Where to travel in 2024 – Our top vacations tips

For us, 2024 was a year to remember, with so many amazing adventures we will remember for years to come. We have recapped our favourite memories and best trips in an attempt to inspire your next adventure.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Livingstone Island

In Zimbabwe, on the country’s Northern border with Zambia, you will find the largest sheet of flowing water. Victoria Falls is a spectacular sight, with the raging Zambezi river taking an almighty leap off the waterfall edge.

You will hear The Falls before you see it, as a 1,7 km (5,604 ft) wide torrent dropping off a 108 meter (360 ft) cliff makes a remarkable rumble. As you approach this natural wonder, you will notice a thick mist, often creating a small rainbow. This just adds to this attractions magical wonder.

While the dry-season means a clearer, more beautiful view, the wet season means a more powerful waterfall. Ultimately, no matter when you visit The Falls, it will be beautiful. However, seasonal conditions will affect your experience.

Located within the town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe’s most popular destination, this waterfall is surrounded by a variety of interesting and exhilarating activities and tours.

Furthermore,  just 40 km upstream from Victoria Falls, along the great Zambezi river, lies Zimbabwe’s best luxury safari lodge. On the beautiful Matetsi Private Game Reserve, this spectacular lodge really knows how to host a safari.

This ultimately luxurious, but authentically African experience. On the one hand, you could fill your days with outdoor activities such as game drives that provide the opportunity to see the big five, or tiger fishing trips on the wild Zambezi River. On the other hand, the spa offers massages and other pampering treatments, while the kitchen and wine cellar are really something special.

Cape Town, South Africa

At the southern tip of Africa, you will find the continent’s cosmopolitan culture. Cape Town is a city of unrivaled natural beauty, where traditional African culture and global influences meet.

As a thriving port, initially used as a halfway stop for trader traveling between Europe and India, the city always been home to faces from all corners of the globe. While many are just passing by, others stay put, having fallen in love with this incredible city.

The first thing you will notice on arrival is the city’s incredible natural beauty. Table Mountain, the city’s most iconic attraction is the ever-present backdrop, cascading dramatically into the ocean below. Even in the heart of Cape Town’s city center, you are never more than 15 minutes from a mountain trail or pristine beach.

Cape Town harbor

This means that you can cap off a day of sightseeing with a short hike or dip in the ocean, before heading back into the city to find dinner. As a cosmopolitan capital, Cape Town is jam-packed with quality restaurants, from local African Eateries to authentic Italian delis. The immense selection of food mirrors the city’s incredibly cultural diversity.

With regards to historical tours, the Castle of Good Hope and Robben Island are informative and fun. While you can just arrive at the castle, we suggest you booking your robben Island tickets online to avoid queuing at the ticket office.

Cape Town’s Airbnbs have recently offered great deals, with an oversupply of such accommodation compounded by the drought, which resulted in a slow year for tourism. For you, this means an opportunity to find a great deal.

Western European Tour

Although Europe is a continent, touring it can often feel like you are traveling within a single country. This is because of the close proximity of European countries as well as the European Union (EU), which makes traveling between these countries a breeze.

If you are planning your own European tour, I suggest sticking to one or two countries, as organising and planning a trip through several countries is incredibly stressful. Most people who attempt this end up spending so much time traveling rather than exploring, and are constantly stressed about making the most of their time in each spot before heading off again.

Rather focus on fewer destinations, spending more time exploring each country and city. We find this to be a more relaxing and fulfilling experience. My recommendation would be to visit 3 cities every two weeks, such as Prague, Budapest, and Vienna. Sticking to cities, such as these, which are situated close to each other will make life easier.

Otherwise, if you are set on seeing as much of Europe as possible, as I was upon my first trip to Europe, consider an all inclusive European tour package. Pick something that includes all transport and accommodation, leaving you to relax and enjoy your expedition.


While Cape Town was described as Africa’s cosmopolitan capital, Nigeria is more of an authentically African experience. In the heart of West Africa, this country is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.

This vibrance is most notable in Lagos, the country’s capital. The hustle and bustle is incredibly exciting, but a little too much for more timid travelers. However, if you can handle the madness, this modern african city is a true reflection of Africa’s emerging global cultural influence. With a boom music industry and film industry (Nollywood), you can witness this cultural revolution first hand.

On the other hand, Nigeria is a tropical wonderland, perfect for a safari or African beach holiday. With rich game reserves, palm tree laden beaches, incredible mountain-hiking trails, and raging rivers – the country is an ideal playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

The main issue with travelling within nigeria is the poor road quality. This makes domestic flights in Nigeria the best option for travelers venturing outside of Lagos. In such a big country, this is by far the most efficient option available.

In Summary

You should now be prepped to plan your next adventure. As you may have noticed, we traveled Africa a fair amount last year, and urge you to follow suit. This largely unexplored continent has so much to offer, and will welcome you with open arms.

Whether you choose Cape Town, Victoria Falls, Nigeria, or Europe, Skyland wishes you happy travels.

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