for a holiday with friends look no further than this beauty.

Bicycles can be left at the villa for you free of charge if you reserve them early. This could be a fantastic way to explore the local region with your friends during the day. Motorbikes and car rentals can also be arranged as part of the villa expenses if you’d prefer that.

The patio area contains a BBQ area for evening chill time. There’s also sunbeds and a covered area for shade in case it gets a bit hot outside.

The villa is situated in the Rawai region of southern Phuket which is very green and lush with rolling hills, it’s also close to the lovely Naiharn Beach.

Villa For Couples

This gorgeous location is only a short 5-minute walk from Patong Beach. This tropical beach is lined with cafes, restaurants and bars to peruse during your stay.

Keep in mind that Patong is a resort town so it can get a little busy during the summer months. But there’s more than enough space to keep everyone happy during their vacation here!

The villa has a large centrally placed pool, as well as hot tubs for you to enjoy. A double breakfast is served every morning free of charge during the course of your stay here.

Patong Seaview 2 Bedroom Jacuzzi Villa

This stunning villa is located higher up in the hills surrounding the resort town of Pa Tong. It’s got great views of the bay, Patong Beach and the surrounding countryside.

The interior of the villa is open plan with a beautifully placed balcony outside. The views of the surrounding forests and bay from this viewpoint are fantastic.

This accommodation is perfect for a small family or a few friends traveling to Phuket. There are many cafes and bars along the beachfront where you can enjoy yourself and meet new people.

3 Bedroom Villa Kokyang

Many villas located within the city are quite expensive due to the small amount of space and the high demand from foreign tourists seeking accomodation in the area. This particular home is close to the Nai Harn beach which is incredibly calm and laid back.

There is an ancient Buddhist monastery located near the villa called Wat Nai Harn.  Visitors can walk through its peaceful grounds and take pictures if they’d like. Be sure to dress modestly while visiting this temple ground and treat those praying there with respect.

Final Thoughts On Phuket Villas

The region of Phuket has something for everybody. This rainforested, tropical island has had a long-standing reputation for being a breathtaking place to spend your vacation. The crystal clear waters, lush forests and rolling hills make for a totally unique experience just waiting to be had.

Phuket city, on the eastern side of the island, is usually a bit more expensive as space is limited. However, there are many ancient monasteries, laid back beaches and old markets to keep you occupied.

Pa Tong, the major resort city on the western side of the island has a bit more of a booming nightlife. With the many busy bars, clubs and restaurants this buzzing city never truly sleeps.

You can also easily find many villas both large and small dotted throughout the country for some peace and quiet in the tranquility of nature. You’re sure to find something that suits your tastes perfectly in Phuket, Thailand.

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