Best Time to Visit Paris, France: A Glance Through the Seasons

Best Time to Visit Paris, France: A Glance Through the Seasons

Can a city have a personality? Some people definitely think so. Whether it’s how the city makes you feel or varying elements that make it unique. Choosing the best time to visit Paris shows you specific characteristics that make this city unparalleled.

With an average of 30 million tourists visiting the city every year. We started wondering; why do we love Paris?

It has always been a beloved travel destination. There are bridges, rivers, architecture, food, fashion, romance, history, and culture. Simply looking at pictures of this city can have you imagining a new love affair.

Paris will charm you, whether it’s the Eiffel Tower-sized Christmas tree in December, or a chance to cruise down the Seine River in June. There’s a ton of adventure that awaits. By now you may be wondering when is the best time of year to go to Paris?

Read on below to figure out what suits you best. Taking into consideration the kind of weather you may prefer and the activities you’d like to do. The best time of year to visit France is always, but the best time to visit Paris is up to you.


Paris in Seasons

Paris is booming during the summer months. Many people adore heading off to this city in an attempt to catch the sunshine. The height of Summer is between July and September. Temperatures can reach anywhere from 13°C to 25°C (55°F or 77°F). So, don’t forget your sunnies. This may be the best time to visit Paris if you love adventure!

Paris tends to slow down a little during the autumn season. It’s still a great time to get fresh air by walking along the Seines River. As long as you have a light jacket and are prepared for a little bit of rain.

Winter is not for everybody. Winter in Paris, however, is one for the books. Light snow draped across the buildings and roads, makes for a great vacation. Especially if you’re looking for a Christmas getaway.


The City of Lights will have you enthralled with the wonders of the cityscape, where you can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on your balcony while marveling at the lights that prevail across the dark winter skies.

Spring is an absolute treat for those looking to warm off after the winter blues. Temperatures fall between 10°C to 12°C (50°F to 53°F). You can expect chilly nights and light rain showers.

What are the Best Months to Visit Paris?

Regardless of your favorite season, Paris is a trove of treasures just waiting to be opened.  We’ve checked out the best months to visit Paris for all Parisian enthusiasts. Most of which are heavy contenders for a family vacation or a romantic honeymoon. Have a look below and decide on the best time to go to Paris.

Visiting Paris in March

For cold-loving individuals, May seems to be optimal. The city starts heating up but the last bit of winter slowly eases you into warmer months. You’re probably going to experience temperatures of 7°C (44°F) with rainfall, cloud cover, and light winds.

It seems a bit gloomy to the sunshine superstar but fret not. You’re welcome to keep safe and warm with a barrage of festivals, exhibits, and shows.

Paris Weather in May

May will bring you a little bit of wonder. Weather in Paris in May can be as cold as 12°C or 15°C (53°F or 59°F). You’ll have to be prepared for chilly mornings and colder nights.

However, the daytime temperatures give you a sneak peek as to what’s to come in the summer months. You can fill your days by bumbling through botanical gardens, or with a walking tour around Paris after nightfall.


Weather in Paris in August

It’s worth noting that traditionally, local Parisians use the month of August for their own vacations. The city will still be buzzing but mostly filled with tourists from around the world.

Take caution when making decisions on what to do and what to see. As some establishments will probably take the month off as well.

Although, these traditions seem to be dwindling. You’ll still find locals wandering around and being tourists in their own city.

With regards to the weather in Paris, August is the hottest month to date and you’ll be pampered with rays of sunshine on most days. You’ll be delighted to find temperatures of around 25°C. Bear in mind, it can get quite humid.

September in Paris

For the younger travelers, September signals the start of a new school year. It is also the beginning of Autumn in Paris. The whole family can expect thrills of joy while exploring Disneyland.

Many tourists will have already left Paris by this time, so there is no concern regarding too many crowds. The main trouble is how quickly you’ll need to get your tickets and how to start planning your fun guide to Disneyland.

You can expect a bit of wind and temperatures of about 29°C to 15°C. Make sure to arrive in earlier weeks as the end of September will grant you colder days with an introduction to Winter.

Is Paris in October

The wind, rain, and cold definitely do kick it up a notch after September. From October, you’re headed straight for Winter in Paris. Double-check that you’ve got a warm jacket.

If you get left out in the cold, you can find your way to Palais Garnier, where the opera and ballet await.


Closing Words on When to Visit Paris

In any event, Paris caters to your every need. Whether you love fashion, food, or the arts –  there’s something for you to do at any time of the year. Rest assured you’ll never want to leave this beautiful city.

Each month will show you a different side of Paris. Her personality permeates through all seasons. There is no point in waiting for the “perfect” time. Why not make the trip as soon as possible?















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