Weather In Bali In December: Surviving The Rainy Season In Bali

The so called ‘real’ start to the Indonesian raining season, school holidays and the end of the busy work year – this month is nothing short of exciting. While the weather in Bali in December can indeed be very humid and very wet, it’s also a very fun time to visit this tropical paradise.

Actually, the excitement can be felt, smelt and tasted all around you. From buzzing festivities to chilled out local lunches, the vibe is contagious and everyone’s got the same mission as you: to make some cool memories while ending off the year properly. If you’re heading to Bali and have no idea what to expect, then read my post for first timers in Bali or alternatively check out these incredible Bali retreats which could be a gentle introduction to Bali.

December is primarily a wet month in Bali, especially if it hasn’t rained all that much in November. However, forget the rain! Tourists still flock to the beautiful island around this time of the year for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Be sure to check out some of the better party hotels and hostels if you’re planning a trip around this time.

Wondering what you can expect from the weather in Bali in December? Well, then sit back and scroll on. I’ve tried to answer every question you may have about the weather to help you decide whether or not it’s the best time to travel to Bali…

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Weather in Bali in December

Weather in Bali in December

VIDEO:  Bali rainy season!

Bali’s Tropical Monsoon Climate

Bali, along the whole Indonesian archipelago, only experience very slight temperature changes from season to season because of the warm ocean currents that maintain the heat on land. This means no matter what time of year you arrive, you’re guaranteed warm and humid weather and don’t have to stress too much about what to pack.

Flowers in Bali

Bali’s tropical monsoon climate is due to the location of this beautiful island – lying just South of the equator! Although temperatures don’t vary drastically, there are still two distinct seasons: the dry season, from May to September and the rainy season, from October to April. It can a little chilly at night time during rainy season – or if you get soaking wet while riding your scooter.

That would obviously put December slap bang in the middle of the raining season. Disaster?? Most definitely not!

Bali Weather in December

Bali is actually one of the best islands to visit if you are travelling in the rainy season; it experiences far less weather-related travel disruptions and flooding than many other islands. The actual words ‘rainy-season’ also scare away some of the crowds too, however, December remains quite busy. It also means the beautiful beaches like Suluban in Uluwatu are much less busy!

Even during the rainy season, enjoying sunshine on a daily basis is not uncommon at all. The rainy season in Bali DOES NOT MEAN rain all day every day. Having just spend two winters in Bali, it was my experience that it was sunny almost every day up until about 2pm, then like clockwork the heavens would open up and it would rain all afternoon up until 6 or 7pm, sometimes later.

The rain almost always starts and ends at the same time every day, so you could easily plan your work and sightseeing based on that.

It’s also good to remember that you can GET LUCKY! For example last year it only rained heavily for. a few days in December and we had a blissfully sunny Christmas and New Year!

Here’s what you can expect from the Bali weather in December:


Quick fun fact: The lowest ever recorded temperature in Bali is 18.5°C, while the highest is 42°C!

The average Bali temperature, December is around 27°C, with an average high of 30°C, and an average low of 23°C. This is actually a great month to enjoy the sea when the sun’s out, with an ocean temperature of about 27°C! That’s really warm – with temperatures like that, good luck getting out because of the rain anyway.

Ocean in Bali

Humidity is extremely high for the month of December, being so close to the month of January, which has the highest humidity in Bali. You can expect an average levels of around 75% humidity around this time of the year. This can get slightly uncomfortable sometimes – lightweight clothes are a must!


Now for the section you’ve been waiting for – will it rain the whole time you’re holidaying in Bali this December?

Well, to be honest (and safe), it will rain most days yes… BUT not everyday. Usually December brings about rain during the late afternoons. It’s more common for the rain to only last about an hour (maybe two) or less. If you’re spending time in Ubud, chances are that it will rain more often, and for longer, than in the south of Bali.

The average amount of rainfall for the month of December is around 100 mm, occurring over the span of 22 days. This is 20 mm more than in November. That being said, the rain can pour at any time during the rainy season. How much it rains each month will depend on whether a lot of rain has already come in the months before.

Wet season is actually some travelers favourite time of the year in Bali because it’s hot and more humid than the dry season. The crazy rain is exciting and usually a welcomed break on a hot day.

Wet season has never stopped us from getting out and doing stuff. Infact, one of my favourite things to do is just sitting somewhere on a beach, in a cafe, and watching the warm rain bucket down. So don’t let the wet season stop you from booking a trip to Bali in December!


While April and November are characterised as having very little wind for the year, in December the wind does pick up a bit. You can expect south-easterly winds, as they are the most prominent. Check the Bali wind statistics here closer to your trip so you can get the best idea of what the wind will be doing during your stay.

Daylight Hours

With the increased rain that Bali gets during December, it means that there is less sunshine. The average daily sunshine in December is only seven hours, but with a great itinerary and schedule in place – 7 hours is more that enough time! Plus, it’s the month of fun in Bali and the best festivities will be happening after sundown anyway.

December Bali packing list

Okay, so here’s a quick list of necessities to pack for your rainy season trip to Bali:

  1. An umbrella
  2. A lightweight raincoat
  3. Breathable clothing (high humidity, remember)
  4. Walking shoes for exploring the waterfalls
  5. Sunblock, hat, sunglasses
  6. Torch/Flashlight for unexpected power outages
  7. Plastic bags or cases for waterproofing electronics and valuables

Is This The Best Time To Visit Bali?

Because of Christmas holidays and New Years, Bali is buzzing at this time of the year, especially in Kuta. The Australians, in particular, love this time of the year.

Fields in Bali

Famous DJs entertain the crowds for New Years Eve parties. Hotels and restaurants offer all kinds of spoils and surprises too. In my opinion, December may not be the best time to go to Bali, but it is still a really great time of the year to visit Bali because of all the things that are happening around the end of the year.

Oh, and go rafting! That’s probably the coolest thing you can do in Bali in December! (if you aren’t a surfer, of course).

Excitement is everywhere and it’s the month where people from all over the world gather to enjoy great local food, warm waters, amazing natural wonders and to welcome in the new year with great parties.

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