Wine Tram Stellenbosch – The Route, Farms and Vineyards

Spring has finally sprung after Cape Town’s (much needed) rainfall season. With the weather slowly getting warmer, what better way to celebrate than to explore Franschhoek, Cape Town’s very own little ‘French corner’. Here you can do some wine tasting and enjoy the beautiful scenery in all its bright and blooming glory!

vinyard Franschhoek

The drive from Cape Town to Franschhoek can take up to 45 minutes. Therefore, jumping into the driver’s seat after a full day of drinking is definitely not recommended. This explains why the wine tram, Franschhoek, has become a popular alternative for tourists and fellow vino-lovers. And what better way to indulge yet also ensure you are getting home safe and sound at the end of a relaxing day.

Not too sure if the tram  will blow off your steam? To help nudge you in the right direction, below is a list of the different Franschhoek wine routes and farms as well as the Franschhoek wine route map that the tram lines offer.

Franschhoek Wine Tram

The hop-on-hop-off wine-tram  is the best way to experience the culture and soul of the Franschhoek valley, which is home to some of the most popular wine farms in the Cape Winelands, and offers the best value for money.

Wine Tram

A railway tram or tram bus will take passengers to various farms where they can hop-off and explore by enjoying a wine-tasting, grabbing some lunch or simply wandering through the beautiful vineyards. Once ready, passengers can hop-on again and continue with the rest of the tour.

Wine Tram Routes

The tour now offers direct transfer services from Cape Town and surrounding areas to Franschhoek. Transfers are done privately to each booking. For more information, you can download the Franschhoek Wine Tram Brochure.

Each tour starts at the ticket office situated on Huguenot Road in Franschhoek. The tours are narrated and informs passengers of the history of the Franschhoek wine cultivation. The lines include a combination of a tram bus and tram train, depending on the route. Passengers will be navigated to which one they should hop-on along the way. To choose which Franschhoek Wine Route is best for you, below is a list of the different tram lines and the wine farms included on each line:

Blue/Green Line

Departing from the ticket office at 10am daily, these routes showcase the boutique wine estates, along with stunning backdrops of the mountains. There are a number of activities you can enjoy amongst these wine farms, including picnics, olive tasting and cellar tours.

Blue Line

You will begin the tour with the tram bus and finish off on the double-decker railway tram.

Blue Line Route

Map by

STOP 1 – La Bri

STOP 2 – Holden Manz

STOP 3 – La Bourgogne

STOP 4 – Glenwood

STOP 5 – La Couronne

STOP 6 – Rickety Bridge

STOP 7 – Grande Provence

Green Line

With the Green Line, you start the tour on the railway tram and finish on the tram bus.

Green Line Route

Map by

STOP 1 – Rickety Bridge

STOP 2 – Grande Province

STOP 3 – Franschhoek Village

STOP 4 – La Bri

STOP 5 – Holden Manz

STOP 6 – La Bourgogne

STOP 7 – La Couronne

Red/Yellow Line

The Red and Yellow tours explore the internationally well-known wine estates that Franschhoek has to offer boasting vast and lush green vineyards. Both lines depart from the ticket office at 10:30 am daily.

Ideal for parents who need to take a little breather – most of these wine farms have a dedicated play-areas for children. Other activities include: chocolate and biltong pairing as well as a variety of cheeses to tickle your tastebuds.

Red Line

You will start the tour on the tram bus and finish off the tour on the tram.

Red Line Route

Map by

STOP 1 – Haute Cabriere

STOP 2 – Holden Manz

STOP 3 – Mont Rochelle

STOP 4 – Chamonix

STOP 5 – Dieu Donne

STOP 6 – Rickety Bridge

STOP 7 – Grande Province

Yellow Line

The Yellow line offers 8 stops in total, and your tour begins on the tram and ends of on the tram bus.

Yellow Line Route

Map by

STOP 1 – Rickety Bridge

STOP 2 – Grande Province

STOP 3 – Franschhoek Village

STOP 4 – Haute Cabriere

STOP 5 – Holden Manz

STOP 6 – Mont Rochelle

STOP 7 – Chamonix

STOP 8 – Dieu Donne

Orange/Purple Line:

The early bird catches the worm! Starting off at 09:30, these two lines showcase the scenic Western area of the Franschhoek valley. Both tours mainly commence on the tram bus and include two stops on the railway tram.

Not only is this region home to the Huguenot Memorial Museum, but also offers more luxurious activities to indulge in. Including a Lindt chocolate pairing, as well as an onsite spa. Yes please!

Orange Line

This line includes 8 stops on the following wine farms:

Orange Line Route

Map by

STOP 1 – Noble Hill

STOP 2 – Babylonstoren

STOP 3 – Backsberg

STOP 4 – Glen Carlou

STOP 5 – Vrede en Lust

STOP 6 – Plaisir de Merle

STOP 7 – Allee Bleue

STOP 8 – Boschendal

Purple Line

Also including 8 stops, the tour visits the following wine farms:

Purple Line Route

Map by

STOP 1 – Allee Bleue

STOP 2 – Boschendal

STOP 3 – Zorgvliet

STOP 4 – Plaisir de Merle

STOP 5 – Vrede en Lust

STOP 6 – Noble Hill

STOP 7 – Babylonstoren

STOP 8 – Backsberg

Grey/Pink Line

Welcoming the two newbies of the tram tour! Ideal for smaller groups, these lines take passengers on a journey through the Franschhoek Valley on a single decker railway tram and tram bus. Tours kick off at 10 am daily.

Ideal for foodies, these tours include activities such as bread-making courses, wine and food pairing, as well as culinary gift shops to splash out on treats for the kitchen.

Grey Line

This line includes 1 stop on the tram and allows passengers to hop off at the following wine farms:

Grey Line Route

Map by

STOP 1 – Le Lude

STOP 2 – Franschhoek Cellar

STOP 3 – Maison

STOP 4 – Leopard’s Leap

STOP 5 – Moreson

STOP 6 – Eikehof

STOP 7 – Paserene

Pink Line:

Also including 1 stop on the tram, this line explores a total of 8 wine farms:

Pink Line Route

Map by

STOP 1 – Leopard’s Leap

STOP 2 – Moreson

STOP 3 – Eikehof

STOP 4 – Paserene

STOP 5 – Franschhoek Village

STOP 6 – Le Lude

STOP 7 – Franschhoek Cellar

STOP 8 – Maison


So there you have it! Everything you need to know about the Franschhoek wine tram tour.

We hope that you enjoyed our list, and that it gave you a better idea of what the tram is all about. While the wine tram is the perfect way to explore one of South Africa’s most popular wineland districts, one thing is for sure – Franschhoek is the true gem that  will steal your heart.

So why not hop-on and see for yourself – Because wine not?

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