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Often when hearing ‘tunnel of love’ people imagine swan boats and romantic trips down a lazy river. The Tunnel of Love railway in Ukraine, however, is something else completely. This mysterious railway track is entirely encapsulated inside luscious green foliage.

Like something out of a fairytale, the train tracks cut directly through a dense forest with the tree-tops meeting to form a perfect arch. Dubbed one of the most romantic places in Ukraine next to Nikitsky Botanical Garden, a walk through this 5km viridescent corridor is a whimsical experience.

Know before you book:

  • Mosquitos and the general heat can be annoying in summer
  • Can get crowded during peak season
  • May not be enjoyable for younger children

Tunnel of Love

A short distance from Lviv, the trains that now pass along these iconic tracks carry plywood from Orhiv to Klevan. However, the history of the Ukraine Tunnel of Love begins during the cold war, and the split tracks also lead to a secret military base hidden deep within the forest.

The purpose of the tree-covered tracks was to conceal transportation of military hardware back during the Cold War era. Although no longer utilized for this purpose today, the obscure green arches have kept their shape thanks to the industrial freight trains and now make for an interesting tourist attraction.

Although birthed from secrecy and tensions, the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine is now a sublime, peaceful setting for the avid traveler. The green tunnel, recently growing in popularity, is commonly frequented by lovestruck couples and newlyweds posing for photographs.

And although reckless tourists can occasionally pose a problem for Ukrainian train operators, all are welcomed to visit this gorgeous enigmatic attraction. Walk through dense green hallways and dappled sunlight on one of the most romantic ambles in Ukraine.

Tunnel of Love (Railway) Prices 2024

The cost of tours around the Klevan, Ukraine Tunnel of Love starts at about $235 USD (6 188,76 UAH) and can go up to $1,100 (26 875,82 UAH) depending on the number of guests and length of the tour. Pricing can also change depending on where pickups begin.

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Tunnel of Love, Ukraine Times

Luckily for all the lovebirds out there, tours of the Tunnel of Love location start early and end late. This gives visitors all the time in the world to walk the romantic railway and take in the sights.

Monday – Sunday: 7am – 8pm

Best Time to Go to The Love Tunnel | Ukraine

While these tours run all year long, the best time to visit is usually in late spring and early summer when the trees are as lush as possible – Be warned though, the tunnel can get hot!

Spring in Klevan, Ukraine begins in March and bleeds into Summer at around May every year.

During the winter, the leaves fall from the trees and snow covers everything in sight. While this is also a beautifully romantic setting, The full experience of the love tunnel would not be complete without the dense canopy of forest overhead.

 Things to See Around The Tunnel of Love | Ukraine

The tunnel of love railway is situated near the historic town of Lutsk as well as a few other notable Ukrainian attractions. This lover’s lane is also frequently visited by crowds of tourists, all rearing to walk the gorgeous path and catch a glimpse of the plywood-bearing freight train chugging past. Whether by guided tour or solo exploration, a trip to the Tunnel of Love is not an opportunity to be missed.

A few more notable sites to visit on a Tunnel of Love tour include:

  • Historic railway tracks and the dense foliage surrounding them. Make sure to watch out for the trains while you walk and step aside as they pass by.
  • Tarakaniv Fort in Lutsk, a building to rival that of Hotyn Fortress. This gem of military architecture was built to guard the borders of the Russian Empire in the late 19th century. Now abandoned and overrun with wild plant life, this fortress makes for a spooky tourist attraction.
  • Church of the Nativity and the Church of the Annunciation in Kyiv are two gorgeous cathedrals worthy of a visit during your trip.
  • Lubart’s Castle is the main attraction of the weathered Lutsk and has even been dubbed one of the 7 wonders of Ukraine. The walls of this castle fort have withstood centuries of sieges and attacks. The castle stands today as an intimidating tourist attraction and relic of the past.
  • The Museum of Book and Publishing in Lutsk boasts an impressive collection containing some 56,000 items. Chronolising the development of books and printing in Ukraine, this museum is a treasure trove of historical significance and truly a bookworm’s delight.
  • The Lutheran Church in Lutsk is a gorgeous piece of architecture dating back to 1907. Recognizable by its pointed spire, this church is a novel attribute to any Lutsk tour.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine Options

While the Tunnel of Love is obviously the main attraction, there are a number of other sites included in various tours around the area. Certain tours departing from Kyiv will take a little bit longer.

These tours will also pass Tarakaniv Fort and Lubart’s Castle. Alternatively, tours departing from Lutsk may include stops at the Lutheran Church.

Travelers will also have the option of a guided tour and learn the history of the Love Tunnels’ obscure origins. Alternatively, explore alone at your own pace and enjoy the scenery before you.

Private Tour to Tunnel of Love | from Kyiv

This tour departs from the City of Kyiv and is perfect for anyone traversing through Ukraine’s most unusual attractions.

Located near the spectral city of Chernobyl and the infamous nuclear power plant, Kyiv is a perfect home base for tourists exploring the area. This is a day-long tour that includes optional guidance through the Tunnel of Love.

After ample time to snap some pictures, the tour will continue on to a visit to the historical town of Klevan.

What we liked: Great for if you want to avoid the crowds.

  • Pick-up and drop-off from hotel
  • Private vehicle transport
  • Local guide

  • Gratuities
  • Lunch
  • Mosquitoes repellent (recommended)

Learn of the legends surrounding this fairytale attraction as you stroll arm-in-arm with your partner down the well-tread path. Take in some of the best attractions around Kyiv and Klevan while you’re at it.

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Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love and Lutsk Guided Tour | From Kyiv

Also departing from Kyiv, this option offers tourists the chance to skip the crowded bustle of local busses and have more time to indulge in the beauty of the love tunnel.

Opt for a guided tour as you stroll or explore on your own time. Upgrading this tour will include a visit to the enigmatic Lutsk town and the intimidating feats of ancient architecture around the area.

What we liked: Great for a first time visit to Ukraine.

  • Professional guide
  • Private vehicle transport
  • Pickup and dropoff from hotel

  • Gratuities
  • Lunch
  • Mosquitoes repellent (recommended)

Get picked up from right outside your hotel and experience an adventure like no other with this extended tour.

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Kivet Tour

Full-Day Private Tour – Tunnel of Love Klevan, Ukraine | from Lviv

This extended private tour departs from the gorgeous City of Lviv and encompasses a visit to three of the most historically rich sites in Western Ukraine as well as a lengthy walk through the Tunnel of Love.

Enjoy round-trip transport and a personalized experience with this luxurious option. Skip the hassle of crowded transportation and group tours. Appreciate attentive assistance from your personal tour guide.

All this and more in order to lead your partner through the stunning scenery of the hidden railway line and beyond.

What we liked: Great for if you want an adaptable, private tour.

  • Professional guide
  • Private vehicle transport
  • Pickup and dropoff from hotel

  • Gratuities
  • Lunch
  • Mosquitoes repellent (recommended)

This private tour also includes a trip to Lutsk and the surrounding historic attractions.

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Lutsk Castle

6.7Expert Score
Tunnel of Love Ukraine | Klevan Tours 2024
Tunnel of Love | Conclusion
Ukraine is no stranger to a wide variety of odd attractions. The Tunnel of Love, hidden in the forests of Klevan is but one of these enticing oddities. A magical trip through this green canopy is an unmissable experience. Marvel at the continuous collision of human technology and nature that makes the Tunnel of Love the iconic scene that it is.
Value For Money
  • Short distance from the historic town of Lutsk
  • Transportation is included
  • Personalized experience and many options
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Food not included and no restaurants nearby
  • Beware of pesky mosquitoes in the warm weather

Specification: Tunnel of Love Ukraine | Klevan Tours 2024


Not wheelchair accessible


10 -11 hrs


Private guide and vehicle transportation


Mosquitoes repellent, food and beverages


Not Included



Suited For

Romantic partners and families with older children

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Tunnel of Love Ukraine | Klevan Tours 2024
Tunnel of Love Ukraine | Klevan Tours 2024
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