Best Places to Visit in March USA | Top US Spring Destinations

It’s always a good time in the year to plan a vacation to America. But, what makes March so special? The sweet scent of flower buds blossoming and wafting in the wind, and the warm rays of sunshine kissing your skin – spring has finally sprung.

Known as the season of new beginnings, nothing can quite beat spring vacations in the USA. While some states still have the lingering chilliness of winter, what are the best places for a fun-filled spring vacation?

In this guide, we’ll take you through the ultimate places to visit to experience the best US vacation in March.

What is Spring Break?

This week-long vacation period occurs in the Easter Holidays in late March. Although many families partake in this vacation, it is primarily known as a prominent feature in the “all American college experience”.

The spring break tradition is used to recharge and reinvigorate the average overworked student and provide a space where exciting parties and experiences are the norm. A significant number of students flock to beaches and sunny destinations to let off some steam.

The best places to visit in the US in March will fulfil and exceed the requirements for the holiday of your dreams. Whether you prefer a relaxing getaway with your family or looking for the top US spring break destinations, get ready for an all-American holiday, you’ll never forget.

Ladies enjoying themselves at a beach party

Best Destinations for US Vacations in March

Planning and packing might seem like the exhausting part of any vacation. It is, however, a necessary ingredient in igniting the excitement before embarking on your fun journey.

Exploring the warm embrace of the most exciting places to go in March in the USA is a great place to start when you’re preparing for the ultimate holiday experience.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Known for mixing fascinating history with a sense of vibrancy in its folds, New Orleans is a buffet of exciting experiences waiting to be discovered.

It’s one of the best US vacation spots in March, as it is the perfect time to visit with temperatures being relatively warm. With the festivities of Mardi Gras lingering in the air and the magnificent French Colonial architecture adorned with an unparalleled vitality in its walls, there’s much to do and see here.

Looking for unique spring vacation ideas? New Orleans is home to the mystifying history of voodoo culture with a vast number of iconic sites that acts as a graspable link to these legends. Often demonized and misunderstood, take a voodoo tour of New Orleans to take a glimpse into the wonderful world of ancient rituals and practices.

Maui, Hawaii

Sunset seen through palm trees on maui

If you’re looking for the best places to travel in March, Maui should definitely be at the top of your list. Trade the last glimmer of winter blues for the crystal clear blue waters of Hawaii’s finest. Feel the sand between your toes as this island offers a wide array of aquatic activities to get your heart racing in the best way possible.

This slice of holiday heaven is a beautiful island filled to the brim with natural beauty. Flushed with majestic waterfalls, lush rainforests, and thrilling volcanic outings, this island is overflowing with sensory experiences.

Drink in the tranquil surroundings and take in the rich and spirited culture and traditions of this magical island. This tropical adventure-filled location is seemingly cultivated to fulfil every imaginable vacation desire.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

View of Grand Canyon

Check on any carefully considered bucket list; the Grand Canyon will always make an appearance. While this structure is always a top place to visit in the USA, temperatures are pleasant and mild in March.

This iconic national park is known to draw in an impressive amount of visitors each year, and it’s easy to see why. Like the seemingly endless expansion of the sea, the magnitude of this natural formation can be hard to comprehend.

The Grand Canyon is much more than merely a big hole in the earth’s surface. This natural phenomenon offers a kaleidoscope of activities and adventures within its deep crevasses. Take the family on a canyon jeep tour to learn the history and explore its fascinating surroundings in the most epic way possible.

As one of the best US destinations in March, prepare to be transfixed by the unknown and ponder the unfiltered beauty of one of the natural wonders of the world.

Party in the USA – Places to Go for Spring Break in the US

Six women on the beach throwing their hands in the air

Unsure where to go for spring break? You’ll be spoilt for choice by the captivating locations North America provides for an unforgettable vacation.

Spring break isn’t all about the amazing parties and wild moments; it’s about getting a much-deserved break from the strict confinements life can throw at you.

Spring, sand, and sunny sceneries – sit back, relax and explore the best spring break destinations in the US.

South Padre Island, Texas

Get ready for the ultimate “Party in the USA” experience at this resort town. This warm place to visit in March is teeming with sandy beaches and cut-loose attitudes. South Padre Island is known to host some of the coolest events for spring break.

The sway of the crowd, the music coursing through your body – feel the freedom of spring dancing on your skin. With a youthful and electrifying atmosphere constantly bouncing in the air, this party paradise will be sure to have you dancing your troubles away.

Looking for a break from the excitement? The town offers a variety of other recreational activities, such as parasailing and snorkelling, to provide an alternative fun experience.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome sign of Las Vegas

In the middle of the desert, where tumbleweeds and cacti reign, a party oasis lies ready to be tasted. The best place to visit in the US in March, with clear skies and a dynamic atmosphere…is “Vegas, baby!”

Spend your spring break in this eccentric city and experience a place where life’s constraints wilts and pleasure thrives.

Las Vegas has always been a top spot for students to spend their spring break. The thrilling city offers a wide array of activities and experiences. From pool parties to the bustling nightlife – let yourself be seduced by the siren call of Sin City.

Experience the Ultimate Spring Vacation – Where to Go in March in the USA

The endless possibilities of places to visit in the USA in March are astounding. From the pristine white beaches of Maui to the enigmatic majesty of the Grand Canyon, you’re in for a treat.

These fantastic places come alive in March, creating warm and inviting backdrops to your holiday. Take a much-needed break and recharge at the best spring break destinations in the US. The tan lines may fade and the trips may end, but the memories will last for a lifetime.

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