Top 10 Things To Do In Dubrovnik

With its increasing popularity in recent years, Dubrovnik has become one of the most favoured holiday destinations in Croatia. Many travel far and wide to experience the often unreal and inexplicable looking landscapes within its surrounds.

If you’re considering visiting this beautiful city, here’s a list of Dubrovnik sites, attractions and points of interest that could make your itinerary all the more exciting.

What to do in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik has an array of exciting things to explore. We’ve rounded up our 10 most favourite things to do.

1. Take A Walk Along The Ancient City Wall

If there’s one thing you need to do while you’re in Dubrovnik, it has to be the ancient city walls. The walls of the city are a major point of interest and date back to way before the 15th century where they were used as a defense mechanism against oncoming threats.

Walking the full length of the walls can take up to two hours, but you can make pit stops on the way, if you’d like. There are different vendors stationed along the route selling refreshments, food and snacks.

Tip: For discounted prices on the city walls, purchase the Dubrovnik card which also gives you discounted and free entry into other attractions including Rector’s Palace and Fort Lovrijenac.

2. Sit On The Edge Of The World On Mount Srd

If you’re looking for sprawling views of Dubrovnik, look no further. Mount Srd offers some of the best views of the pearl of the Adriatic Sea. Pack a picnic basket filled with treats and the best wine and take in the incredible changing colors. To enjoy a spectacular sunset, make sure that you make your way up there just in time for sunset hour.

Tip: Depending on your budget, you could also opt to hike up the mountain for free, as opposed to paying for the Dubrovnik cable car to the top. If you ultimately decide to hike, just make sure that you do so in good time as it could take up to an hour to get to the top.

3. Explore The Old Town Charm

Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia is incredibly well preserved and it’s definitely worth exploring while you’re there. You can casually stroll through the Stradun (Dubrovnik’s main street) as you people watch and take in all the ancient works of architecture.

If you’d like a more detailed and structured experience, you could opt for a guided walking tour with a knowledgeable local.

4. Visit The Island Of Lokrum

The island of Lokrum is an appealing destination for a day trip, as it is one of the closest islands to Dubrovnik and only +/-15 minutes away on the ferry.

On this lush green island, you’ll find loads of marked walkways that lead to different attractions including the “dead” sea where you can float and swim. There are also cosy restaurants, a hiking trail, cliffs to jump off into the glistening waters and even a nude beach amongst other things.

5. Indulge In Some Freshly Made Cuttlefish Risotto

This Croatian style dish packed with flavour is a definite must try while you’re in the city. You’ll find this delicious dish, easily distinguishable by its stark black colour from the cuttlefish ink in many different restaurants in and around Dubrovnik.

6. Grab A Refreshing Drink Or Cliff Jump At Buza Bar

As you explore the Old Town, go in search of this one of a kind bar hidden in the back alleys of Dubrovnik. You can park here for a while as you enjoy a drink or two while watching the cliff jumpers make their way into the Adriatic Sea, or of course, you could choose to join them.

Tip: They only sell drinks and light snacks here, don’t expect any heavy meals.

7. Relax At Sveti Jakov Beach

There’s no doubt that you have to dip into one of the many beaches in and around, Dubrovnik while you’re there. The Sveti Jakov beach is a favourite amongst locals and tourists because it is often the least crowded. The other lovely beaches you could choose to explore are Šulići, Copacabana, Babin Kuk and Lapad.

Tip: There are many pebbled beaches in Dubrovnik. If your feet are sensitive to these conditions, make sure to buy some water shoes for your protection.

8. Enjoy The Hearty Deliciousness Of Some Bosnian Food

If you’re looking for a different taste of the Balkans, try out The Taj Mahal restaurant where you can sample a range of hearty and delicious Bosnian food. Despite the name, this is not an Indian restaurant.

9. Leave A Piece Of Your Heart At The Love Stories Museum

For a quirky yet interesting visit to an unusual museum, make a pit stop at the Love Stories Museum where there’s an array of love stories to be explored.

Before you make your way out, make sure that you leave your mark on the love wall like the thousands of others who have done so before you.

10. Take A Day Trip To Mostar, Bosnia

For a hassle free day trip from Dubrovnik, make your way to Mostar in Bosnia, a +/-2 hour and a half drive from the city. Here, you can take in Mostar’s most famous landmarks and stroll through its beautiful bazaars.

When To Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik experiences it’s highest influx of visitors during the Summer months of June, July and August.

The best time to visit Dubrovnik is once the numbers have dwindled in the following months of September and October. The weather is still warm, but you don’t have to struggle with crowds.

You could also consider visiting Dubrovnik in the relatively mild winter from December through to January. However, do keep in mind that planning a day out on the beach or cliff diving won’t be as appealing as it would be in the warmer months.

Where To Stay Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik has a range of accommodation options to choose from. These options are suitable for any type of budget.


If you’re looking for luxurious accommodation experiences where all of your needs will be catered for, here are a couple of our most favourite choices:

Villa Orsula:

Set just five minutes away from the Old Town, this 5-star hotel with uninterrupted views of the Adriatic sea is one of the best luxury offers around.

Rixos Libertas:

The Rixos chain of hotels have an impressive selection of hotels to choose from across the globe and their hotel in Dubrovnik is no different.

Set just 15 minutes away from the Old Town, with a private beach and a restaurant it’s easy to see why this popular chain is a favourite choice amongst many others.

Mid Range:

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable option with standard amenities and comfortable rooms, here are our favourite choices:

Apartment Aquarius:

Located just outside of the Old Town, where you can easily avoid the crowds after a long day. These 3-star apartments are known for their clean and modern look.

Hotel Lapad:

This popular hotel, set just 4km outside of the Old Town, is a sure favourite for those looking for a relaxing time on their trip.


If you’re looking for more sociable and budget friendly options with some communal facilities, here are a couple of our best options to choose from:

City Walls Hostel:

For the solo or budget travelers, this sociable hostel is known for its big rooms with more than enough room for storage.

Hostel City Central:

Set right in the heart of the Old Town of Dubrovnik, this hostel is a firm favourite with those looking for accommodation right in the city center.

Tip: The further away you stay from the Old Town, the relatively cheaper it gets. If you opt to stay further away from the city, make sure that your place is either near a bus stop or within walking distance of the city centre, so you don’t have to add extra transport costs to your expenses.

Final Thoughts On Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is definitely one of those destinations that you need to see at least once in your lifetime and you’ll be more than spoilt for choice with the range of things you can do while you’re there. In the end, it’s all about personalizing your trip according to what you’d like to get out from it, it’s all for you to enjoy!

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