Top 10 Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai (Prices, Tours & Transport)

Gansbaai is well-known for having one of, if not the biggest, Great White Shark population. There is no better way to get acquainted with this fearsome creature, than right in its territory. Adding a helicopter ride or a having a 6 day trip to one of these beautiful locations is a massive plus too.


Gansbaai Shark Cage Diving Price

Private Shark Cage Diving Trip

If you are wanting a more private excursion, with just you and your group, a private tour is for you. Having the boat all to yourself and your group allows you to have more relaxation time, better views, and of course, more time in the water.


  • Private boat and tour
  • Unlimited time in the water
  • Whole day out on the water
  • Close interactions with the sharks


The private bus will pick you up at your hotel, guest house, or accommodation at 6 am. You will then start the beautiful and picturesque drive to Gansbaai. The Atlantic ocean will accompany you on one side, while the other will be taken up by the rambling mountainous area.

Once you reach Gansbaai, you can enjoy a light breakfast and tea, as well as a safety briefing, informing you on everything you need to know to stay safe and enjoy yourself out in the water.

After your dive, you will be served a delicious light lunch, while watching a video of your dive. Once the diving part of your tour is complete, you will be driven back to Cape Town along the incredibly scenic R44, a great way to end off your day.

This tour is 100%, and the only people that will be on the boat are you and your guests, allowing for a completely bespoke experience that can be adjusted to suit your wants and needs.

Shark and Helicopter Tour

There is possibly a no better way to experience the sights and beauty of Cape Town and Gansbaai than a helicopter ride over the Mother City, and a boat ride off the coast of Gansbaai. Shark cage diving is definitely the cherry on top.


  • Helicopter ride over Cape Town
  • Views of Table Mountain, Lions Head, Devils Peak and Signal Hill
  • Fly over Clifton and the ocean
  • Close encounters with Great White Sharks


You will start your tour off with incredible area views of Cape Town, its surrounds, the ocean, as well as the amazing mountains that tower over the city. Experience a unique view of Table Mountain, one you would never be able to get from anywhere else.

Once you have surveyed the city and its mountains, you will flow over the sandy beaches of Clifton, and the beautiful scenery surrounding Camps Bay. passing the Twelve Apostles Hotel, you will then return to the Waterfront to start the next part of your tour.

You will then take a 2 and a half drive to Gansbaai. Once you are in Gansbaai, you will be met by the crew of the boat. You will then receive a safety briefing, as well as a rundown of the day’s activities, all while enjoying a light breakfast.

After breakfast, you will head to the boat and take the 15-minute ride to Shark Alley. Once you reach there, the crew will start chumming the water to get the sharks interested, before the cage is lowered and your diving experience can begin.

If you are someone who prefers to stay out the water, the views are just as epic. The sharks are surface feeders, therefore you will get a view of the, from the boat that is almost as good as the one you will get from the cage.

This is a brilliant, all-round tour that allows you to see all the beautiful sights the city has to offer, as well as getting close to the greatest predator of the ocean, all in 2 days, and mixed in with scenic drives, incredible people, and local culture.

Shark Breaching and Diving Combo Tour

If you are all about the sharks and their magnificent strength, the breaching and diving tour is a must. Not only can you see them up close, but you can also experience their raw power, right in front of your eyes.


  • Watching sharks breach in their natural habitat
  • Up close encounters in the water
  • Children welcome on board to watch
  • Once in a lifetime experience


Your day starts when you are picked up at your designated location, and driven the White Shark Diving Co. building in Gansbaai. You can then enjoy breakfast while having a safety briefing.

The first activity is the breaching. The boat will deploy a seal decoy and then you just have to wait for the shark to strike. It is honestly the most intense experience seeing these animals use all their power to burst through the ocean surface.

After the breaching part of the tour, the crew will continue to chum the water while they lower the cage for diving. You can then suit up in your diving gear, and wait to get face to face with these incredible creatures.

Guests can take consecutive turns in the 8-man cage, meaning you will definitely have more than one opportunity to view the sharks. When not in the water, you can enjoy refreshments on the boat, and view the sea, sharks, and other wildlife.

When the diving finishes, you will then be taken back to the White Shark Diving Co. building, where you can enjoy a late lunch and watch a video of your dive. You can also purchase a DVD of your dive.

These tours are brilliant options for anybody who is wanting to explore more than just sharks. You will have the chance to explore Cape Town, its surrounds, as well as Gansbaai. Perfect for locals and tourists alike.

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9 reviews
Get up close and personal with the Ocean's most feared beast

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Natural beauty
Value for money
8.8User's score
  • Best place in the world to see Great White sharks
  • Range of price points/luxury options
  • See a ton of pure power launch itself meters above the surface
  • Get in touching distance from the world's most infamous predator
  • Can be absolutely terrifying
  • Not guaranteed to fins sharks
  • Weather dependant
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  1. Rating

    fantastic people, passionate and professional

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  2. Rating

    Amazing experience and crew

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  3. Rating

    Great Experience!

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  4. Rating

    This tour was amazing!

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  5. Rating

    Nice and scary. Unfortunately we had to wait long time to se one shark. No one to blame about it. It was a different experience. A nice one

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  6. Rating

    The Disadvantages: First of all the displayed photo along with the tour is totally a fake. The water clarity is too bad, you will not see more than 2m ahead. The cage is not for one person, it is for group of people together we were 6. Secondly, it is not a scuba diving, the scenario is the cage will be close to the boat and part of it above the water surface, when the shark come close to the boat, someone will shout, so you will take a deep breath and free dive under water to have a quick look on the shark if it is close enough to you remember the water clarity is too bad. Thirdly, the boat is not that luxury, I believe it is a fishing boat. The Advantages: You would see obviously the shark while you stand on the boat, since it comes to the surface of water around the boat. Eventually, my advise is, if it is the first time for you to see the white shark, yes go ahead, otherwise, I do not advise you to take it.

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  7. Rating

    To see sharks in their natural environment. Luck of the draw. Changing into wet suits on a rocking boat and in the open is not ok for everyone. Preference would be to suit up before boarding. Crew were great.

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  8. Rating

    No Sharks in Gansbaai at the moment due to Orcas so was asked if I minded going to Mossell Bay which is further. Well worth the trip where we saw 7 great whites! The views on the drive were spectacular and Jacob the guide was brilliant.

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  9. Rating

    We really enjoyed the day, Alain is a great driver a guide a did an exceptional job of making us happy, very well done!

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