Traveling Local: 7 Reasons To Put Your Home Country On The List

Traveling locally has absolutely no reason to be a last resort. We get it – the appeal of a distant land is irresistible. But chances are your home country has some pretty great attractions and travel opportunities too.

Maybe it’s glamping on the edge of a lush, green forest. It could be a collection of old temples or a scenic road trip along the coastline. Or perhaps you’d prefer a humbling visit to an animal sanctuary.

Either way, you’re sure to find something if you look hard enough. If you’re not entirely convinced, here are a few solid reasons why you should travel your own country.

Why #TravelLikeaLocal When You Can Just Travel Locally?

You’re busy brainstorming your next trip. But budgets are tight, and there’s simply not enough leave time for a decent trip abroad.

But you still can’t shake the urge to get out and explore. And then it hits you – you can simply travel around your own country.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. It’s greener in the lush jungles overlooking the sandy beaches in Phuket. It’s greener on the natural landscapes surrounding the magnificent Edinburgh Castle. And it’s definitely greener in Amsterdam (wink wink).

But consider the possibility that your grass is green too. Regardless of which country you find yourself in, people come from all around the world to explore it. So why shouldn’t you?

Why Traveling Local is Awesome

If you need more convincing as to why you should travel local, look no further. This list serves as a guide to all the many benefits of local travel.

#1 – It’s Easier On The Pocket

Some can afford fancy dinners and 5-star hotels. Others prefer hostels and free attractions to keep the costs low. Either way, there’s one undeniable perk of local traveling: your expenses are much lower.

For one, there’s no real need for travel insurance. There’s a much lower chance of losing luggage, missing a flight, or an unplanned trip to the doctor with a serious case of Bali belly.

Another perk of traveling local is that you automatically save on flights and general travel expenses. You don’t need to cough up some extra cash for a visa, car rental, or international round-trip flights. This means extra cash in your pocket that you can save for more local travels!

Lastly, there’s no fluctuating exchange rate and no strategic trips to the bank. Is your local currency not doing so great compared to the Euro? Or the Riyal? Worry not, because that’s no longer your concern for this trip. Just grab your wallet, withdraw some cash, and you’re good to go.

#2 – You’re Supporting Your Local Economy

Tourism is an essential industry in every economy. From the local food and craft markets to the little coffee shop downtown, everybody benefits from having a few extra people in town.

Every time you grab a morning coffee, fill up at the local gas station, or buy some fruit from a street vendor, you’re supporting the local economy. This means you’re helping a fellow citizen pay their rent, continue their music lessons, or support their family.

#3 – You’ll Gain A New Perspective of ‘Home’

It’s said that travel gives a new perspective. A worldly perspective, even. But exactly how worldly could that perspective be if we don’t even know our own backyard?

Our home country is often so close and familiar that you never really feel the need to see everything for yourself. When you travel local, you get to discover and rediscover places that perhaps didn’t appeal to you before.

Sometimes we feel limited to the one or two things our country is known for. If you’re in the Philippines, you already know that the beaches are dreamy. If you’re in Dubai, you’re probably looking for something other than the desert.

We tend to dream about new and faraway places. But nothing beats feeling like you’re in a foreign place without having to leave home.

#4 – No Jet Lag!

If you’re still not convinced that local traveling is for you, consider this – you won’t have to deal with any jet lag on this trip. No loss of appetite, no messy sleep schedule, and no cranky tantrums at the airport during an 11-hour layover. Nada.

Oh, and no 11-hour layovers either!

#5 – You’re Already Familiar With The Context

You have at least a basic understanding of the local customs, history, politics, and socio-economic conditions. You are, therefore, less likely to do or say the wrong thing out of ignorance.

Unless perhaps, like South Africa, your country has 11 official languages, communication won’t be a problem either. You likely won’t have to learn dozens of basic phrases in different languages just to get by.

You know what all the big, beautiful attractions are. You already have an idea of where you’d like to go, what you’d like to see, and which routes to take or avoid. Planning an itinerary has never been easier!

If you end up missing a few attractions due to bad weather, lack of time, or a faulty alarm clock, it’s no big deal. You can generally come back another time.

#6 – Newfound Appreciation For Your Nation

You know what your country is best known for, but probably haven’t yet explored it all for yourself. It’s nothing short of magical to be able to experience it first-hand.

Traveling locally is one way of actively appreciating the rich culture, history, and heritage of your home country. We often overlook it because we’re too busy looking elsewhere. But if others can see and experience its beauty, you should give yourself the opportunity too.

#7 – Why Not!

You have all these fantastic reasons to travel locally already – what more do you need?


There’s one positive aspect of being confined within our own borders: the opportunity to open our eyes to our immediate surroundings.

No place is perfect, but exploring helps uncover all the wonders and adventures in between. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that you’ll know more about your country than before, too.

Your country may be best known for its breathtaking natural landscapes. Perhaps it boasts a rich culture and some exciting culinary experiences. Others may praise its ancient architecture or sunny beaches, or all of the above.

Either way, give it all a chance – you may end up surprising yourself.

Last updated on October 13th, 2023 at 02:52 pm

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