Tourist Odessa: In The New Season With New Ideas

Surely it will be difficult to find another such amazing and diverse city in our country. Odessa is like a separate country with its own way of life. Its appearance, inhabitants, their special language, only their inherent mentality makes this city truly unique.

On the eve of the new tourist season, the editorial office of  Visit Ukraine was lucky to become a member of the press tour organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism of the city of Odessa, so as to learn about the upcoming holiday season. As it turned out, Odessa still has something to surprise!

In the new season with renewed vigor

We learned about the tourist news and intricacies of the upcoming season that there is no “firsthand” – during a meeting with Tatiana Markova, Director of the  Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odessa City Council.

Odessa, as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine, pays very significant attention to promoting the city in the international arena, increasing its recognition, increasing the tourist flow, and creating the image of the city as the southern capital of Ukraine.

Much has already been done to develop tourism, many projects have been implemented, and it is worth noting very successful ones. One of these is the project “Odessa is coming to visit”, which is aimed at acquaintance with Odessa, its unique flavor, as well as historical and cultural heritage. In 2013, during this mission, they learned about Odessa in Poland, France, Greece, Armenia, Latvia. In 2014, Odessa is ready to conquer new horizons.

And new ideas and ideas are already waiting for their embodiment in the new tourist season. This is a new cultural and tourist project “Odessa for everyone”, which tells about the city in different languages. As for me, the idea sounds very symbolic, because Odessa is a city where 130 nationalities coexist. This is the development of new routes for gastronomic (Shabo – the cradle of Odessa winemaking) and green (Vilkovo – Ukrainian “Venice”) tourism. This also works on attracting foreign investment for the development of the Black Sea region. Not a lot, not a little, but Odessa is ready to surprise its tourists again!

Enough space for everyone!

The main mystery of the upcoming season is the question of whether Odessa will be able to occupy the right niche during the period of “no-krymya”? Odessa, as a tourist Mecca and the epicenter of summer holidays, has long won the attention of its tourists, which does not seriously count on the Crimean tourist flow. But, with her usual hospitality, she is ready to accept everyone. This can be confirmed, for example, by the number of rooms – 165 hotels, 44 hostels, 29 sanatoriums. Hotels in Odessa – the most diverse, for every taste and budget. Whether it is a mini-hotel in the city center, like the Aleksandrovsky Hotel, or a luxury hotel right by the sea coast, like the Nemo Hotel, behind which the glory of the only hotel with dolphins in Europe goes. And why are you not an alternative to the Crimean health resorts ?!

And thanks to the efforts of the players of the Odessa tourism market, once united as the Association “Tourism of Odessa”, the prices for accommodation will be all loyal. In addition, guests of the city will be delighted with special offers and promotions, such as “Half-Price Weekend Tours”.

“The most tsimes” or Gastronomic tips

Everyone knows about the existence of French and Italian cuisines. Many people like Thai or Chinese cuisine, and some prefer German or Greek … On a par with all the cuisines of the world, Odessa occupies a worthy place in this row. Yes, yes, you heard right! It is Odessa.

At its core, Odessa cuisine is a mixture of Greek, Jewish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Moldovan cuisines. Some dishes were taken from everywhere, which, in the course of, so to speak, some kind of evolution, acquired exactly the taste and look that they have today. There are legends about stuffed chicken, forshmak beckons with its unusual name, and not to taste the balls from the tulle is just a crime!

Fortunately, Odessa traditions are zealously supported by numerous restaurants, whose owners know for sure that Odessa cuisine is too good to fade away. The participants of the press tour were convinced of this during the gastronomic tour supported by the network of conceptual restaurants “Pole” – Cafe “ Zlachnoe ”, whose name in no way hints at the hottest places of Odessa. The opposite is true! Here you will be served delicious and extremely healthy food filled with the power of cereals. Cafe ” Zakroma “, which is an incredibly interesting shop of canned and pickled delicacies, pickles, preserves, jams, where every jar has bright summer and warm autumn. Cafe ” Basil “, where they will sit on a chair with a soft pillow, they will give them a pretty doll to play with, and even feed them with dishes with a spicy taste of basil.

New iconic places on the city map

The famous Deribasovskaya, Primorsky Boulevard, the Opera House – only the lazy does not know about these sights of Odessa. But modernity also contributes to the heritage of the city. In addition to the well-known Odessa sights, new interesting places await tourists in the current holiday seasons. One of them is the Museum of cognac business Shustov and opened on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Shustov case. Walking through the century-old cellars, guests get acquainted with the history of the origin of the drink, discover the technological secrets of cognac production. And then, in a tasting room filled with a rich aroma of cognac, guests are told the secrets of getting real pleasure from drinking this noble drink.

Odessa Film Studio can become an equally interesting place for tourists. During a fascinating excursion, you walk through the places where many famous films were filmed, learn how the scenery and costumes for films are created, and simply immerse yourself in the atmosphere of beauty.

Well, and of course, something that you will never miss – the Nemo Dolphinarium. Fascinating dolphin performances, acquaintance with ocean and marine life.

This is how Odessa is ready to appear before tourists in the new holiday season!


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