9 Best Places to Visit in Dublin | History, Food, and Adventure

Ireland is well known for its beautiful green scenery, rich culture, and tumultuous history. However, it is also filled with cities that run the entire spectrum. These range from small charming towns that overflow with the Irish spirit to modern metropolitan mechas that rival any city in the world.

Dublin is the perfect example of the latter and is probably Ireland’s most well-known city. It is one of the best places to visit in Ireland. However, this begs the question: what are the best places to visit in Dublin?

Get ready to experience all the best attractions, tours, and sites during your Dublin visit. Regardless, if you prefer a history lesson, a hike through nature, or just want to drink in the local culture.

Anne street in Dublin Ireland.

Best Attractions to Visit in Dublin

Like most things in this wonderful life, not all adventurers are the same. Some wandering hearts prefer a deep dive into a place’s history and monuments. Others may enjoy getting lost in a place’s wild side, aka hiking trails and natural landmarks.

The city of Dublin has a wide variety of activities to offer any and all that come to experience the Irish capital. From unforgettable walking tours to breathtaking nature day trips and let’s not forget the whiskey and Guinness tasting and distillery tours.

Thanks to all of the spectacle and deep history on offer in Dublin, you can see any time of year is the best time to visit Dublin. So grab your favorite luggage, stuff it full with your explorer’s gear, and discover the following hotspots.

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle has been around since the early thirteenth century. It was constructed by Viking settlers and represented the place of power for those in control of Ireland. Starting with the Norse, who lost control to the English, who later became the British. Finally, it was handed back to the Irish government in 1922.

The castle is frozen in time and stands as an awe-inspiring monument to Ireland’s turmoil ridden past. Also, if you have visited Ireland and not been to at least one castle, did you even visit Ireland at all?

Dublin Castle and lawn.

Best Dublin Castle Tour

Dublin Castle is a piece of medieval architecture frozen in time. This fast-track Book of Kells ticket and Dublin Castle tour will grant you access to its stunning gardens and the legendary library inside Trinity College.

An expert local guide will lead you, and the tour includes all entry fees for the activities included in the itinerary. Just remember to bring a few extra Euros in case you see a souvenir that you just have to get.

Street in Dublin.

Central Dublin

There is no better way to engulf yourself in a new city’s culture and vibe than through its food, landmarks, historical sites, and landscapes.

The city center is the heart and soul of any city. A thriving city center can be the difference between enjoying a holiday in a city and wanting to move there for the rest of your life, especially if it has great food.

Exploring Dublin Central on a Food Tour

If a city’s food scene is its heart and soul, then the street food scene is its pulse. What do you know? Dublin’s pulse is strong and thriving. This walking street food tour with a local guide will take you through all of the best street food spots in Dublin.

Food from the street food walking tour of Dublin.

Guinness Storehouse

Guinness is tightly intertwined with Irish culture and history, and it would absolutely be an affront to Irish hospitality if you don’t stop by the world-famous Guinness Storehouse. Now, is it illegal to miss out on this tour?

No, however, even for explorers that do not partake in drinking alcohol, you would be robbing yourself of the full Irish experience by not visiting this famous beverage’s home. Guinness’ story of how it’s been made in Ireland since 1759 is deeply engraved into the local culture. This black beverage’s history is synonymous with the heritage of the city itself, which makes it a spot you simply can’t miss.

Exploring the Guinness Storehouse by Tour

The luxury horse-drawn carriage Guinness tour offers a similar experience. The main difference is that after the Storehouse tour, you will be whisked away by a luxurious horse-drawn cart. The Cart will escort you to three traditional Irish pubs that pour the perfect pint of Guinness.

Inside of the Guinness factory.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

For over 800 years, St Patrick’s Cathedral has been at the heart of Dublin. Many people make the pilgrimage every year to visit this majestic church. It has a rich history well worth exploring, so check out this tour below to see which suits you best.

Best St. Patrick’s Cathedral Tour

The St Patrick’s Cathedral: self-guided cathedral tour is the perfect tour if you want to explore every nook and cranny of the church at your own pace. You will learn all about the cathedral’s history as well as who has been blessed enough to call it their final resting place.

Jameson Distillery Bow St.

Earlier, you heard all about how Guinness is an integral part of Irish history. The truth is there are many innovators that have reshaped Ireland’s history over the years.

Another large part of that history is the innovation of Irish Whiskey, and no Irish Whiskey is more renowned than Jameson. The factory was first opened in 1780 and is well worth a visit just for its history.

Epic Jameson Distillery Bow St. Tasting Tour

The Jameson Whiskey distillery and tastings tour may only be 45 minutes long, but it is an exciting whirlwind of tasting world-class whiskey. You will learn the ins and outs of what it takes to make whiskey. On the second part of the tour, you will then see what it takes to shake that world to its core.

You will touch, smell and taste Jameson whiskey in all of its Irish glory. Lastly, if you so choose, you will be given the opportunity to buy a personalized bottle to commemorate the experience.

Christ Church Cathedral

The Christ Church Cathedral.

The Christ Church Cathedral has been welcoming visitors for almost 1000 years. The most impressive part is that the church still runs daily services and prayer sessions. However, if you just want to visit the stunning cathedral for its exquisite architecture, that is perfectly fine.

Christ Church Cathedral Ticket

The Christ Church Cathedral entrance ticket tour is the quintessential way to experience all the cathedral has to offer. You are free to explore the church at your own speed while you are guided by an audio tour, which is available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park started life as a royal hunting park back in the 1660s. However, in more modern times, it has become a shining example of the endless rolling green that Ireland has to offer. The tranquility that one feels while visiting the park has even earned it the slogan, “Where Dublin comes to breath.”

The park also offers a chance for history buffs to learn some interesting facts in its visitor center. So whether you are looking to learn something new, get in touch with nature, or just walk off that street food tour’s meals, Phoenix Park is an awesome place to do it.

The Silicon Docks

If you think Dublin is nothing but old castles, cobbled medieval streets, and historic pubs on every corner, then the Silicon Docks are here to prove you wrong. The docks are a watery testament to Dublin’s ability to blend its millenniums of history with modern growth effortlessly.

The shores are adorned with light-filled modern architecture which would hold its own against any modern city in the world. It may sound like it stands in stark contrast to the rest of Dublin, and it does. However, it also suits the city perfectly and is a great place to take a stroll or slow drive to just admire the modern architecture.

Irish flag with flowers.

The Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

This macabre yet solemn location is a haunting representation of Ireland’s dark and strife-filled history. Its sheer size and densely packed isles are a cold yet welcome reminder that death can be beautiful. It is also a loud demonstration of the fighting Irish spirit.

The Museum is open from 10 am – 5 pm and offers a selection of different tours, all priced at €13 (15 USD). Despite its dark and turbulent past, Ireland and its people remain welcoming, friendly, and always available for a laugh.

Best Places to Visit in Dublin | Final Thoughts

Dublin and Ireland are truly some of the most incredible places to visit during any European tour. The country and city have many unforgettable moments on offer. The Irish are friendly people who always have a joke to tell and a pint to share.

So do not hesitate to book your flights and activities as soon as you can. You will not regret a single second you spend in Dublin. Whether you prefer getting in touch with nature or learning all you can about Irish history and landmarks, you will fall in love with this green island as many before you have already.

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