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Capurgana Colombia Travel Guide – South America’s Hidden Gem

Capurgana Colombia, is a gorgeous destination in the Darien Gap of Colombia and one of the most beautiful places to visit in Colombia. The boat is the typical ...

Visiting Spectacular Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida – FAMOUS T-Rex Bay

The spectacular Kelinking Beach Nusa Penida, otherwise known as the “T-Rex Bay” or “T-Rex cliffs” is one of the most iconic viewpoints on the island and one of ...

Kaieteur Falls Guyana: World’s Largest Single Drop Waterfall

Kaieteur Falls Guyana In a country that is 87% covered in forest , it should come as no surprise that getting around isn’t the easiest. If you want to ...

5 things NOT to do in Portugal

This is the second guest post of 2015, written by my great friend Gil. Gil is originally from Portugal, but now lives in the ‘metropolis’ of Cork, in the ...

Myanmar Itinerary To Help Plan Your Trip

Myanmar is one of those places which is not yet touched by mass tourism. For those who want to experience an authentic culture and explore off the beaten ...

Top Places To Visit in Washington State For Beer Lovers

Best Places To Visit In Washington State For Beer Lovers Washington State is best known for its abundance of natural beauty and bevvy of outdoor activities ...

Best National Parks in South Africa: More Than A Safari Destination

Experience the unparalleled natural beauty and diversity of South Africa at any one of the 21 National Parks that span collectively over more than 3% of ...

Top 6 Craziest Festivals in Spain

Spain…land of 10pm dinners, siestas and a never ending flow of delicious sangria. I hardly need another reason to tempt you, but in case you are still not ...

Lake Constance – Why You Need To Visit This Fairytale Lake

What could possibly be better than exploring a lake that acts as a border to not one, not two but THREE European countries?? Exploring beautiful Lake ...

Visiting The Terrifying Hanoi Train Street

There’s a residential street in Hanoi, Vietnam that a speeding train passes straight through twice a day. The street is so narrow that all residents must ...

Take 20: Unique Things To Do In Dublin For Free

Dublin gets a lot of stick for being one of the most expensive cities in Europe, if not the world. Transport, admission fees, pints and food (here’s a great ...

Unique Things to Do in South Africa | 50 Experiences and Places

South Africa is the greatest country on earth. There, I said it. Seriously, if South Africa were a man, I would probably stop all my endless travels and ...

Offbeat Places To Visit in Bhutan : A Buddhist Kingdom In The Himalayas

It is simply impossible to cover the attractions that Bhutan holds for you. And even if you have made several trips to this mystical landlocked country, ...

Why Antarctica Is The ONLY Place On My Bucket List

Most seasoned travellers have a dreamy bucket list , a never ending list of incredible destinations they’re keen to visit. After being on the road for such ...

#Cork2CapeTown- How Are We Getting To Egypt?!

How are we getting to Egypt?! It’s been over a month since my first proper update about our Cork to Cape town adventure. Since then we have been to a crazy ...

Italy in Winter | Magical Destinations for Your Fondest Memories

Home to pasta, pizzas, espresso, tiramisu, and cannolis, Italy is one of Europe’s most sought-after travel destinations. But there’s more to this Bel ...

Best Things To Do in Perm Russia: Trans-Siberian Travel Series

Perm, Russia, is a real undiscovered treasure. While most tourists will flock to the larger and more famous cities in Russia, there so much more to be seen ...

Why The Festivals and Food in Stuttgart Are Worth The Visit Alone

Stuttgart is a multicultural hub in the south of Germany and with around 180 nationalities living in this vibrant city, there is no shortage of cultural ...

Travel Tips For Germany – Do’s and Don’ts When Visiting

  You might think that Germany is all about super serious people, beer and extra-long sausages, but there’s so much more to offer to tourists, ...

Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise – A Quiet Version of Ha Long Bay

We were on our plane, flying back home from Thailand. We were still daydreaming about all the amazing places that we had seen, all the kind people, the ...

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