Uber Helicopter Dubai |3 Exciting Aerial Sightseeing Tours

It’s no secret that Dubai is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. The “City of Gold” has been praised for its immaculate skyscrapers, creative development, and vibrant culture.

Dubai also has an endless list of leisure activities and attractions which makes it one of the best places to explore for any traveller. With so much to see and do, it may be a bit tricky to try and fit it all into your itinerary.

Thankfully, Uber has come with a simple solution to solve this problem. With UberChopper, you can tour the city with their 12-25 minute aerial sightseeing tours.

UberChopper Dubai

Dubai coastline

UberChopper was first introduced in 2017 as an exclusive way to transport passengers up to Dubai’s neighbouring city, Abu Dhabi, for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend and UAE National Day.

It then proved to be a huge success and Uber decided to extend the service, providing sightseeing helicopter tours of Dubai. Uber currently has three tours available.

Uber users can use the Uber app to easily pre-book a helicopter tour of Dubai. All tours are operated by Alpha Tours.

Each tour starts with an Uber car picking passengers up from their various locations and taking them to the helipad at Atlantis, The Palm where all UberChopper tours depart.

UberChopper Cost

Uberchopper Dubai is currently one of the most affordable helicopter rides in Dubai. Tours start at around AED 520 ($141) per person for a group of six people.

If you’d like a more private experience, individual seats start at around AED 630 ($171) per person, depending on the tour booked. More pricing information is provided when booking via the Uber app.

Dubai Helicopter Tours

Here are the three aerial sightseeing tours of Dubai offered by UberChopper.

The Pearl Tour:

The Palm

The Pearl tour is the shortest tour offered by UberChopper. This tour starts with a safety briefing on the helipad.

After that, this 12-minute chopper ride departs from the very popular Atlantis, The Palm holiday resort, and makes its way to Dubai’s city centre.

Along the way, you’ll fly over Dubai’s gorgeous coastline and the world-famous Palm Jumeirah (the largest artificial island in the world), where you’ll see countless residences, beaches, restaurants, and shops.

The tour will then take you into the city centre where you’ll pass the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, before heading back to The Palm Resort.

The cost of this sky chopper tour is around AED 520 ($141) per person.

The Fun Ride

The Burj, Al Arab

This 15-minute aerial tour also starts with a safety briefing on the helipad. After that’s out of the way, the fun really begins!

As you take to the sky you’ll pass over The World Islands, a collection of 300 private islands shaped like the continents of the world located just 4km (2-miles) off the shore of The Palm Jumeirah.

As the tour takes passengers inland, it passes the ultra-luxurious and only 7-star hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab. Along the way, you’ll also pass the equally impressive 5-star Bulgari Resort.

While still heading inland, you’ll soar over Port Rashid, a massive man-made cruise terminal and Dubai’s first commercial port.

The tour then heads over to the Burj Khalifa, before heading back to the helipad.

The cost of this tour is around AED 660 ($179) per person.

The City Circuit

City Circuir tour

The City Circuit tour is the longest helicopter tour of Dubai offered by UberChopper. This 25-minute sky chopper adventure fits in nine of Dubai’s most popular attractions.

This tour is the perfect way to get in some of the most insta-worthy pictures of Dubai’s attractions and amazing skyscrapers.

After departing The Palm, you’ll pass around the Palm Jumeirah, neighbouring World Islands, The Burj Al Arab, and Dubai’s coastline.

As the tour makes its way into the city centre, the experienced pilot leading the tour will fly over the historical Dubai Creek and Union House. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Burj Khalifa and Ski Dubai as well.

While in the city center the pilot will also point out unique features of Dubai, before flying you back safely.

The cost of this tour is around AED 1050 ($285) per person.

How to Book Your UberChopper Dubai Tour

Views from a helicopter

Requesting an UberChopper is a quick and seamless process much like ordering an Uber ride. Here’s all you need to know to book your UberChopper ride:

  • Open the Uber app on your phone or tablet.
  • Select the UberChopper option and pick the tour you’d like to go on.
  • After selecting your tour, tap the “Confirm Chopper” button.
  • An Uber agent will then call you to confirm a few things such as tour time between 10 am and 5 pm.
  • After your booking is confirmed, an Uber driver will pick you up from your arranged location and take you to the helipad.

Note: Availability of tours may be in high demand and are also limited.

Things to Remember After Booking

  • Remember to bring an official ID with you.
  • All flights are operated by Alpha Tours.
  • All tours depart and end at the Alpha Tours helipad at the Atlantis The Palm Resort.
  • Be prepared to arrive 30 minutes before your tour starts for the safety briefing.
  • UberChopper flights from Dubai require security clearance before departure.

Final Thoughts on Uber Helicopter Dubai

Dubai is a truly magical city, with sky-high buildings that make up the city’s amazing skyline. This can truly be appreciated once you soar over the city.

Uber has made it super easy for their customers to experience flying over Dubai with their UberChopper helicopter aerial sightseeing tours.

Even if you’re not an Uber user, you can still make use of this great service by simply downloading the Uber app and pre-booking your tour. And the best part is, these tours are reasonably priced.

No matter which UberChopper tour you pick, you’re guaranteed to have a truly memorable experience.

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