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The city of Mesquite, Nevada, was originally inhabited by Mormon pioneers in the 1880s, who had initially dubbed the city Mesquite Flat. Mesquite is relatively small compared to the rest of Nevada State. But you know what they say, dynamite comes in small packages.

This small town is filled with a flair for community spirit and boasts many exciting tourist attractions, national parks, and friendly people. It’s a great place to live and a superb place to visit on vacation.

Here’s a list of things to do when you find yourself in Mesquite City.

Fun Things To Do in Mesquite NV

Mesquite is your gateway to some of the earth’s most spectacular landscapes and archeological sites. The city has twelve national monuments, nine national parks, and six national forests. There’s also the collection of three national recreation areas, and many attractions to discover in downtown Mesquite Nevada.

Virgin Valley Heritage Museum

The Virgin Valley Heritage Museum celebrates the early pioneer settlers of the Virgin Valley. The museum aims to entice visitors with the rich and deep pioneer heritage that still dwells among the walls. The artifacts are full of strength, hardships, sacrifice, hope, and devotion.

The heritage museum building was originally housed as a community library.  It served as the Mesquite branch of the Clark County Library for about a year. There have been many changes throughout the space, but the heart of the city is still there.

The museum is a space where nostalgia is welcomed and memories of days gone by fill the atmosphere. This is an excellent place to bring the kids and introduce them to the classics. These include the record player, the typewriter, those big, old cash registers, and don’t forget about the payphones.

The museum is a relatively small and enclosed space, but it’s also a really snug blanket of childhood memories.

Record Player

Eureka Casino

All bets are off at the Eureka Casino as the drinks pour and you roll the dice. Yes, this isn’t the Las Vegas Strip, but it’s still a party town in Mesquite City.

Eureka has all the amenities that you need to have a good time. There are drinks on tap at the local bars. The restaurants are readily accessible whenever you’re feeling a little peckish. And, the mood is set to go at the blackjack table.

There’s also a nearby hotel for you to extend your stay and do it all over again the next day. The rooms are furnished to suit your comforts, and there’s room for you to have a nice breakfast before you leave.

There’s no need for a poker face when you’re around these parts of town. We already know you’re about to have a good time.

Slots Casino

Gold Butte National Monument

The landscape of the Gold Butte National Monument is a breathtaking sight. The viewing of rock formations transports you back into the Jurassic period.

Naturally, the main activity on this monument is hiking. There are several marked hiking areas for those who love to mingle grueling exercise with stunning scenery.

These markings are at a number of different levels, and you can quickly determine where you’d like to begin. The roads are a bit rough, and a 4-wheel drive vehicle is necessary for getting around.

Overall, this monument is a famous landmark for a reason. It is a beautiful piece of natural artwork, and it is definitely worth the experience, even if you’re just passing by.

Mountain Dunes

Wolf Creek Golf Club

The Wolf Creek Golf Club is not the cheapest round of golf, but the quality of the course is worth every penny. The system offers spectacular views as the contrast of the green grass mellows into the white sand and brown cliffs.

Each hole is a visually satisfying location that allows you to breathe in the stillness and solitude of your natural surroundings, even when you’re not alone.

You don’t have to be a pro at golf in order to show off. There are beginner lessons for you to try out and blend in with the rest of the posh society. The weather is warm, so bring your necessities: sunscreen, water, confidence, whatever you need to stand the heat.

There are clubhouses nearby, so you don’t have to worry about feeling hungry or sluggish during your visit. And, lastly: Fore!

Golf Estate

Skydiving in Downtown Mesquite Nevada

The Skydive facilities in downtown Mesquite are where the daredevils come alive. This is an absolute adrenaline injection, and it is sure to keep you on a high far beyond the altitude you’re about to experience.

This is where people who know how to skydive come to jump. It is also where people who are scared of heights come to face their wildest fears. The facility doesn’t judge, and it welcomes all first-time jumpers, skydivers in the making, and pros.

For those who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge, there are tandem jumps available as well. You don’t have to face those altitudes alone, but you do have to jump at some point.

There’s nothing as thrilling and life-changing as living in the clouds, even if it’s only for a short while. Skydiving in downtown Mesquite is one attraction that you cannot miss.

Sky Diving

Green Valley Health Spa

Green Valley Health Spa offers a physical, mental, and digital detox that we all need once in a while. Each day spent at Green Valley is enticing, relaxing, and peaceful.

The services on display include a luxurious pearl scrub to remove the toxins and tensions garnered from your busy days. Only to leave your mind and body refreshed and rejuvenated.

There are various hand, foot, and full-body massages to choose from, with the option of aromatherapy as an added bonus. The sweetness of the scents will leave you calmer, happier, and more excited to journey on the day.

The beds and pillows promote restful sleep, and meals are provided in-between sessions.  The atmosphere aims to inspire growth, peace, and tranquility. The staff is cheerful, and the massages are worth every penny.

Health Spa

Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery

There’s a distinct and indescribable beauty in seeing art laid out before you. The Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery brings this beauty to life in the walls that have adorned the artwork of many aspiring and inspiring artists around the country.

Here, you’ll find the rigid textures of metal contrasted with the soft infusions of clay. The artistry inspired by the avant-garde emboldened by the structures of the imperial influences.

But, this museum isn’t just a place to look and marvel; it’s also a space to get your hands dirty and create your own works of art. This small community museum loves to nurture the talent found in its own backyard, so they’ve introduced Palette and Pour.

This event includes a burst of fresh colors, spark, inspiration, adoration, and fun. There are always new crafts and artwork to appreciate, and new faces too.

This museum is a sanctuary for all art-lovers, and it’s placed right in the heart of the Mesquite community.

Fine Arts Gallery

BARK! Canine Club & Resort

BARK! Canine Club & Resort is a pet-friendly, pet-forward facility that offers full- and half-day doggie daycare and boarding services. This canine club and resort is a space where you can bond with your family and your best friend simultaneously.

There is plenty to do and see at this canine club, and the main feature is all the different breeds who walk through those doors. Treat your hardworking best friend to some rest and relaxation, and have some for yourself too.

BARK includes luxurious amenities such as:

  • Indoor and outdoor members-only parks
  • Resort-style boarding
  • A Travelers’ Rest area for pups on the road
  • Daycare
  • A wading pool
  • Dock-diving

There are loads of other amenities designed just for pups and their humans. There’s no reason why you and your best friend can’t both enjoy the finer things in life.

Puppy Spa and Resort

Final Review on Mesquite Nevada: Things To Do

Don’t think about it too much if you’re still trying to figure out what to do and which places to visit in Nevada. Just come on down to Mesquite and experience all that this small but influential town has to offer. There’s a little something in store for everyone.

The history of every city in the state of Nevada is brilliantly laid out in the landmarks, tours, and activities that you get to experience whenever you’re around or simply passing by.

Mesquite is no different. This small town has all you could want in a tourist destination. The history, art, nightlife, and family attractions in this area are surely worth the visit.

Next time you find yourself passing through Nevada, make sure that Mesquite is right at the top of your itinerary.

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