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Italy’s Veneto region capital, Venice, is one of the most visited places in Europe. Set across 100 small islands, Venice is an enchanting and powerful city. Once you’re there, it’s not hard to see why. Filled with Renaissance and Gothic-style buildings, the Venetians are known for their impressive palaces, churches, and squares.

One of these palaces is the iconic Doge’s Palace near St. Mark’s Square. If you’re looking for unique things to do in Venice, a tour of Doge’s Palace should undoubtedly be on your list. Stick around to find out why.


  • Marvel at the grandeur of Doge’s Palace.
  • Gain fantastic insight into Venice’s wonderful history.
  • Take a walk over the iconic Bridge of Sighs.

Know before you book:

  • Not all tours are accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off are not included.
  • Shorts, short skirts, dresses, and sleeveless shirts are not permitted on tours visiting St. Mark’s Basilica.

Doges Palace at Sunset

From the 12th to the 16th century, the Venetian Republic was one of the most dominant empires in the world, with a mighty military and leader in trade. Throughout the city, there are reminders of the Venetian Empire, but there’s probably no place more evident than the Doge’s Palace.

Built in 1340, the Palace’s complex comprises of stunning courtyards, the Doge’s Apartments, the iconic Bridge of Sighs, and the Old and New Prisons. On the outside, the Byzantine and Gothic architectural styles will immediately catch your eye.

Once you step inside, you’ll be transported into a magical world filled with gorgeous paintings encased in gold frames, marble, and mosaics that are just out of this world. If you’re a history buff, this is the perfect place to get great insight into Venice’s colorful history.

Even if you aren’t a history enthusiast, there’s something to enjoy for everyone, including its gorgeous artwork and intricate architecture. These skip-the-line Doge’s Palace tours are a great way to fast-track your way into this iconic attraction, so here’s what you can look forward to.

Doge’s Palace Skip-the-Line Tours 2024 Prices

The cost of skip-the-line Doge’s Palace ticket or tour starts at about €30 ($32) and can go up to €85 ($82) depending on the duration, type of tour, and the additional activities included as part of the tour.

Compare prices across the ticket providers below:

Skip-the-Line Doge’s Palace Tours Times

Doge’s Palace, Venice, opens at 9 am daily and closes at 6 pm. Over the weekend, the palace is open from 9 am to 9 pm. Despite this, most tours only run from 10 am to 5 pm, even over the weekend.

Monday – Thursday: 9 am–6 pm

Friday – Sunday: 9 am–9 pm

Best Time to Go On a Doge’s Palace Tour

Venice is one of the most popular destinations in the world, and the city is often overcrowded in peak tourist season. Therefore, picking the best time to visit Venice is crucial.

The ideal time to visit is between April and June, just before the city sees the tons of summer visitors. As we’ve mentioned before, Doge’s Palace is a top-rated attraction, so even if you are visiting Venice in the off-season, it’s best to start your tour early.

Things to Look Forward to on a Skip-the-Line Doge’s Palace Tours

The star of the show is definitely the Chamber of the Grand Council. This incredible room houses the immaculate artworks of artists of the time, like Titan encased in gold frames. Other attractions include the Doge’s Apartments, Golden Staircase, and Institutional Chambers.

Some tours include visits to the iconic St. Mark’s Basilica and Clock Tower, while others include visits to the Correr Museum, so be sure to keep this in mind when booking.

Doge’s Palace Skip-the-Line Tours & Tickets

There are various options available in terms of ticket prices and tours. Here are some of our top picks for you.

Venice Doge’s Palace & St Mark’s Basilica Skip-the-Line Tour

Interior of Doges Palace

This Doge’s Palace tour combines the best of the best with a guided walking tour of the Palace, St. Mark’s Square and iconic St. Mark’s Basilica. Plus, the skip-the-line entry means you can get to the marvel at all the Palace offers faster than other visitors.

What we liked: Great tour to see the best of Venice’s most iconic attractions.

  • Fast track entry to Doge’s Palace
  • Entrance to St. Mark Basilica with access to the terrace and museum.

  • Hotel pickup and dropoff
  • Gratuities
  • Snacks and drinks

You’ll set off on this exciting activity with a guided walking tour of St. Mark’s Basilica and St. Mark’s Square. One of the highlights of this tour is that you’ll get to make your way up to the terrace of St. Mark’s Basilica and admire the incredible view of the square and Palace.

From there, you’ll fast-track your way into the dazzling Doge’s Palace. Once inside, get ready to dive into the rich Venetian history, and see where the Doge’s (or Dukes) of this floating city held power and controlled the Republic for just over 1000 years.

Your trusty guide will highlight some of the palace’s awe-inspiring painted masterpieces, including portraits of the various Doge and the work of artists such as Tintoretto, Titian, and Veronese in the Chamber of the Grand Council.

The Byzantine architectural features, opulent gold mosaics, and marble floors also add to the allure of the palace, and you’ll easily get to see the empire’s power in these little details.

You’ll also get to explore the many mysterious rooms and end the day by visiting the Bridge of Sighs and New Prison, which famously held Italian adventurer Casanova.

Check Price & Book


Venice: Doge’s Palace Skip-the-Line Ticket With Guidebook

Opulent Room in Doges Palace

Group tours are not for everyone, and that’s okay. If you’re keen to explore this wonderful attraction by yourself, this might be the tour for you. Plus, exploring Doge’s Palace independently doesn’t mean you have to wait in long lines like everyone else.

The wonderful thing about this tour is that it comes with a skip-the-line fast-track entry ticket to help you explore on your own quicker.

What we liked: Great tour if you want to explore Doge’s Palace on your own.

  • Doge’s Palace skip-the-line entry ticket
  • Ticket to the Museo Correr
  • Guidebook of Doge’s Palace, St. Mark’s Basilica, and St. Mark’s Square

  • Hotel pickup & dropoff
  • Snacks & drinks (unless added)
  • Multi entry

The beauty of this tour is that you can start the adventure wherever and whenever you want. However, a good place to begin would be in Doge’s Palace, where you can wander around the never-ending corridors and momentarily relive stepping in the shoes of the ancient Venetian officials.

Your ticket also includes entry to the Museo Correr, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, and the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, where you can delve into other aspects of Venice’s history. The Museo Correr has some of the best collections of Venetian art worldwide, so be sure to stop there.

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Skip-the-Line: Doge’s Palace Guided Tour in Venice

Chamber of the Grand Council

This two-hour guided tour is an epic way to explore one of Italy’s most iconic landmarks. Led by a knowledgeable local guide, this small group tour features no more than 12 people at a time, which is great if you’re not a big fan of large groups.

What we liked: Because this is a small group tour, it allows for a more intimate experience where you have the opportunity to ask your guide more in-depth questions.

  • Skip the line entry ticket to Doge’s Palace
  • Complimentary ticket to the Correr Museum

  • Hotel pickup & dropoff
  • Snacks & drinks

You’ll kickstart your tour by meeting your local guide in the awe-inspiring St. Mark’s Square, where you’ll learn about the history of your surroundings. Some highlights your guide will point out include the gorgeous St. Mark’s Clock Tower and Marble Lions.

From there, you’ll head over to the Doge’s Palace, where you’ll see all the glory of the Venetian Republic, which operated from this spectacular building. Once inside, take in the splendor of the palace’s architecture, ornate designs, and sheer opulence.

After exploring the palace, make your way to the Old and New Prison by crossing the Bridge of Sighs just a short distance from the palace. On this particular part of the tour, you’ll learn more about the story of the infamous (or famous) Giacomo Casanova and his life in Venice.

At the end of the tour, you’ll visit the Correr Museum, where you can see a rather impressive display of Venetian art collections and exhibitions.

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Venice: Doge’s Palace Guided Tour With Skip-The-Line Tickets

Outside of Doges Palace

Usually you’d need a few hours to properly explore Doge’s Palace. Unfortunately, that might not always be possible. So this tour is perfect because it’s only one hour and comes with an audio guidebook and and skip-the-line ticket!

What we liked: It’s a short tour that you can do on your own.

  • Doge’s Palace skip the line entry ticket
  • Audio guide available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish
  • Free headset

  • Hotel pickup & dropoff
  • Snacks & drinks

Just because this is a short tour, doesn’t mean that it isn’t comprehensive. The audio guide is fantastic because it takes you to the main attractions within Doge’s Palace. Some include the Chamber of the Grand Council, which features incredible artwork from Tintoretto and Veronese.

Keep an eye out for the distinct Byzantine and Oriental architectural elements that the audio guide will highlight. From there, you can explore the Golden Staircase and Bridge of Sighs.

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FAQs About Doge’s Palace

Got some questions that you need answered before choosing a skip-the-line Doge’s Palace tour? Let’s help you out.

Is It Worth Booking a Guided Doge’s Palace Tour?

In short, yes. Tours come with a skip-the-line ticket, which is very useful — especially during peak tourist season. Your guide will also point out unique features of the Palace that you might miss exploring on your own.

How Much Time Do You Need to Explore Doge’s Palace?

If you’re booking a guided tour, then you won’t need to worry about this too much as there is a set duration. If you’re only purchasing a skip-the-line ticket to explore by yourself, then two to three hours is sufficient time to explore Doge’s Palace properly.

Is It Easy to Get to Doge’s Palace?

Yes, it is. It’s located right next to St. Mark’s Basilica and St. Mark’s Square. You can take a Vaporetto (water bus) or water taxi to the square and just walk across to the Palace.

8.5Expert Score
A Doge’s Palace skip-the-line tour is a great way to see one of Venice’s most iconic attractions, and it is super convenient.
Value for Money
  • Fast track entry into Doge’s Palace
  • Short distance from St. Mark’s Square and St. Mark’s Basilica
  • Some tours combine visits to other attractions in the area
  • Knowledgeable guides
  • Most tours are the same
  • Not wheelchair friendly
  • Tours don’t include snacks and drinks

Specification: Skip-the-Line Doge’s Palace Tours | Tickets & Rates 2024


Not wheelchair accessible


1-3 Hours


Skip the line entry tickets


Meals, hotel pickup and dropoff

Suited for

Most travelers

Photos: Skip-the-Line Doge’s Palace Tours | Tickets & Rates 2024

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Skip-the-Line Doge’s Palace Tours | Tickets & Rates 2024
Skip-the-Line Doge’s Palace Tours | Tickets & Rates 2024
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