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Ancient Italy: Comparing The Historic Sites Of Pompeii And Paestum

The south of Italy is not only famous for it’s hospitality, the beauty of its landscape and the fabulous food (make sure to try some buffalo Mozzarella, ...

San Francisco’s Music History: Visiting The City’s Famous Music Sites

  The Bay Area is rich in musical culture and history. If you’re traveling to Northern California with a group, a music-themed tour of San Francisco ...

10 Reasons To Love Koh Lanta, Thailand

Before coming to Koh Lanta last week, I really did’t know a whole lot about the island. I heard is was a lot quieter than the likes of Koh Phangan and Koh ...

Food in Bologna: 15 Foodie Experiences You Must Try

Before travelling to Bologna to take part in this years #blogville, I really didn’t know that much about the city. Everyone always talks about Milan, ...

2 Week Philippines Itinerary: Backpacking Philippines In Style

The Philippines is usually excluded from the standard South-East Asian tour covering Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. It doesn’t seem to be as ...

24 Hours in Milan, Italy : Top Sites, Food and A Touch of Nightlife

One might argue that it’s impossible to see a city in a day, and they would probably be right. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I was able ...

Sado Island Japan Travel Guide – Temples, Sake and Spectacular Landscapes

Sado Island is the largest island off the coast of Japan, not including the 4 major islands that make up this diverse travel destination. Easily accessible ...

The Only Cebu Itinerary Needed For Your Philippines Travels

The Philippines; A tropical paradise, awaking images of pristine beaches, coconut palms, deep blue sky, pure sea water and an exotic vacation. But this ...

17 Unique Reasons To Visit San Marino – Europe’s Least Visited Country!

Before travelling to San Marino this week, I’m not even sure I knew it was a country! While I only spent about 24 hours in this stunning micro state ...

Glengarriff, Ireland | Things to Do, Garnish Island & Hotel Review

“If it’s good enough for Pippa Middleton, it’s good enough for me,” my mum joked when I let her know I was whisking her away on a midweek break to ...

Top Sydney Parramatta Attractions and Day Trips

Sydney Parramatta has plenty of exciting locations you can visit and experience with your family and mates – from historical attractions to stadiums, ...

3 Day Osaka Itinerary: Where To Eat, Sleep and Play in Osaka

  Japan, the birthplace of sushi and a country synonymous with both technology, postcard perfect UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and dotted seasonally ...

Visiting Treviso – Venice’s Quiet Prosecco-Loving Neighbour

Walking to work on my first full day in Treviso, I saw a distinguished-looking gentleman wearing a cloak.  It wasn’t carnival time. He wasn’t also wearing ...

Tourist Attractions in Taichung City – Must Visit Places In Taiwan’s Second City

Taichung is the second largest city in Taiwan and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It’s easy to see why. Taichung has ...

Monemvasia: The Last of Greece’s Secrets

The words ‘secret’ and ‘Greece’ don’t normally fit together. According to the World Bank, almost 18 million international tourists visited the country ...

Kalsoy Island Lighthouse Trek – A True Faroe Islands Gem

Kalsoy Island is by far one off the most beautiful places to visit in the Faroe Islands. The famous Kallur Lighthouse, located on the northern tip of the ...

Unique Things To Do in Galle Old Town // UNESCO World Heritage Site

Whether you’re in Sri Lanka for a few days or a few weeks, adding the UNESCO World Heritage City of Galle to your itinerary is a must. Full of ...

Best Time To Visit Aruba –Sunshine, Nightlife and Surfing

Travelling to Aruba last year was one of my favourite experiences of 2024. Most people who travel to Aruba go back time and time again, with many becoming ...

Fairytale France: Towns In Provence You Need To Visit

All I could think about was lavender fields. Field upon field of purple flowers, a photographers dream. When I got an invite to travel to Provence during ...

Visiting Ramboda Falls Outside Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

Don’t you love it when you stumble across a total hidden gem when on your travels? Today, en route from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya (part of our adventurous Sri ...

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