Best Beaches in Cape Town | Clifton, Llandudno, & more

When talking about Western Cape beaches, you would probably find yourself focusing on Cape Town beaches. You would also probably only know about Clifton Beach as it is one of the most famous beaches in South Africa. However, did you know that there are plenty of beaches to choose from in Cape Town?

That causes concern, obviously, as there are now too many options and what if you don’t like the area, the weather isn’t great or it doesn’t suit your needs? Don’t worry! Continue reading to find a list of the best beaches in Cape Town and what they have to offer.

1.  Clifton Beach

This beach is one of the most famous beaches in South Africa and, possibly, the world. This beautiful stretch of sand can be found in Camps Bay and is surrounded by stunning landscapes from the back of Table Mountain to a blue ocean and white beaches. This beach is divided into 4 sections:

Clifton 1st Beach

This beach is predominantly used by local residents and is very popular amongst surfers for its wavy sea. It is easily reachable from the road, just down a few stairs. Clifton 1st is a dog-friendly beach in Cape Town, so it is perfect for when you want to take your furry friend on a beach day.

Clifton 2nd Beach

The second part of Clifton Beach is quite a long stretch of flat sandy beach. This area is favoured by people who enjoy playing sports as there is a lot of space for running and setting up Volleyball nets.

Clifton 3rd Beach

This secluded beach is just a few steps away from Clifton 4th, but it’s an adorable little beach, perfect for people who are looking for a less busy area with a little more privacy. Couples seeking a romantic moment with each other can definitely head over to 3rd for the best Clifton views accompanied by privacy.

Clifton 4th Beach

4th is probably the most famous of the 4 Clifton beaches. It is popular amongst tourists and local residents and you will always find somebody tanning, throwing frisbees and having a braai. If you enjoy being surrounded by a lot of people, this is the beach for you!

2.  Queens Beach

Queens Beach is a hidden gem that’s located in Sea Point, just a stone’s throw from the Sea Point Promenade where you can have a walk, do some exercise or just enjoy the view.

It’s pretty secluded and sheltered, which means that it doesn’t really get a lot of wind. This makes it perfect for people who just want to relax with a book or get some sun on their skin. There is also a Shallow Gully that is perfect for swimming with the kids.

3.   Bloubergstrand Beach

Blouberg Beach is another famous beach in Cape Town, known for its windy shores and its breathtaking views. Whether you’re looking to fly a kite or go surfing, it’s perfect for you.

Not only that, but it is also home to one of Cape Town’s most famous and amazing views: the view of Table Mountain. This is where it got its name, as the mountain gives off a blue hue along with its gorgeous splendour.

The Beachfront is full of restaurants and little bars and cafes that will keep your thirst at bay whilst you take in the incredible scenery or dip your toes in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If you love to watch the sunset over the horizon, this beach is definitely the one for you.

4.  Glen Beach

This tiny beach is an overlooked diamond in the rough of Camps Bay. The beautiful views, easily accessible shops and bars for those who enjoy nightlife just as much as beach life, and warm sands will be enough to convince you to take this beach seriously.

The waters are known to have sandbanks, so diving into the water might not be the best idea. However, that does not take away the possibility of relaxing and taking in the gorgeousness of this beach. And when you’re done with the beach and looking to watch a show, Theatre on the Bay is just a few steps away from Glen.

5.  Oudekraal Beach

When visiting Table Mountain National Park, a great spot to visit is OudeKraal Beach which is located in a cove between Llandudno and Bakoven.

This secluded little beach is the perfect spot to have a braai on the beach with a group of friends or with family, go snorkelling or just relax and take in the scenery after a long hike. There is even a specific area where you can host an event like a birthday party or a wedding. This brings privacy on this beach to a whole different level.

6.  Llandudno Beach

One of the most diverse and beautiful beaches in Cape Town is nestled between Camps Bay and Hout Bay. That beach is called the Llandudno Beach. Between the white sand, blue ocean and the grey rocky areas, you will be enveloped in beautiful landscapes and views.

Llandudno is one of the best picnic spots in Cape Town for anyone looking to have a romantic afternoon or even just a hangout spot for friends. Llandudno is also dog friendly but only between November and April from 9 am to 6 pm. There isn’t a lot of parking which means- it is seldom crowded, but it also means you should grab your spot as soon as you can.

7.  Bakoven

This rocky beach allows the visitor an experience of a private beach in cape town. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by the crowded streets of the city. It will give you a sigh of relief as you take in the gorgeous scenery. Whether you enjoy sunbathing, climbing large boulders or swimming, this beach has everything you need. It’s also home to one of Cape Town’s best-kept secret beaches.

Beta Beach

Just a climb over a boulder away from Bakoven is a sub-section called Beta Beach. This intimate little beach is even smaller than Bakoven and thus provides the visitor with even more privacy. It’s perfect for picking up seashells, getting a tan, going for a quick dip and even going kayaking as it doesn’t get a lot of wind, making this Cape Town sea quite still.

8.  Muizenberg

Muizenburg beach Cape Town

A surfer’s dream, Muizenberg fulfils all the needs or any surfing-enthusiast. The windy beach causes fantastic waves that will leave the surfer wanting to stay in the water forever.

Muizenberg beach is famous for its colourful beach huts that make for wonderful photo opportunities. This gorgeous beach has easily accessible shops and restaurants and the beautiful landscapes will leave you breathless.

Final Thoughts Cape Town Beaches

When visiting Cape Town, you really could not go wrong with any of the beautiful beaches. The breathtaking scenery and amazing vibes from the city itself will keep you feeling invigorated, entertained and relaxed. All you really need to do is know what you want and need and Cape Town will provide you with the beach of your dreams.

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