Skydiving Johannesburg, South Africa | Top Prices & Venues

Can you imagine yourself gliding through the air, seeing the world from a completely new perspective? We’re not talking about sitting on a plane or helicopter but rather the endless possibilities presented by skydiving in Johannesburg.

The City of Gold has a number of in-air activities. If you enjoy relaxed experiences, then a hot air balloon ride is the ideal tour for you. But if it’s an adrenaline rush you’re after, then skydiving in Johannesburg will quickly take the top spot on your Joburg bucket list.

But how much is skydiving in Johannesburg, and where do you go for the best experience? Keep reading to find out all the details of skydiving prices in Johannesburg and where to find this superhuman experience.

Top Tip: Heading down to the Mother City? Be sure to take a chance at skydiving in Cape Town.

people tandem skydiving

Skydiving Johannesburg Prices

To help you get the full picture, here are the general prices you can expect to pay for a Johannesburg skydiving experience.

PS: We do go into more detail about the expected prices for each venue, but this offers a really good rough guide:

Option Average Skydiving Price
Tandem From R2,080 ($110) per person
Experienced Fun Jump (Sport) From R380 ($20) per person per jump
Accelerated Freefall (AFF) From R3,300 ($175) per person
Static Line (Course + First Jump) From R1,700 ($90) per person
Static Line Thereafter From R550 ($29) per person per jump
Sport Skydiving From R380 ($20) per person per jump

The Types of Skydiving in Johannesburg on Offer

As you can tell by the pricing, there are a couple of different ways you can try out skydiving in South Africa. The different types vary depending on your skill level, but many of the companies and venues offer training if you hope to improve your skydiving skills.

people tandem skydiving

Tandem Skydiving in Johannesburg

Tandem skydiving is suitable for first-time skydivers without any previous experience. It is both the safest and quickest way for novices to skydive. Connected to an experienced instructor, you are in safe hands.

All tandem skydiving experiences include a briefing where you’ll learn:

  • how the skydiving gear functions,
  • how to exit the aircraft,
  • the correct body position when free-falling, and
  • how to operate the parachute.

This is the easiest and best way for first-time skydivers to experience the thrills of this epic activity. These jumps usually take place between 8,000 and 14,000 feet.

Accelerated Freefalling in Johannesburg

Accelerated Freefalling, or AFF for short, is the quickest and easiest way for you to be able to solo skydive. If you don’t want to do tandem skydiving, then this is a great place to start.

Most of the skydiving companies in Johannesburg offer AFF training, where you’ll begin with the initial course and the first jump. With each jump, you’re level increases, thus showing you’re a more experienced skydiver, and giving you the certification to start enjoying some experienced fun jumping.

experienced fun jumping

Experienced Fun Jumping in Johannesburg

In order to start doing solo fun jumps, you’ll need your A License, which you can get once you’ve completed 25 AFF jumps. After that, these fun jumps become the most affordable way to glide through the sky.

Sports Skydiving in Johannesburg

Much like fun jumps, sport skydiving is performed by those who have obtained, at the very minimum, their A License. These are generally performed during practices for competitions.

You also see a lot of sports skydiving involving water jumps and synchronized skydives with others. So it’s really an activity for the most experienced jumpers.

johannesburg skydiving club static line jumping

Static Line Skydiving in Johannesburg

What’s the difference between static line and AFF skydiving, you ask? Simply put, static line parachuting is another way of qualifying for the AFF course with one full day of training.

The difference? When the time comes to jump, your first solo parachute jump occurs at a minimum height of 3,500 feet and is deployed automatically. The static line attached to the aircraft releases the parachute, so there’s technically no freefall involved, but it is a great way to get accustomed to solo skydiving.

Best Skydiving Specials | Where to Skydive in Johannesburg

Now, you know all the prices and different ways to go skydiving, so it’s about time to dig into where you can make the first jump. We have identified the top five companies and venues across Johannesburg and beyond for you to take the leap.

PS: If you’re looking for some more activities to add to your South African itinerary, have a look at the other Joburg day tours and attractions on offer.

Skydive Parys

Skydiving Parys

Skydive Parys claims to be South Africa’s premier skydiving center and offers top experiences in Johannesburg. The highly trained instructors apply strict safety measures to protect you and uphold their exemplary safety record.

No matter your experience level, Skydive Parys has you covered. There are tandem jumps for first-timers, a skydiving school for those dreaming of flying solo, as well as fun jumps for experienced and qualified freefallers.

Skydive Parys owns the Apollo T (turbine) aircraft. This is the main aircraft used for skydives, and it’s equipped with fitted skydiver steps, cushioned floor mats, handles, and a flight door. While altitude is not a certainty, jumpers usually launch themselves out of the Apollo at ±10,000 feet above ground level.

An Atlas Angel aircraft is also used during exceptionally busy periods or when extra lift capacity is needed.

skydive parys fun jump

Skydive Parys Offers

  • Tandem Skydiving: A tandem skydiving trip with Skydive Parys is preceded by a short fifteen-minute briefing. This teaches you everything you will need to know for your first jump. From there, you’ll hit the skies, where your instructor will guide you through your first-ever freefall, lasting between five and seven minutes.
  • Accelerated Freefall Courses: Learn how to jump solo with their AFF courses. They’ll teach you everything you need to know during the course. This course includes time at the ground school, gear rental, a logbook, a spot in the aircraft, a packed parachute, and a 12-month membership with PASA.
  • Static Line Course: You will follow the same course and procedure as the AFF with a static line skydive instead of a freefall jump.
  • Fun Jumps: If you’ve already got your A License, you can always enjoy your fun jumps at a much lower price.

How to Get to Skydive Parys

It’s roughly an hour’s drive from Johannesburg’s center to Skydive Parys. Located at the Parys Airfield, once you take to the skies, you’ll have magical views of the Vaal River and Vredefort Dome.

Skydive Parys Prices

  • R2,500 ($132) – Tandem skydiving
  • R2,950 ($155) – Tandem skydiving with photos and videos
  • R3,250 ($171) – Tandem skydiving with an outside cameraman
  • R 3,400 ($180) – Deluxe tandem skydiving package
  • R3,300 ($174) – AFF Level 1, including 1 jump
  • R2,000 ($105) – Static line first jump course
  • R380 ($20) per jump – Sports Jump H&P (5,000 feet)

Johannesburg Skydiving Club

Johannesburg Skydiving Club

If you’ve already done a safari in Johannesburg and completed a city tour, you may want to get a new perspective of the city and its surroundings. Skydiving in Gauteng at the Johannesburg Skydiving Club will give you a fresh view of Joburg.

Besides building a skydiving community, the club is also a world-class skydiving center. Its skydiving facilities include an enclosed and grass-covered drop zone. Plus a fully equipped rigging room and packing hangar with lockers for your belongings.

There are also state-of-the-art instruction and debrief offices, secure parking, a braai area, and a swimming pool. There is accommodation in the form of campsites, wooden huts, or guesthouses, as well as shower facilities for those who want to stay on the property.

Skydiving Club Johannesburg Offers

  • Tandem Skydiving: All you need to do is rock up an hour before your jump with no prior experience needed. Your Tandem Master will do all the work for you, but they’ll still run you through the basic procedures.
  • Accelerated Freefall Course: As the fastest route to a solo skydive, this is the perfect way to hit the skies with independence. Classes take place every Saturday from 8 am.
  • Static Line Jumps: This is a slightly less intensive course than the AFF training, as you’ll complete it in just one day. You won’t be able to truly freefall, but it is a convenient way to experience your first-ever solo jump.
  • Sports Skydiving: Qualified and experienced skydivers may be interested in sports skydiving.

Johannesburg Skydiving Club after jump

How to Get to the Johannesburg Skydiving Club

Roughly an hour and 15 minutes out of Johannesburg, the Johannesburg Skydiving Club is in the lovely region of Carletonville. From the skies, you’ll be able to admire the city skyline, and as you descend lower and lower, the lush river paints a very pretty picture.

Johannesburg Skydiving Club Prices

  • R2,080 ($110) – Tandem skydive without video
  • R2,580 ($136) – Tandem skydive with Handycam Video
  • R3,020 ($160) – Tandem skydive with an external camera
  • R3,340 ($176) – Deluxe Tandem skydive with deluxe camera
  • R3,600 ($190) – AFF Level 1 – Course and the first jump
  • R2,400 ($126) – AFF Level 1 – Static line conversion
  • R1,700 ($90) – Static line course and first static line jump
  • R550 ($29) – Static line jumps after completing the course
  • From R380 ($20) per jump – Sports jumps

Skydive Tandem Johannesburg

Skydive Tandem Johannesburg

Skydive Tandem Johannesburg specializes in jumps with an instructor for people without any skydiving experience. With minimal training, you can freefall from 11,000 feet. Enjoy a beautiful view on the way up before doing the unthinkable and jumping out of an airplane.

With your instructor taking care of everything, you are free to soak up this thrilling experience. You will freefall for well over half a minute, traveling at up to 200 km/h, before the parachute is opened.

You can have the jump filmed by your instructor or by an additional jumper if you want to share your experience with your friends and family.

Skydive Tandem Johannesburg Offers

  • Tandem Jumps: As the name suggests, Skydive Tandem Johannesburg solely focuses on assisted jumps.

Skydive Tandem Johannesburg jumping from the plane

How to Get to Skydive Tandem Johannesburg

Located in Bedfordview, Skydive Tandem Johannesburg has its own private airstrip, just 15 minutes from the city center. You’ll be able to enjoy their large canteen and entertainment area before soaring through the sky right about the Joburg skyline.

Skydive Tandem Johannesburg Prices

The company offers different pricing for weekend and weekday jumps. Check out the pricing here:

Weekend Rates

  • R2,300 ($121) – Tandem skydive
  • + R450 ($24) – Instructor filmed video and photography
  • + R950 ($50) – Deluxe external video and photography package

Weekday Rates

  • R4,200 ($222) – Tandem skydiving, including video and photography package

Icarus Skydiving

Icarus Skydiving

Icarus Skydiving offers training, tandem jumps, and demonstrations. Owned and run by a 15-time South African Skydiving Champion, Manuel Cordeiro, the company is up to date with the latest gear and procedures.

Simply put, having a skydiving champion at the helm really makes you feel like you’re in safe hands, which you are. Although their pricing is slightly higher than some of the other options around, the attention to detail at Icarus Skydiving makes it all worth it.

Icarus Skydiving Offers

  • Ground School: You will be taken through eight of the 10 levels needed to experience your first solo freefall.
  • AFF Training Program: The course covers the same material as the Ground School in a much shorter space of time. It is a much more challenging course, though.
  • Static Line Training: This is a short course consisting of two classes and a day of practical testing, after which you’ll be able to experience your first static line solo jump.
  • Tandem Skydiving: If you don’t have the time to learn how to skydive, you can enjoy their tandem skydiving offers with highly experienced instructors.

Icarus Skydiving hanger

How to Get to Icarus Skydiving

Situated in Germiston at the Rand Airport, Icarus Skydiving is a mere 25 minutes away from Joburgs center. You can also visit the South African Airways Museum Society while in the area.

PS: From the jumping zone, you’ll have stunning views of Victoria Lake and the Reading Country Club.

Icarus Skydiving Prices

  • R3,700 ($195) – AFF first jump
  • R2,700 ($142) – AFF Jump 2 and 3 (each)
  • R1,850 ($98) – AFF Jump 4 to 7 (each)
  • R990 ($52) – 3x AFF consolidation jumps to graduate
  • R2,500 ($132) – Static line training
  • R2,850 ($150) – Tandem skydiving (Weekend rate)
  • R4,850 ($256) – Tandem skydiving (Weekday rate)
  • + R950 ($50) – Edited video footage of tandem skydive

Skydive Pretoria

Skydive Pretoria

About 75 minutes out of Johannesburg, Skydive Pretoria offers skydivers another option. As far as Pretoria excursions go, skydiving is a thrilling option, especially when done with Skydive Pretoria.

The company runs normal operations, as well as a specialized course in free-flying, wingsuiting, formation skydiving, canopy piloting, and freestyle. From tandem skydiving to experienced fun jumps, you can do it all at Skydive Pretoria.

Skydive Pretoria Offers

  • Tandem Skydiving: After getting a short run-through on how to operate your parachute, take to the skies with one of their talented instructors guiding the way.
  • AFF Training: If you’re looking to make skydiving a regular hobby, Skydive Pretoria’s AFF training is the way to go. Learn everything you need to know, from one-day weekend training to a full four-day weekday program.
  • Fun Jumps: If you’ve already got all the qualifications, you can always hit the skies with their quick and affordable fun jumps.

Skydive Pretoria gliding over water

How to Get to Skydive Pretoria

The skydiving takes place at the Wonderboom Airport in Onderstepoort, where Skydive Pretoria and the Pretoria Skydiving Club are located. This is around an hour’s drive from Joburg, but totally worth the trip.

PS: You’ll have magical views of the Bon Accord lake and family resort from the skies above.

Skydiving Pretoria Prices

  • R16,895 ($893) – Weekend AFF training, levels 1 to 10 (individual levels are also available at lower prices)
  • From R29,695 ($1,570) – Weekday AFF training level 1 to 10
  • R2,370 ($125) – Tandem skydive
  • R3,270 ($172) – Tandem skydive with media package
  • From R450 ($24) – Fun Jumps

group doing an accelerated freefall

FAQs About Skydiving in Johannesburg, South Africa

Before we send you on your way to some dizzying heights, here are some quick answers to popular questions.

How Much is Skydiving in South Africa?

Surprisingly, skydiving in Joburg is actually slightly cheaper than the average skydiving prices in South Africa. It’s not unlikely to find tandem jumps in areas like Cape Town and Durban costing up to R1,000 ($52) more than it does in Johannesburg.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Go Skydiving in South Africa?

Ideally, jumpers are no younger than 16 years old. While companies can do tandem skydiving with children as young as 12 years old, it is a very overwhelming experience, so it’s not recommended.

If you are hoping to get your A License, you will need to be over the age of 18.

What Are the Skydiving Hartbeespoort Prices Like?

If you’re near Hartbeespoort Dam and are looking to take to the skies, consider going with Altitude 4 Altitude. They offer a slightly different experience, with a focus on paragliding, where you can complete an eight to 14-day course for R18,500 ($978).

Final Thoughts on Skydiving in Johannesburg

The City of Gold has so much to offer. Johannesburg safari tours are what travelers are most drawn to. However, there is no better way to make a trip more memorable than taking a leap of faith out of a plane at 11,000 feet.

Skydiving should be at the top of every bucket list. The feeling of flying and living life so close to the edge is an experience you will never forget and one you will be begging to do again.

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