Addo Zipline: Ziplining At Sunday River

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An exhilarating and fun experience with speed included! Go ziplining 60m above the beautiful Sunday River and enjoy South Africa’s longest, highest and fastest double zipline. This adventurous activity promises an adrenaline rush and a scenic tour in one. So, make a journey down to Addo Elephant National Park to enjoy this perfect activity in combination with a safari, canoeing or the giant swing.


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Addo Adventures: Zipline South Africa

If you find yourself in the Port Elizabeth region, Addo Elephant National Park is only a stone’s throw away. This park has the perfect display of wildlife, fauna and flora. From the top of your ziplining destination, you have a gorgeous view over the ocean and the dunes. What better way to start off an adventurous activity?

First, you’ll get to enjoy a short raft ride across the Sundays River. Get ready for a 500m hike through the indigenous forest of Addo Elephant Park to the point of departure.

Your exhilarating ride starts 70m above the scenic Sundays River and travels 500m downwards at a very fast 60km/h. So while you are busy swooshing downwards, the beautiful and breathtaking views of Addo’s Valley of the Citrus will flash by.


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This thrilling activity is the ideal way to experience the wildlife and the surroundings that Addo Elephant Park has to offer.

Here are some interesting facts on Addo Adrenaline Ziplining:

  • Ziplining from Adrenalin Addo’s zipline will leave you breathless. It’s the highest, longest and fastest zipline in South Africa.
  • The departure station sits an impressive 70m above Addo’s Sundays River.
  • The zipline has twin cables that are each 500m long.
  • The speed of the zipline is between 60km/h and 80km/h. The heavier you are, the faster your ride will be.
  • To ensure the smoothest ride, they imported a built-in automated braking system from the US to ensure a quality ride.

Addo Zipline Hours

Monday to Sunday: from 09:00 to 16:00


The zipline experience can take up to one hour including the 500m hike to where your zipline adventure starts.


Tours cost between R300 – R500 and some of them include combinations with the Superman Zipline and Canoeing.

Price Includes

This price includes the activities you booked as well as the ziplining/canoeing equipment


  • There is a deck overlooking the zipline tour where you can enjoy a drink.
  • A mini zip line and jungle gym are available on-site for your kids!

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Adrenalin Addo, Sunday River Zipline Options

There are many ways to embark on an adventurous activity at the Adrenalin Addo head-office. Surrounded by nature and it’s beauty, you’ll get to put your fitness and fun levels to the test with some of these amazing adventures. All these activities can be found in combination with each other, so make sure to pick the best combo for you.

Addo Zipline

Situated 70m above the Sundays River, you can find South Africa’s highest and longest zipline. This double zip line, has two twin cables, meaning that you’re not doing this high-speed activity alone!

Safety should be of no concern, with the braking system imported from the USA ensuring that you will have a smooth landing. Enjoy this 500m long exhilarating activity with family or friends.


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Addo Superman Zipline

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to fly? Addo Adrenalin Adventures is one of only two places in South Africa where you can (kind of) soar like a bird through the sky. This thrilling activity is for all the adrenalin junkies out there. Lying flat and facing forward, this zip line experience promises a once in a lifetime flying opportunity.

Take note that you have to weigh less than 110kg and your minimum height requirements start at 1.5m.

Addo Giant Swing

It’s like going to a theme park, only better! Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Addo Elephant Park adventurers will experience an 18m free fall from the Addo Giant Swing. Free falling from the top of the swing will only last a few minutes, but lucky for you two people can go at a time, so make sure to take your best friend and scream your lungs out.


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Addo Canoeing

For those who don’t crave an intense adrenaline rush, consider taking a paddle down Addo Park’s Sundays River. The tranquil sound of water and the chirping of the birds will set you up for some good relaxation. Bird-watching is quite a popular activity to do here, so if you want to meet a few new bird species, Addo canoeing should make it to the top of your list.


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Final Thoughts:

A refreshing mix of adrenaline against the beautiful backdrop of the Sundays River. In South Africa, ziplining adventures are a great activity for every member of the family. They combines excitement, speed, adrenalin and majestic scenery all together in one great activity. Book your online ticket now to ensure the perfect combination of sightseeing and a good dose of adrenaline for your trip to Addo Elephant National Park.

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  • There are many different activities to choose from
  • Adrenaline activity combined with scenic views
  • Not suitable for people with disabilities
  • People who are afraid of heights shouldn't participate

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Addo Zipline: Ziplining At Sunday River
Addo Zipline: Ziplining At Sunday River
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