Hip Hop Tour NYC: The Break Down

If Jay-Z, Biggie Smalls and Tupac are names of artists you listen to and faces on the posters on your wall – then a hip hop tour in New York is right up your alley! Even if hip hop is not your music genre of choice, the history of Hip Hop in New York is so rich, that a visit to the Big Apple would not be complete without an NYC hip hop tour.

Travellers are able to trace the journey of music and artists that have left a bold mark on the history, culture and society of New York, the United States and beyond. Although bubbling under the surface for years before, the New York hip hop culture took the city by storm in the 1980s, and the global community has never been the same.


  • Discover the rich history of the NYC hip hop scene with the guidance of an experienced local
  • See legendary sites that have helped shape the history of both the city and hip hop as a musical genre

Before you book:

  • Exploring the history of the NYC hip hop scene by foot offers a different experience to that by bus, so take note of the method of exploring in the tour details for your preference

Our favourite Hip Hop Tours in NYC

The following tours give tourists the opportunity to explore the NYC hip hop scene and discover the roots of the community, music and hip hop icons.

Birthplace of Hip Hop

What better way to learn about the history of hip hop than under the guidance of a legend in the industry? Explore New York’s historical hub and hear the story of hip hop while stopping by iconic landmarks such as the Graffiti Hall of Fame and the Apollo Theatre.

Book your educational and entertaining tour here!

Why this tour

  • Explore three decades of music with an educational four-hour tour through Manhattan and the Bronx
  • Led by hip hop icons such as GrandMaster Caz and Reggie Reg
  • Photo opportunities at Apollo Theatre and other clubs

Harlem hip hop tours

A Harlem walking tour gives tourists a chance to retrace the steps of a history that was birthed in Harlem. This tour includes a multimedia presentation that highlights the evolution of the city so that when you stroll through the ‘hood you have an informed perspective.

Guided by a hip hop historian, the Harlem walking tour tells the story of black culture as you pass by iconic sites in the heart of the city. Please note that if booking between January and March, there may be changes to the tour due to weather.

Get your comfy walking shoes on and book your spot here!

Why this tour

  • Admission into the Museum of the City of New York is included
  • See legendary sites such as Apollo Theatre and 125th Street
  • The two-hour walking tour is great for all ages

Brooklyn beat

Brooklyn’s contemporary history is rich in hip hopjust look at the likes of the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival and Tupac’s inclusion in the Hall of Fame. The Brooklyn hip hop tour shares insights into the Brooklyn music scene with a three-hour tour.

With the perks of a hip hop guide, a luxury coach and planned stops at iconic sites, the tour of Brooklyn gives travellers a once in a lifetime opportunity to see frozen moments that made musical history.

Don’t miss a beat – book your Brooklyn hip hop tour!

Why this tour

  • Inside tips shared by a hip hop local
  • An in-depth look at Brooklyn musical history
  • Great photograph opportunities at spots such as late Biggie Small’s home and Spike Lee’s Production company headquarters

Hip hop bus tour NYC: Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn

If you want to see more of the city while absorbing the musical culture of the iconic hip hop neighbourhoods, then the five-hour hip hop bus tour in New York City is the perfect option for you.

Cruise through Queens and see the Yankee Stadium, the home of baseball in New York, get an opportunity to see the history of boogie in the Bronx, and visit Brooklyn which is the birthplace of countless hip hop legends.

Book your spot on this epic combo tour here!

Why this tour

  • Get to see a variety of classic NYC boroughs in one go
  • A live guide is available in a variety of languages
  • Experience the multi-ethnic metropolis of New York City

Going back in time: 70s New York

The 70s New York tour gives travellers a strong dose of nostalgia as they get transported back to the origins of hip hop, art and culture in the some of the most vibrant areas of the city. The two-hour tour features a one-mile stroll from Houston Street to the West Village, stopping to uncover the colourful history of fashion, music and art icons.

The cultural tour includes a guide to share incredible nuggets of information that will shock, amaze and excite you!

Check out details of the tour here!

Why this tour

  • Explore the emergence of hip hop history – including elements of music, culture and fashion
  • Visit historically significant venues
  • Relive the 70s in New York through a nostalgic walking tour

NYC nightlife like a local

Fancy a night out as a hip hop local instead of experiencing the culture in the daylight? Take advantage of experiencing a Saturday night out in Bed-Stuy in the centre of Brooklyn. With a rich urban history, this tour offers the chance to party like a local in one of New York’s most popular hip hop areas.

The tour includes a few bar stops with a local guide after which the night is yours to party and dance to your heart’s content. It is important to note that the legal drinking age in the United States is 21, so identification is necessary in order to take part in this experience.

Get your ticket to party here!

Why this tour

  • Party like a local in one of NYC’s hottest hip hop districts
  • Explore the bar and party scene of Bedford-Stuyvesant with the guidance of a local
  • Indulge in the rich hip hop culture in an active way

Final thoughts

Did you know that for the first time, hip hop surpassed rock as the most popular music genre in the United States last year? What better way to experience this growth in popularity than by embracing the history of one of hip hop’s most iconic cities!

New York City is a buzzing city, and in the very centre is the hip hop scene. These are just a few tours that we suggest – with something for everyone, regardless of how much you want to break it down with the musical genre.

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