Best Time to Visit Copenhagen | Weather, Seasons, and Activities

Europe is a dream travel destination. There is an eclectic mix of European countries, each with its own unique contribution to the wonder of this continent. Denmark brings with it a culture of peace, joy, and contentment.

Denmark is a unique country in various ways. It values the environment very much and makes so many steps to protect it. There are many green spaces in the country, and cycling is widely encouraged instead of traveling by car. The streets specially cater to cyclists.

It’s a great idea to go and experience this whole different world that the Danes have and appreciate the way of life of the happiest people in the world. A lot of these differences culminate in the country’s capital, Copenhagen.

It’s the perfect place to go and experience different aspects of what Denmark offers, ranging from modern life to throwbacks to history.

So, when is the best time to visit Copenhagen?

Best Time of Year to Visit Copenhagen | Seasons

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Deciding when to visit Copenhagen is dependent on various factors, and one of those is the weather. Some people prefer warmer weather, others colder, or even something in between. You can decide whichever you prefer.

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in Copenhagen during the different seasons.

Spring in Copenhagen | March to May

Springtime brings relief from the harsh winter as temperatures rise and things start coming back to life. It is, however, not an overnight remedy. The transition from winter to spring is gradual.

At the beginning of the season in March, overnight temperatures can be as low as 22°F (-5.5°C ). The temperatures rise throughout the month and can reach 55°F (12.5°C) by the end of the month.

Temperatures reach as high as 74°F (23°C) by the end of the season. Spring is an excellent time to visit if you enjoy cool nights and warmer days.

Summer in Copenhagen | June to August

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Summer is the season many people look forward to, and that may be the case for you. The warm weather means you can go out and explore the city or relax on the beach. There is rain to look out for, but this is still the most sunshine you’ll get in Copenhagen.

The weather in the city is relatively mild. The average temperature is 60°F (15.3°C) with the minimum being 51.7°F (11°C) and the maximum being 67.5°F (19.7°C). There are, however, outliers. Weather in Copenhagen in July can reach around 82,5°F (28°C).

August starts off mild with an average minimum of 56.3°F (13.5°C) and an average maximum of 71.5°F (21.9°C). The nights start to get colder, and Copenhagen experiences one of its rainiest months with at least 8 days of rain and 1.6” precipitation.

Autumn in Copenhagen | September to November

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Autumn is the time when the summer slowly slips into slumber. You can still experience some warm weather when visiting Copenhagen at the start of the season, but as it progresses, things get chilly.

It starts off mild in September with an average minimum temperature of 50.9°F (10.5°C) and a maximum average of 64°F (17.8°C). The end of the season welcomes cold weather. Copenhagen in November has an average minimum temperature of 42°F (3.2°C) and a maximum average of 46.2°F (7.9°C).

Autumn is the best time to visit if you’re still keen to see the sun, even if you’re bundled up.

Winter in Copenhagen | December to February

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The winter months see much less sun as dark clouds cover the skies and rain and snow shower the earth. Winter in Copenhagen can be dreary if you don’t like cold weather.

The start of the season sees an average minimum temperature of 32.5°F (0.3°C) and an average maximum temperature of 40.9°F (4.9°C). Temperatures can reach as low as 20°F (-6.5°C) at night.

The weather is still cold at the tail end of the season in February. The average minimum temperature is 29.8°F (-1.2°C), and the maximum is 38.8°F (3.8°C). Overnight temperatures can reach as low as 18.5°F (-7°C).

Denmark gets snowy from November until March. On average there are 20 to 25 days of snow with an average of 6 inches. January is the month with the most snow.

Winter is the best time to visit if you enjoy being inside and visiting indoor places.

Best Time to Travel to Copenhagen | Attractions in Spring and Summer

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Considering what you can do will help you know the best time to go to Copenhagen. So, here are some of Copenhagen’s many attractions to keep you busy during your summer or spring stay.

Tivoli Gardens (temporarily closed until 31 March 2024) is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. It is a pleasure garden with roller coaster rides, carousels, and carnival games. It is a fun experience you’d enjoy best in warmer weather without rain.

The Copenhagen Botanical Garden is part of the Natural History Museum at the University of Copenhagen. Here you will find the most extensive collection of preserved and living plants in Denmark.

The garden is located in the city’s center, so it is a nice place for you to escape the busy city space and find refuge in a natural space. You can visit the butterfly house and the tropical palm house. The latter dates back to 1847. The best time to visit this ten-hectare piece of nature is on a warm day in spring when the flowers are blooming.

rosenborg castle behind flowers

Rosenborg Castle Gardens, the King’s Garden, is a park located at the Rosenborg Castle that served as King Christian IV’s private gardens.

The twelve-hectare space is popular among the public, and bands even play in the area during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival (30 June 2024 to 9 July 2024). It is a great place to visit on a sunny day to enjoy basking in the sun or having a picnic.

Best Things to Do in Copenhagen in Winter

Denmark has a vibrant history dating back hundreds of years. Winter is a good opportunity to visit some museums that have captured centuries of history and art.

Here are a few museums you could check out during your visit.

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Glyptoteket is an art museum that displays Carl Jacobsen’s private art collection.

The collection includes antique sculptures from ancient cultures surrounding the Mediterranean, such as Rome and Egypt. There are also French impressionist and post-impressionist paintings by artists including Renoir and van Gogh.

SMK, or the National Gallery of Denmark, is the country’s largest art gallery. It has an extensive collection of art spanning seven centuries. You will go on a journey through time during your visit.

Cheapest Time to Visit Copenhagen

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There is a lot to experience during the peak and shoulder seasons that make a visit to Copenhagen a very good time, but that is not the only time you can enjoy the delights of the city.

Traveling on a budget is a reality for many of us, but if that’s you, don’t have a fear of missing out. The off-season is the cheapest and perfect time to savor the city.

Winter time is cold and dark but you can go to indoor museums that showcase some very interesting things about the history of the country and the people of it. You can also go ice skating. Restaurants are still open for you to have a night out and you can have a shopping day for yourself.

Accommodation, attractions, and flights will be more affordable, so book in advance for the best prices, then go have a great time.

Quick tip: Avoid visiting during festive holidays, such as Christmas, because prices will go up during that time.

Least Crowded Time to Visit Copenhagen

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The crowded hustle and bustle of people visiting during the peak season can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are other times you can visit to avoid the crowds.

Copenhagen is least busy during the end of winter in February. This tends to be the coldest month and a time people avoid visiting as a result, but you can happily go.

Going at this time means that the attractions are more easily available to you. You can still find things to do with regards to indoor activities. The Dining Week (13 to 17 February 2024) takes place, so you can have some great food and a good time during the month.

Best Time to Go to Copenhagen | Final Thoughts

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Denmark has so much to offer as a country, and its capital city shines brightest with all it has to offer. The weather in Denmark year-round goes from pleasant to dreary, but Copenhagen has something for every season.

Summer might be the best time to visit Copenhagen if you are looking to taste pleasant weather. The warmth draws you out to do any and every activity possible. Otherwise enjoy a cozy winter wonderland.

The weather places no limits on what you can experience during your visit, so go ahead and make Copenhagen your new bucket list destination.


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