Why The Festivals and Food in Stuttgart Are Worth The Visit Alone

Stuttgart is a multicultural hub in the south of Germany and with around 180 nationalities living in this vibrant city, there is no shortage of cultural happenings. Throughout the year, you can attend up to 80 festivals and events, ranging from dance, film and theatre and I mean it when I say there’s a whole lot of delicious food in Stuttgart to try out. So if you are a serious foodie visiting Stuttgart, here is where you need to be and at what time.

Food in Stuttgart and Where To Get It

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Cultural Festivals in Stuttgart

Jam to the energetic beats of African drums and learn how to set the beat yourself in workshops during the African Festival in summer. First created in 2003, this colourful festival has been exciting its visitors’ senses ever since. This naturally includes authentic African cuisine. But that isn’t the only multicultural event that Stuttgart offers the wanderlusting soul.

For example, there are the French Weeks in October with culinary events or the Jewish Culture Weeks in November with food samplings as part of synagogue tours and events. If you want a low budget festival, why not attend the Lab Fest in August? There is no entrance fee and the expenses for staging open air concerts, cabaret and theatre in the “Schlosspark” (Palace Park) derive from the food stalls and donations.

In August there’s a hugely popular Wine Festival, where you’ll find over 100 stalls decorated with pretty vines selling delicious German wine. This year it takes place from August 29th until September 9th and there’s also lots of traditional German cuisine on offer at the stalls such as maultaschen (ravioli with meat), kässpätzle (cheese noodles) and ofaschlupfer (sweat bread pudding). For more information on this festival for wine lovers, check out their site here.

This year is also the 200th anniversary of the Canstatter Was’n, the second largest beer festival in the world – second only to the world renowned Oktoberfest in Munich! and they will have the historical festival as well. This years festivals takes place on the Palace Square in Stuttgart from September 26 to October 3 and will have lots of added historical elements to celebrate 200 years of epic festivals! This festivals attracts millions of people to the city so be sure to book accommodation and flights far in advance!

Should you prefer more low key festivals, there are tons of city district events. Give the Henkersfest at the Henkersplatz a go or stop by the Heisteigviertelfest or Bohnenviertelfest in June. For flea market experiences, the square in front of Café Planie is the place to be.

Home to Traditional German Cuisine

Since you’ree in Germany, you cannot forego traditional German cuisine. As with most areas in Germany, the local cuisine is very regional. Give your taste buds a try of hand chopped spaetzle with dumpling soup for starters, such as at centrally located restaurants Der Rote Hirsch or Weinstube Am Stadtgraben. Other local favourites are “Schwäbische Maultaschen” (Swabian ravioli with meat), “Buabaspitzla” (small, longish potato dumplings) or “Gaisburger Marsch” (a hearty stew). The tourism board here even has an entire site dedicated to food, so check out Tasty Stuttgart for all their best tips.

Traditional German, including Swabian, cuisine is very meat heavy. You hardly find anything that is vegetarian. Spaetzle themselves are similar to pasta and therefore meat free and the filled “ravioli” can also come in vegetarian versions. So don’t rule out tasting the typical food in Stuttgart! A perfect on the go snack are pretzels.

With desserts you will find the selection much broader, of course. A sure thing for all those with a sweet tooth are “Apfelküchle”, which are donuts-shaped beignets sprinkled with sugar. Pretty much the same are “Allgäuer Nonnenfürzle“ but served during Carnival season, which, by the way, is a great time for a visit to Stuttgart.

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More amazing traditional German restaurants:

Hans im Glück – Authentic Swabian fair

Platzhirsch – Pick a window seat and try the spaetzle

Great European Cuisine

No matter whether you are visiting Stuttgart during its many festivals and cultural events, you can always sample multicultural cuisine any time of the year. Thanks to its multitude of nationalities present, the city’s fair is just as varied. Try juicy doner kebab at Beykebab. Rumour has it that it is the best kebab place in town.

To get the taste of the Greek Islands on your plate, sit back and relax at the charming The Little Greek Taverna. Its customer service is super welcoming and the souvlakia perfection. Alternatively, hit up Retsinadiko, where you will get amazing seafood at affordable prices. Tuesdays are dedicated to fish grilled freshly on the charcoal grill.

Where there is an established restaurant scene in Germany, Italian ristorantes aren’t far away. Germans love Italian food! A popular recommendation is Il Pomodoro, which specialises in Apulian cuisine. Truffle spaghetti, on the other hand, are absolutely delectable at the Valle Ristorante.

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More amazing European restaurants:

Jose y Josefina – You gotta have the paella

O’Reilly’s Irish Pub – Fun Irish pub with great burgers

Restaurant Ochsen – Exciting mix of dishes from all over Europe

A taste of Asia in Stuttgart

Nowadays, no foodie city can do without sushi and Stuttgart really delivers a treat. Hiro used to be an insider tip but the news spread fast so expect it to be well visited. The specialty sushi served is called “Hanabi”. A super cute, albeit slightly kitschy, dining experience can be enjoyed at Tokio Dining. Plenty of visitors to Japan agree, the dishes taste super authentically Japanese!

For Vietnamese food, try DO’s Vietnam Street Food. Whether you lust for phơ or cơm thịt nướng, you will get just what your heart desires. Alternative Vietnamese establishments worth checking out are Takeshii’s Vietnamese Cuisine and Noodle 1 Dining.

German food, and this includes interpretations of international cuisines, isn’t very spicy. To step up the flavour level, step into Taj Mahal for Indian cuisine. To get a Sri Lankan mix in there, book a table at La Bamboo. The chicken and dhall is a crowd pleaser.

Our pick of great Asian restaurants:

Luc Lac – Come early to skip the crowds awaiting the Vietnamese cuisine

Mandu – not super spicy Korean style food

Amani – Typical Chinese dishes

More Eateries in Stuttgart

The less time in Stuttgart you spend, the fewer opportunities you have to sample as much international restaurants as possible. To get the best out of your time and send your taste buds on a magical trip, mark the Market Hall on your map. Here, you can find delicacies from various countries all over the world in one place.

Germany isn’t particularly known for catering to vegans or gluten free guests. However, there is a range of restaurants that has adapted its menus accordingly. One such is Martha’s, which also offers nice views over the parks and is centrally located. Other ones are Rudolfs Küche & Café and Pokkez im Königsbau.

The Party Scene in Stuttgart

Stuttgart has a good nightlife scene and plenty of fabulous bars to go with it. Beer connoisseurs will delight in the micro brewery on site of Sophie’s Brauhaus or Amadeus and its beer cellar. To get your evening started before you hit the party scene, Ackermanns on Bebelstraße is the place to be. Try the wines!

Clubs that you should put on your radar are Muttermilch (Mumi in local speak) and Barcode. The first is funkier while the latter puts more techno driven music on. To chill out after a long day of dining and sightseeing, sip your cocktail on Waranga’s outdoor patio. Just as great cocktails can be savoured at Schwarz Weiß Bar. The interior is classy and it is a smoker’s bar.

To smoke some more, sit around a shisha at KALA – Bar. Last but not least, Laboratorium is a great place for live music, both by local as well as international artists in a laid back atmosphere. You don’t need to visit for Lab Festival to bask in its cool vibe.

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