Fun Things To Do in Bali For FREE

Most people think Bali is an expensive destination. While it’s definitely pricier than other destinations in Indonesia, the best things about this beautiful island is that most of the fun things to do in Bali are free! My experiences have shown me that it really isn’t as expensive as many people think, and you can definitely see the best of Bali on a budget.

You can find accommodation for decent prices (check out some cool Airbnb options here) even if you’re planning on staying long term and renting a villa here could not be easier. Food is amazing and affordable and there seems to be endless things to do, new cafes to check out and sunsets to watch everyday of the week!

I’ve put together a list of some fun things to do in Bali for free that every one should add to their Bali bucket list! Have any other suggestions? Leave a comment!

Fun Things To Do in Bali For Free

Become a professional beach bum

While Bali is most famous for its big waves, it is also known for its spectacular beaches! Whether you want to lay on that towel of yours all day reading a book, sit on a bean bag while enjoying a fresh coconut, spend your day sunbathing and watching surfers carve waves – there are some stunning beaches in Bali to choose from.

If you think being under the sun is a bit too boring for your hyperactive mind, you can always go for a walk or for a run on one of the long beaches! Plus, with so many beaches to pick from, you’ll never tire of the views!

Here’s a quick list of the best beaches found in Bali: Seminyak Beach, Balangan Beach, Echo Beach, White Sand Beach, Jimbaran Bay, Padang Padang Beach, Suluban Beach, Karma Beach, Nusa Dua Beach and Legian Beach. 

Remember to pack these things for Bali before becoming a professional beach bum!

Enjoy the sunsets 

Chasing sunsets has quickly become one of my favourite hobbies. For some reason, Bali seems to win in terms of sunsets. Most sunsets, even the cloudy ones, are absolutely fantastic! Whether you prefer to sit on the beach, grab a drink or simply watch it next to a temple, there are many great sunset alternatives!

If you want to up your sunset game you could also try Kelan Beach, which is located next to the International airport. Imagine capturing a sunset and a plane! Other great sunsets can be captured anywhere along the beach in Seminyak.

Hike a volcano 

Indonesia is known for its breathtaking volcanoes. Lately we’ve heard a lot about Mount Agung in the news. Many people are coming to Indonesia for hiking purposes and you can find hikes for everyone around the country.

In Bali there are a few options. The easiest one would be Mount Batur and the hardest one would be located in Lombok; Rinjani. Mount Agung used to be a great hike but with the current situation, it wouldn’t be a smart idea!

Discover the best waterfalls in Bali

There are many outstanding waterfalls in Bali! You can find many of them around Ubud and the views will be worth it as long as you aren’t there during the wet season (which could be a bit disappointing to be honest!).

The most popular ones would be Tegenungan, Kanto Lampo, Tukad Cepung and GitGit waterfalls.

Walk across rice terraces

Bali is also impressive in terms of rice fields! While you travel in Southeast Asia rice terraces are obviously part of the landscape! You can find them pretty much everywhere in Bali. The most impressive ones would definitely be Jatiluwih, Tegalalang and Munduk rice terraces. Definitely one of the most unique things to do in Bali – and perfect for taking cool photographs or drone videos!

While in Ubud, there are also lots of beautiful temples to visit such as the stunning Tirta Empul Temple where you can do a bathing ritual – many temples are free while others require small donations to wear the special clothes they give you.

Join the sea turtle project in Kuta

You could be part of the Sea Turtle Project that happens to be in Kuta. If Kuta is known for its touristy vibes this must be the nicest thing to do around! You can follow their Facebook page to be in the known of the next turtle hatching and you could do your bit to help save the sea turtle eggs.

Get wet at the water blow in Nusa Dua

Imagine the Indian Ocean crashing against the limestone cliffs, and there you are! The lookout found in this area is absolutely gorgeous as long as you don’t mind the splashes and sprays!  With this kind of natural wonder you won’t be disappointed by the views!

Make it to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan

Known for their epic views, for their natural beauty and chill vibes, Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan must be on your Bali itinerary! If you’re into cliff jumping, snorkeling and hiking you should visit these islands located on the South East Coast of Bali. It will cost you to get here, of course, but once here, most of the best fun things to do in Bali are free!

Credit: Flickr

Credit: Flickr

Go on a motorbike trip

Renting a motorbike daily, monthly or weekly is pretty affordable in Bali. With daily rates starting at IDR 50,000 you could go on a motorbike adventure across Bali. With wonderful natural spots around the island that can be discovered for free, you simply need to hop on that scooter and get lost!

Go for a swim or learn how to surf

With so many beaches around you will likely want to jump into the water! If you’re heading to Bali with one idea in mind; surfing, you’re going to be pleased in Bali! You can rent a surfboard for quite cheap or ask your surfer friend to lend one to you! Surfing and being around the beaches in Bali is part of the daily routine for many travelers and it doesn’t have to destroy your budget! Surfing (or simply watching the surfers_ is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Bali for free!

In the end Bali is the perfect spot for a relaxing holiday, to soak into the chill vibes and a cozy atmosphere. A day by the sea is always a great budget alternative and you won’t have to spend a fortune to make the most of what Bali is all about; great vibes, happiness and waves!

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