Best Places to Visit in Moscow │ 5 Spectacular Areas to Enjoy

Famous for its extensive history and architecture gilded in gold, Moscow has a lot to offer. Russia’s capital may seem intimidating at first, with its size and contentious history, but it’s truly a metropolis of culture, history, and modern nuances.

Moscow offers you an assortment of art, outstanding ballet, and a plethora of breathtaking landmarks. The city boasts modern skyscrapers and pop culture harmoniously intertwined with the historical buildings.

Seeing Moscow for the first time is a bit jarring. It has the familiarity of most major European cities, filled with luxury cars and hotels. Yet, it’s surrounded by stunning forestry and historical buildings. The marriage of the two worlds is what truly reflects modern Russian life.

There’s no denying there’s a wealth of unique Russian experiences out there, from visiting Chornobyl to discovering St. Petersburg. But none can compare to the best places to visit in Moscow. So it’s time to get stuck in!

5 Best Neighborhoods in Moscow

Located along the Moskva River, Moscow is Russia’s largest and most populous city. Due to its size, the neighborhoods in the city are able to cater to specific crowds and desires. There’s something for everyone.

Note: As Russia is currently engaged in an ongoing conflict with Ukraine, it’s not recommended you visit the country. Hopefully, this conflict will end soon, and this beautiful city will be safe to visit again.

Kitay-Gorod │ Best for Sightseeing

Positioned at the heart of the city, Kitay-Gorod is home to Moscow’s most famous attractions. Winding streets take you past beautiful Russian Orthodox churches, colorful art studios, and old factories.

Historical buildings such as the Red Square and the Kremlin are only a short walk away. The Red Square is Russia’s largest and most famous square. Home to St. Basil’s Cathedral, the State History Museum, and Lenin’s Mausoleum, you’ll be able to experience it all. During Christmas time, it glitters with lights over the Christmas market, a sight you won’t want to miss.

Things to Do in Kitay-Gorod

Head to Gorka Park for a Central Park-like atmosphere. Positioned atop a hill, this park underwent a recent facelift and has been upgraded. It’s the perfect spot for a nice, quiet afternoon or a lovely picnic. It’s the ideal spot for people-watching and catching the sunset.

To let loose and have some fun, Zinziver Bar is the perfect place to check out. Known as one of the main party centers, it attracts different characters and accommodates them all. Try some of their vodka infusions, or enjoy some food and dance the night away.

Presnensky │ Best for Going Out

This district is set to be home to the city’s new financial district, Moscow City. There are a lot of areas in this neighborhood that are undergoing redevelopment, but it still has a lot to offer. It’s important to note that the American Embassy is located in this district.

Known as an artistic area with a number of boutique bars and cafes, it’s no wonder Presnensky boasts such a lively nightlife. You can find yourself having a relaxed afternoon in a restaurant and move on to one of the nightclubs later. Expect to dance the night and morning away. The parties are notorious for ending at breakfast time.

Things to Do in Presnensky

This district offers a wide variety of things for you to enjoy, such as the Moscow Zoo and Moscow Planetarium. Both of which offer some hands-on experiences, such as engaging with the animals and an interactive museum. They’re perfect for entertaining children on the trip.

A must-see in Presnensky is Patriarch’s Ponds. If you’re expecting multiple ponds, sorry to disappoint, there’s only one. Head to the pond in the summer to sit on the banks, surrounded by magnificent trees, and gaze at the swans. In the winter, it turns into an ice rink.

Arbat │ Best for Shopping

Arbat is located in the center of the Garden Ring. It’s notably beautiful, lively, and expensive. You’ll find some of the trendiest shops and restaurants in this area. Most people hear of Arbat Street when they ask about Arbat, and that’s because it’s the crown jewel of the area.

The street is one of the oldest in Russia and has multiple mansions and buildings for you to see and photograph. It’s lined with musicians filling the air with beautiful melodies and painters cultivating their craft. It’s seen as somewhat of a bohemian utopia.

Things to Do in Arbat

While in Arbat, you should definitely go to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, opposite the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. It’s one of the largest museums in Russia, containing paintings, sculptures, and some archaeological remnants.

For a low-level hike and amazing views, you should go to Sparrow Hills. The hill is above the Moscow River and provides breathtaking views of the city, perfect for watching the sunrise or sunset.

To get a taste of history, head to Park Pobedy, which was built to commemorate Russia’s victory in the Great Patriotic War. It’s a stark reminder of the agony Russia endured during the conflict.

Basmanny │ Best for Families

Basmanny is said to be the ideal place for families to stay when visiting Moscow due to its relaxed atmosphere and stunning surroundings. Luckily, it’s only a subway ride away from the city’s main attractions.

Although Basmanny is on the quieter side, it still has a vast selection of bars and restaurants that have enough of an ambience to keep you entertained. You’ll find that this district is known for its artistic spaces and was previously the main settlement area for foreigners after World War Two.

This district also boasts numerous ethnic food restaurants for those of you looking for a bit more variety.

Things to Do in Basmanny

The biggest toy store in Russia, Central Children’s Store, is located in Busmanny. So, if you’re planning on spoiling your kids, it’s a landmark building in Lubyanka Square. The store is beautifully designed and will surely be a fun experience for kids and parents.

Aptekarsky Ogorod is Russia’s oldest botanical garden and quite a sight to behold. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic and a calming activity to help you unwind.

You can’t go wrong with a 14th-century monastery dedicated to showcasing paintings, murals, and church manuscripts. All of this can be found at the Andrey Rublev Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Art.

Yakimanka │ Best for Green Thumbs

Yakimanka serves as Moscow’s evergreen lungs with prime beaches on the Moscow River. At the Moscow River embankment, three parks; Gorky, Muzeon, and Neskuchny Garden; form a green stripe with museums showcasing the coolest modern art. They bring together all the advantages of visiting and living in Yakimanka.

There are plenty of things to do in the neighborhood, such as dancing and soccer. It’s packed with fun and informative museums and utterly delectable restaurants. It’s simple to get around the city; just board a riverboat and set out on your tour.

Things to Do in Yakimanka

The enormous statue of Peter the Great by the artist Zurab Tsereteli is one of the most divisive statues in Moscow. The entire 98-meter-tall tower features a figure of Peter the Great standing atop a ship. Despite the contention surrounding it, it’s still worth seeing.

You’re sure to have a fun and exciting day at Gorky Park, not to be confused with Gorka Park. Named after famed author Maxim Gorky, it’s truly a marvel to witness. Adorned with a beautiful garden, an observatory, and a theater, the park is always hosting something, like concerts or themed shows.

FAQs on the Best Places to Visit in Moscow

With all the information we’ve given you, we hope you aren’t too overwhelmed or confused. However, it’s natural to still have questions, and we’ll tackle them the best we can.

How Much Should I Budget for My Trip?

The Russian Ruble is lower than the U.S. Dollar, and you’ll find that most places are very affordable. In a day, you can expect to spend ₽6 218 (64 USD), and in a week, you’ll probably spend ₽43 718 (450 USD).

When is the Best Time to Visit Moscow?

The best time to visit Russia for warmer weather is between May and August. It’s hot during these months, and you’ll find that the days are longer. If you’re looking to enjoy a bit of Russian snow, then go in December or January. Not only will you get snow, but you can enjoy the winter festivities.

What Should I Wear in Moscow?

This is dependent on when your trip is. For warmer months, wear light clothing such as T-shirts and summer tops. You can wear shorts, jeans, skirts, anything really, just be sure to bring a jacket for the odd cold evening. For colder months, you should dress warmly. Coats and boots are a must. Russian winters are notorious for being deadly cold.

Final Thoughts on the Best Places to Visit Moscow

Moscow is filled with unique places to visit while touring Europe. It has everything to offer you and will surely become one of your favorite destinations after your trip. May you be enchanted by the history, craftsmanship, beauty, and honesty of the city.

While it’s not advised to visit at this current time, its breathtaking opportunities and experiences are there to stay.

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