7 Best Sunset Spots in Cape Town

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The search for the best sunset spots in Cape Town is over. The breathtaking city is renowned for its beautiful beaches, wonderful Winelands, mesmerising mountains and romantic boat trips. But it also boasts some of the world’s best sunset viewing spots.

If not planned correctly, a trip to catch a magical sunset in time could end in disappointment as the best sunset spots could become crowded. As a result, you might end up missing the view completely or get stuck in between the crowds.

Sunsets in the Mother City can leave you wishing that golden hour ran all day long. If that were indeed the case, photographers all over the world would be flocking in their numbers to get that perfect shot. Capetonians, on the other hand, know full well that they struck gold with the multitude of great golden hour viewing spots. 

They know exactly when and where to experience the beauty of the sun tucking its head below the horizon. And now you too can be in the know with this guide to some of the best sunset spots in Cape Town and average sunset times.

Cape Town Sunset Lion's Head

Photo by Joshua Kraus on Unsplash

Cape Town Sunset Time

The most frequently asked question visitors in search of the best sunset constantly pose is, “What time is sunset in Cape Town?”. So, before heading out it’s wise to do some research on the matter, better yet, we’ve done it for you. While times differ slightly from day-to-day, a good starting point is to check the average Cape Town sunset times based on seasonality.

Season Sunset Time
Summer 19:23 – 20:00
Autumn 17:45 – 19:22
Winter 17:45 – 18:24
Spring 18:28 – 19:42

Summer Sunsets in Cape Town

During summer, the fun in the sun never seems to end as the days are generally longer resulting in later sunset times. The start of the summer season in Cape Town attracts tourists from around the globe all in search of adventure and the ultimate summer sunset. 

Average Summer Sunset Times:

  • December: 19:42 – 20:00
  • January: 19:52 – 20:00
  • February: 19:23 -19:51

Autumn Sunsets in Cape Town

As the cold starts to set in and the long summer days begin to shorten, so too does the gap of the sunset close smaller. Sunset times average between 17:45 – 19:20. 

Average Autumn Sunset Times:

  • March: 18:42 – 19:22
  • April: 18:05 – 18:40
  • May: 17:45 -18:04 

Winter Sunsets in Cape Town

During winter the night takes over and Cape Town is engulfed in darkness much sooner in the day and longer nights can be experienced. The average sunset times are between 17:45 and 18:24.

Average Winter Sunset Times:

  • June: 17:45 – 17:47
  • July: 17:48 – 18:06
  • August: 18:07 – 18:24

Spring Sunsets in Cape Town

The beauty of springtime can be felt and experienced all around. As the cold winter months make way for warmer weather, the sun starts to stick around a bit longer. Sunset times average around 18:28 and 19:42.

Average Spring Sunset Times:

  • September: 18:28 – 18:48
  • October: 18:49 – 19:13
  • November: 19:14 – 19:42
Cape Town Sunset Bloubergstrand

Image by Lalien from Pixabay

Cape Town Sunset Locations

Now that you know when to admire a spectacular sunset in the Mother City, it’s time to choose a spot to enjoy the views. We’ve got the perfect list of amazing locations to experience the magical sunset.

1. Lion’s Head

Those adventurous at heart will enjoy an evening hike up Lion’s Head. Depending on your fitness levels, you should be able to reach the top in about an hour and a half. 

Make sure to check what time the sun sets in Cape Town beforehand and factor in the hiking time. You will be rewarded with stunning views of the city bowl and of course, an amazing sunset!

Tip: Pack in a warm top, flashlights or headlights as the journey back down might get chilly and dark.

2. Signal Hill

Looking for a romantic setting to watch the sunset with your loved one? Then Signal Hill ticks all the boxes. 

Tip: Arrive early as parking is limited. Pack in an item of warm clothing and picnic accessories (basket, snacks, drinks, and a blanket). 

3. Table Mountain

Probably the most iconic spot in the city to experience a sunset has got to be Table Mountain. Visitors from all corners of the globe come to enjoy spectacular views of Cape Town – and are spoilt further with epic sunset moments. 

Tip: Book tickets on the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway and get there early enough to secure the perfect spot to watch the sun go down over the Atlantic Ocean.

Cape Town Sunset Table Mountain

Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay

4. Camps Bay Beach

There might not be a trendier spot than the Camps Bay beachfront to catch a sunset. Relax along the beach or lawns, grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants, or simply enjoy sundowners at a pub all while taking in the amazing views. 

Tip: Looking to have more than just one cocktail or alcohol beverage while enjoying the views? Then it would be advised to arrange an Uber ride and drink responsibly.

5. Bloubergstrand

Located a mere 20 minutes outside of the Cape Town City Centre, Bloubergstrand offers breath-taking views of Table Mountain and Robben Island

It also serves up spectacular views of the sunset over the Atlantic. The beachfront offers ample parking for those just wanting to relax and take in the views.

Tip: Make your way to Eden on the Bay and enjoy sundowners, or simply picnic on the lawns.

Cape Town Sunset Big Bay

Photo by Martin Flischman on Unsplash

6. Llandudno

Llandudno is a sun-kissed paradise where many a tan has been caught and many a sunset have been witnessed. This is a great location for sunset chasers looking for marvelous moments to add to their list.

Tip: Arrive early as parking is very limited. Pack in those bathing costumes, picnic baskets, and warm clothing for after sunset.

7. Sunset Cruise

If you enjoy sunset views from land, then you’ll adore the experience from the water. Head on over to the V&A Waterfront and book a sunset boat cruise. You can expect to be treated to magnificent views along the Atlantic Seaboard, exquisite cuisine, and delectable bubbly (depending on the cruise you have selected). 

Chase that Perfect Sunset

With a variety of locations on offer, you only need to make your choice and head out to chase that magnificent African sunset (in true Cape Town fashion). No matter where you choose to witness a Cape Town sunset, make sure to spend the time with your loved ones and enjoy the experience.

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