Lisbon to Obidos | Ways to Get There, Travel Time & More

If you’re looking to take a trip to Obidos from Lisbon, then you’ve come to the right place. The small town is located in the Leira District and has a quaint feel to it, one that one soon be forgotten. 

It makes a great day trip from Lisbon if you’re up for it, otherwise spending a couple of days is recommended! 

From Lisbon to Obidos – How to Get There

There are various ways to get to the picturesque town of one of  Portugal’s hidden gems, Obidos. While you might not need a two-week itinerary to discover this quaint town, a short visit here is an enriching escape from the larger cities.   

While each mode of transportation has its pros and cons, the roads leading to this old-fashioned and romantic district are well worth the drive. Take a look at some of the best ways you can get there, from a Portugal bus to a tremendous train trip.

Lisbon to Obidos by Car

The trip to Obidos from Lisbon by car is about 80-86 km, which will take approximately a little over an hour to get to your final destination. This is the best way to get to Obidos as it is quite hassle-free, and you do not have to rely on bus or train schedules.

The best road to travel on is the A8 road heading to Leiria and taking the junction 15 exit, which will have indicated signs to get to Obidos. As Portugal has many tolled roads, you should always have cash or a card handy to pay these entry fees. 

Each of the tolled roads has two lanes: Via Verde and another lane where you pay with your chosen payment method. The Via Verde lanes are for travelers with electric transponders in their vehicles, which you can rent if you’re driving a rental car.

Note: There are no cars allowed in the walled fortress of Obidos. You can park outside the town in various designated car parks to retrieve after your travels to return from Obidos to Lisbon.

Lisbon to Obidos By Bus

If you’re not much of a driver, Portugal buses are a great way to travel to Obidos while meeting some fellow travellers along the way. 

Various buses leave from Lisbon to Obidos, one of which is the Rodotejo bus company’s express service. Referred to as the Rapida Verde, this route has an abundance of departure times to choose from throughout the day.

However, this service has a significant decrease in scheduled departures on the weekends, so be sure to factor this in when planning your trip to Obidos by bus. 

As seats cannot be reserved in advance, you should book your ticket with your bus driver or at a Lisbon bus station before your actual departure time.

Lisbon to Obidos By Train 

Public transport is a great way to get to Obidos as it alleviates the stress of parking outside this town’s walls. While it might be a more time-consuming trip, around an hour and a half longer than by a Lisbon bus, a train ride will offer a glint of old-school elegance to your trip.

However, this train, which departs from Rossio Station and Santa Apolonia Station, only travels three times a day to Obidos. The train schedule can also be quite unreliable, so if you’re on a tightly packed itinerary, this might not be the best option for you. 

From Lisbon | Obidos Day Tours

It can be a struggle when deciding the perfect way to get to this Portugal getaway. This is why an organized day trip is the ultimate way to enjoy your vacation as a tourist should. 

Here are some of the top tours from Lisbon that I recommend taking a look at: 

Fátima, Óbidos and the Atlantic Coast Day Tour from Lisbon – This full-day tour offers a wide variation of attractions to see and experience in Portugal. The drive to Obidos includes live commentary of the interesting intricacies of this sleepy town.

From Lisbon: Fátima, Batalha, Alcobaça & Óbidos Shuttle Tour – This western region of Portugal tour is a great way to spend your day delving into this county’s nooks and crannies. This day trip also includes an optional free lunch.

Fátima, Nazaré, Óbidos & São Martinho do Porto Full-Day Tour – With pick-up services from your Lisbon accommodation, this tour is a great way to explore various lavish locations, including Obidos, without any trouble.

Top Things to Do in Obidos

Known as one of the best day trips from Lisbon, Obidos is the place to be, especially during summer. Here are a few must-do activities and landmarks to experience the intoxicating charm of Obidos at its best:

Obidos Castle and Walk the Obidos Castle Town Wall

From Roman occupation, middle-aged military use, and a sanctuary for royalty — the Obidos Castle walls have history seeped within its many crevasses. Also known as the Castelo de Óbidos, this towering historical landmark is a living relic of various worlds that once lived here.

When you walk past Obidos Castle’s town walls, you can see some fantastic views of the entire town and the surrounding countryside. You can even stay for an evening on the regal premises at the Pousada do Castelo de Óbidos to experience a night of medieval grandeur.

Visit Igreja de Santa Maria 

A simple white church located in the main praça, this quaint structure holds a treasure trove of traditional azulejos interior decorations. 

This religious site is a great historical artefact of the town’s heritage, as this was the location where the young king Afonso V married his 8-year-old cousin bride in 1444. Today, this church is open to the public to marvel at its intricate details within this glorious sanctum.

The church walls are filled with magnificent paintings by various artists and are truly a spectacular sight to behold.

Taste Ginja 

No trip to Obidos is complete without tasting the sweet, yet tart pleasures of a ginja de Óbidos shot. This Portuguese cherry liqueur concoction’s main ingredients include brandy and cherries.

Many places serve this local drink from an edible chocolate shot glass, which is the perfect way to get a taste of this country’s vibrant culture and history. If you can’t get enough of the intoxicating taste of this tasty liqueur, a bottle of this red-hued elixir is the perfect souvenir to commemorate your epic travels.  

Wander Around the Cute Medieval Streets

While visiting the top attractions and famous buildings is an important part of any trip, Obidos is the ultimate place to discover the town by strolling through its paths. 

From the soft clack of your shoes on the cobbled alleyways to the sweet melody of street performers’ tunes bouncing off the town walls, walking these streets is a magical affair. 

There are various quaint eateries and shops to explore, so be sure to keep track of time as these streets are known to reel you in with its whimsical charm. If you’re a literary lover, be sure to stop at the Literary Man Hotel to stroll through its extensive book collection.

Best Day Tours in Obidos

A sweet little town in the Leiria District, Obidos is a perfectly preserved medieval marvel that looks like it jumped straight out of a fairytale. There are various day tours in Obidos to make it a trip to remember:

Óbidos, Nazaré & Alcobaça: Private Trip by Car

With this mosaic of Portugal encounters, this day tour will provide everything you’re looking for. This private car trip to these various destinations is the perfect pick if you want an essence of exclusivity from your travel experience.

Whether you’re looking to visit the surfing haven in Nazaré or prefer travelling back in time to the medieval wonders of Obidos, a trip to these spaces is an experience like no other.

Click here to book your private trip to these top attractions in Portugal

From Lisbon: Fátima, Obidos, Batalha and Nazaré Group Tour 

If you’re looking for a group tour that explores the wonders of Portugal, then I recommend this tour as it’s a great scenic drive around these parts. 

From the seaside escape of Nazaré to the sublime religious shrine of Fatima, this day trip provides a kaleidoscope of experiences. The tour includes a complimentary traditional ginja cherry liqueur shot at Obidos.

Click here to check availability and book your group tour

Fátima Batalha Nazaré and Óbidos Private Tour

Do you only have a select few days to discover the endless bounty of Portugal’s beauty? This private tour features four diverse destinations in one day, which will have you experiencing a significant chunk of this country’s ultimate places to travel.

This trip starts at the pilgrimage site of Fátima and ends at the glorious cobbled stoned streets of Óbidos. This luxurious road trip is simply divine with an air-conditioned minivan and convenient hotel pick-ups.

Click here to check availability and further information on this private tour

Is a Lisbon to Obidos Day Trip Worth It?

 Obidos is a wonderful excursion to experience a well-preserved slice of Portugal’s heritage, and it only takes a few hours to explore. This is why many tours pair this town with other destinations to incorporate a well-rounded day tour jam-packed with extraordinary things to see.

Final Thoughts on a Lisbon-Obidos Day Excursion

Are you ready to go on an adventure that won’t soon be forgotten? Your Lisbon to Obidos trip awaits you. Book a tour, or organize your own transport, but either way, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time. 

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