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Home of the legend of Count Dracula, Romania is a hidden gem ready to be discovered. Nestled in the heart of Europe, it’s one of these destinations that have flown underneath the radar but is now gaining traction. So, in case you’re planning to visit, you’ve possibly thought, “What are the best places to go to in Romania?”

Well, you won’t be short of options. This Eastern European country has risen from the ashes like a phoenix in some ways. However, in others, it clings to many features of the past that make Romania so captivating.

It is one of the most beautiful countries to visit. Whether you’re looking for the best nightlife in Europe, architecture, trekking, or relaxation, Romania offers it all, as it’s a diverse destination catering to every traveler’s desires.

5 Must-See Places in Romania


Whether you’re looking for one of the best places to live in Romania or just a few areas to visit, this extraordinary country boasts an array of attractions that cater to every individual’s preferences.

Romania offers numerous encounters beyond the famous Transylvania, the origin of Dracula (which you certainly should visit). It has stunning natural landscapes and striking color contrasts, creating an enchanting destination.

Bucharest is not only the ca­­pital of Roman­ia­, but it is also the country’s l­argest town­. According to stats, by the ­year­ 2050­, Bucharest will be the richest city in all of Europe.

The ­lovel­y town city, which is loca­­ted on the Dâmboviț­a River, has a lot to offer tourists.

The National Museum of Romanian History and the Italian Athenaeum are a few of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Bucha­rest. And although it’s not a country notorious for its cuisine, it gives some iconic European food destinations a run for their money.



Why not start with what makes Romania so popular?

Transylvania is known as “the last truly medieval countryside in Europe.” Here, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled at least 100 years back in time. This is the ideal place for you if you long for peace and harmony and to feel like an old soul.

But that’s not all: Do you want the wind to blow through your hair? Or do you prefer the fresh village air? With a horse-drawn carriage, you can do both in Transylvania!

The robust folk traditions that have survived because Romanian communities are predominantly rural are what most distinguish the culture.

Dracula’s Castle, aka Bran Castle

Dracula’s Castle stands as a true marvel and serves as a prominent tourist destination in Romania. As a medieval architectural wonder, Bran Castle boasts breathtaking allure and remains awe-inspiring even without fame. Situated on the Transylvania-Muntenia border, this magnificent fortress has been transformed into a captivating museum.

The museum showcases an extraordinary assortment of art and furniture that once graced the residence of Queen Marie of Romania during the vibrant 1920s.



The ruggedness of Bucharest adds to its attraction and ensures that its hidden beauties are discovered only by those who deserve it. This sets it apart from the almost Disneyland-like appeal of post-communist cities like Tallinn and Prague.

Bucharest is one of the last cities in Europe where you can enjoy it without the hordes of tour groups ruining it for everyone. It’s a combination of old and new, with plenty of art and a developing gastronomic culture.

It’s a Great Historic Old Town

The Old Town is one of the few areas in Bucharest spared from communist bulldozers. Therefore, a walk through the Old Town and its beautifully preserved district feels like a trip back in time to an almost forgotten past.

Like Sleeping Beauty, Bucharest seems to have only recently awakened from a deep sleep. Fortunately, this part of the city has not been overly spruced up or restored to the last inch. Peeling paint, crumbling facades, and light dirt give the neighborhood a realistic ‘old world’ feel.

This city also has charming hotels and living spaces both for tourists and those who want to make Romania their home for a little while.


Cable car in Brasov

Brasov, situated in the heart of Romania, emerges as an undoubtedly captivating town. Its allure competes with the grandeur of Bucharest, attracting avid travelers. Bursting with medieval charm, Brasov captivates visitors with its stunning townhouses, meandering cobblestone streets, and a scenic mountainous backdrop.

The town offers a delightful mix of traditional Romanian cuisine with a modern twist, featuring excellent eateries. Experience the authentic flavors by trying the savory traditional stew at La Ceaun.

Immerse yourself in the local culture with a leisurely stroll to the town square, where locals like to hang out. Here, you can also learn about the city’s rich history and heritage within the ancient walls adorned with defensive bastions.

Check Out the Black Church

The Old Black Church, the grandest representation of Gothic architecture, claims the title of the largest church in Romania. Initially named St. Mary’s Church, it got its current name following a great fire that ravaged the ancient city in 1689. This left the church’s walls with a distinctive black color, hence the name.

Due to its big size, the structure was called the largest church in the vicinity, spanning between Vienna and Constantinople. Its towering presence dominates the neighboring Ratsplatz, making it easily visible even from a distance.

Măgura & Peștera


From the protective walls of Bran Castle, you can see in the distance the prominent ridge of the Piatra Craiului Mountains rising into the sky. Halfway up, old huts and stables are scattered on the hills; they’re the settlements of Măgura and Pestera.

When locals are looking for a nice escape from the city, they think of these places. If you want to completely surrender to nature and avoid people, this is one of the best places to visit in Romania.

The rolling hills, lush meadows, and flocks of sheep will make your trip unforgettable. You’ll see people still living in traditional wooden houses built as they were years ago. You may even get to eat a traditional meal, which some prepare with organic ingredients from their garden.

A Day Trip to Măgura and Peștera

Families with children, cyclists, mountaineers, climbers, and photo enthusiasts can enjoy a trip to Măgura or Peștera.

You can go around the two villages on foot or even by bike. There is a small gorge called Prapastiile Zarnestiului, and in Peștera, you can visit the Bat Cave (the path to it is very picturesque). The cave is home to numerous species of bats, hence its name.

But the best thing to do is just stroll around, enjoy the breathtaking view, and relax.

Turda City


Turda is in the west of Romania and is a small town famous for its salt mines, which have been in operation since prehistoric times. Today, these are tourist sites, and heaps of people flock here every year.

The Turda Gorges, which offer breathtaking views and possibilities for sports activities such as trekking and climbing, are among the interesting tourist destinations here.

Turda Salt Mine

​Turda Salt Mine is a great place to relax, cool off, and escape the sultry city weather. Turda Salt Mine in Durgău-Valea Sărată is the most remarkable man-made underground structure in the world. It is located 50 kilometers from Cluj-Napoca, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Romania and the unofficial capital of Transylvania.


Sinaia is a fantastic stopover on the way from Bucharest to Brasov and should not be skipped during your visit to Romania. The city is picturesquely located in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains and palaces. This makes it a great destination to go hiking.

Peleș Castle in Sinaia

Visiting the breathtaking Peleș Castle is one of the most popular activities in Sinaia. The hills and mountains of Sinaia surround the fairytale castle, which is located in a beautiful garden.

It was built for the royal family, including Carol I, the first king of Romania, and is now open for guided tours.

FAQs About the Best Places to Visit in Romania

In this section, you’ll find answers to the most common questions about visiting Romania.

Is Romania Cheap for Vacation?

Yes! Romania is a popular destination for plenty of travelers due to the fact that the cost of living here is lower than in other European countries. It also has other feats going on for it, including its beauty, the friendly locals, and the delicious cuisine.

Is Romania Worth Going to?

Yes, it is. With its wealth of natural beauty, exciting outdoor activities, rich history and culture, friendly hospitality, and other amenities, Romania is undoubtedly one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. Despite all it has to offer, Romania is an often neglected vacation destination.

Is Romania Tourist Friendly?

Of course! Plus, there is something for everyone here. From the breathtaking scenery of the Carpathian Mountains to the tranquil thermal baths and spas. It’s a country worth visiting, whether you’re looking for adventure, interested in history, or just want to relax.

Is Romania Safe for Female Tourists?

In Romania, as in everywhere else in the world, terrible things can occasionally happen. But you will undoubtedly be safe if you are a woman traveling alone here as long as you keep your wits about you.

Final Thoughts on Visiting the Best Places in Romania

Romania should be on your vacation dream list because of its enormous biodiversity, beautiful mountains, medieval cities, and delicious cuisine. No European tour would be complete without seeing this country, which offers so many great activities, such as visiting beautiful villages, 12th-century Saxon settlements, and Dracula’s Castle.



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